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  1. Hello, When I remove a character from the challenge using Areo Hotah with Ambush, is the character still kneeling after I removed him? I would guess "yes" because nothing says it can stand again. Or is there a rule that all characters removed from challenges stand again? Thanks
  2. Hello everybody, I don't get it how Plaza of Punishment works. Do I have to wait for an action window to do the reaction? Let's say I am the first player and do not initiate any challenges. The second player initiates only one challenge, a power challenge, which I win. Winners are determined at 4.2.2. There are no more action windows in phase 4. So if I need an action window to do my reaction with Plaza of Punishment I have to wait until Dominance Phase and after 5.2 is the next action window. Is that correct? Somehow I can't believe it. Thanks for your help an please excuse my English.
  3. Sorry, but I don't get it and I'm obviously not the only one. How can a card (Melisandre) that is not in play yet, trigger his abilities? I know, the comparison is misleading, but it wouldn't work in Magic the Gathering or most other TCG, as far as I know. Is there a rule you can refer to? Thanks
  4. Thanks a lot, that really helps.
  5. Hi ebverybody, as a new player, I wonder if "discard each character from play" (which is what Varys does) is something different than "kill each character". I think it is and I guess that Varys puts the characters on the discard pile and "kill" puts them into the dead pile. Is that correct? And if you discard a character from play it can also be saved (by bodyguard or duplicates), correct? Thanks for your help.
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