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  1. green dice never worth it 50% chance of getting a result with each die. That's not terrible. That's red dice level of accuracy. you wish greens were considerate enough to consider statistical probabilities If you do go with Lando, Experimental Interface might be a hoot... (Especially if you are sticking APT on for a lot of rear arc fun when the shuttle is out. Target lock for base action, then roll Lando to hopefully get one focus! Call it the "Gamblers...erm...Gamble").
  2. Mine is very similar. The wash looks particularly heavy next to Ghost (which is rather clean). Personally, I like it - kind of scummified.
  3. I am sure it works, but I reckon the "Heragator" is more flexible... Anyway, I think Hera+Nav+Nien would be overkill (although very amusing - "just ignore my dial; I'll let you know where I want to go soonish - oh and you might as well leave that stress token in the jar too").
  4. For myself, I am not too bothered. Both tractor beam and e baffle are far too complex for my "point and click" play-style; if they produced an upgrade that stopped you flying into rocks or off the damned board, then yep I'd be really fussy about getting all the cards I could lay my hands on! But that is just me... However...people are entitled to rely on promotional materials in making their decisions on what to purchase. Equally, everyone can understand that the earlier in a product's production cycle information is released, the more likely it is that changes will occur. FFG should be careful as I suspect they are in a bit of a grey area with this kind of stuff. They really ought to publish disclaimers on the articles, and update photos before they get re-used - if for no better reason than to avoid this kind of discussion!
  5. Wayland Games. It's the UK (Land of Murk and Humbug). Frankly we aren't much bigger than Long Island (and significantly less important these days), so the Postie can virtually walk it here in 24 hours. Plus I paid the extra for expedited delivery...
  6. No, I shun those. So! I bet you are more of an "uffish thought" kind of guy, rather than a "gyrer and a gimbler" too? Anyhoo, wave 8 arrives tomorrow (including ghost for the doubters that were out there) and I am utterly stoked
  7. Well, if he doesn't like it, he can take it up with my pet Bandersnatch...
  8. "I just got my shipping notice, Doo-dah, Doo-dah, I just got my shipping notice, O de-do-dah day. Wave 8s on its way, Wave 8s on its way, I just got my shipping notice, O de-do-dah day." EXCITEMENT!!!
  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Neswsflash~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reports just in that the Boat has been lost at sea. The New Captain (one J Sparrow) decided to follow the great circles in an effort to make better time - "kind of like airplanes" - and unfortunately crashed into Alaska. The entire of Wave 8 has been washed away, together with an IG88 reprint, which is now causing serious confusion amongst the Kamchatkan shrimping fleet. Amidst growing concern, the incident has now started to provoke International consternation and condemnation. President Obama is said to have been close to tears on hearing the news, and Mr Putin responded by removing his shirt. Donald Trump has offered to lead a US navy task force to Nova Scotia in order to teach "those damned reds a lesson", although it remains unclear as to how the incident is in any way connected to Communist activity. When challenged on his sense of geography, Mr Trump responded by saying that "anyone in a furry hat is guilty as hell" in his eyes - so One target is as good as another. In the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth made an unprecedented address to parliament, stating that she "now had the right hump" over the whole wave 8 debacle, and unless things got fixed pronto she would execute her Danish Corgi for High Treason to teach all Scandinavian CEOs "a jolly good lesson". As tensions around the world continue to escalate in what the media is now calling "8-gate", a new Boat is being readied for sea. According to sources the SS Titan IC will leave harbour just as soon as all of the Life Boats have been jettisoned. Further news as it breaks.
  10. I like the new Disney direction. I enjoyed FA, and my children and I are enjoying the Rebels Series - and I do not subscribe to the view that Disney don't care about the integrity of the Star Wars Universe; I cannot think of many mega-corporations that would treat a core asset like that (and yes that's about money and not design). What they did have was a big mess on their hands when they acquired Star Wars and all that goes with it in terms of what is/is not canon and should/should not be dumped. You can blame Lucasfilm for that! I am really excited that Disney has taken on the Series, invested heavily in it, and that we can all look forward to another 5-8 years of new stuff to enjoy. Do we honestly resent that they have the money to support that program? (Still don't want yet another Tie Fighter though...)
  11. And today is International Jumpmaster Appreciation Day. So no more excuses, right??
  12. I find your lack of Black Pudding disturbing...
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