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  1. Yeah man my desert boys unfortunately! I hope so too although it's looking unlikely at the moment.
  2. Hey y'all. Pretty bummed but I was actually on my way to Adepticon with my army when I left it in a bathroom in Keflavik Airport. I got off my plane (ended up missing the flight) but was unable to find them even with police assistance. It's a slim shot I know but if you see them around somewhere please let me know (I assume seeing them online is most likely, but you never know). The army case I was carrying had everything except for my Airspeeder, 3 AT-RTs, and a couple of unpainted squads I had on my work bench at home and everything has a tonne of sentimental value to me. Thanks for all your help! And if you're at Adepticon for the LCQ I'll see you there with a borrowed army. I'll be in a Han Solo singlet. Trust me you'll recognise it, so please feel free to come say hello! - Intel Officer Luke
  3. So this is a complaint that has come up a handful of times in the past in relation to our videos, and I'm going to basically copy and paste what I've said before in reply to this. We really do pay attention to the feedback we receive, and we are always endeavouring to provide better and better content; however, we swear. A lot. If this is preventing you from enjoying, or detracting from your enjoyment of, our videos then that is a valid complaint. We're genuinely sorry that that is the case. But to be perfectly honest, and we say this with the utmost sincerity, we're not going to do anything about it. This is something that we do for love. The little money we do receive from our wonderful patrons every month is used to purchase things for the channel (better recording equipment, camera stands, etc). We pour a lot of time, energy, and money into producing this content, and work around a lot of our 'real' lives to do so. To be clear this doesn't undermine the validity of your complaint, but because this is something we do for love it is vitally important that we ensure that we're enjoying what we're doing. Censoring ourselves, and worrying about whether we've said "****" or "bull" too many times in one video, is not something that we would enjoy doing, so we're not going to. Again, while we're sorry that this decision detracts from your enjoyment of our content, ultimately its about making sure that we're able to keep doing what we do. On a personal level, the attitude displayed in your response is incredibly poor. Insulting our intelligence simply because we swear in the content we provide is a bit a much. There is a polite way of criticising someone and their work, which you did not have the courtesy to do.
  4. @carthwolf I'd like to try them more (particularly against other squadrons) but I would be willing to fly them at a major event based off the one game with them I've had so far.
  5. Engineering Captain Courtney joins us again for our 11th Bat Rep, bringing Emperor Palpatine following his release!
  6. Very long overdue but here is my Overnight Report for Polish Nationals! https://intelsweep.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/the-overnight-report-polish-nationals/
  8. Photo of the Fleet Display / Set up phase Also rather hilariously there were four byes in play this year. I took one. Fulcrum Nick took one. @beefcake4000 forgot his at home and @LTD elected not to take his. So of course who was paired Round 1? Beefcake and LTD!
  9. Day 1 of Australia's Star Wars Armada Nationals is under way. We have 28 players here today in Brisbane at the Magic Vault. I'm currently writing this from the store floor plugged into a wall outlet as I enjoy my first round bye. The tournament structure is 4 rounds of Swiss Day 1, cutting to Top 8 who will play 3 rounds Day 2 with the overall leader at the end of those 3 rounds being the winner. Link to the TTT Veteran Captain Ken has made some behind the camera videos where he tries to call the meta and make predictions about the Top 8 I will be writing an Overnight Report about the tournament, and to anyone who is interested I'm sitting on the data from Polish Nationals and the London Masters which I will also be analysing (its not a lack of love, just been really under the pump for time lately)!
  10. I definitely think there's a place for them! I just think the main part I personally find hard is that a lot of their job is area denial. So when they're being good at their job... nothing is really there for them to shoot. So it's weird because they're doing what you want them to do, but also you're sitting there going "I JUST WANT TO ROLL SOME DICE AND SHOOT THINGS".
  11. I'm, regrettably, handing in a forfeit with my game against @xanderf. Apologies to Xanderf but the timezone difference makes playing of a weekday pretty impossible for both of us and then my weekends during the game period are intolerably busy (it was my anniversary this weekend, Armada Nationals next weekend, and X-Wing Nationals the weekend after). Apologies again to Xanderf!
  12. Per the RRG, Pg 24: "Determine Number of Obscured Miniatures: The player checks line of sight from the attacker’s unit leader to each mini in the defending unit. If any part of a defending mini, including its base, is blocked by a piece of terrain, the player then traces an imaginary line from the center of the base of the attacker’s unit leader to the center of the base of the defending mini. If the imaginary line crosses the piece of terrain that blocked line of sight, the defending mini is obscured. The player repeats this process for each mini in the defender to determine how many of those minis are obscured." So basically you check obstruction of LOS first and then check centre line to centre line. I freely admit sometimes we mess it up, but in the above example I recall that eyeballing the centre line it crossed over the turret on the unit leader and the guy up against the turret beside him. Only 4 guys in the unit and all you need is 50% of the unit to be obstructed to receive cover. Hope you enjoyed the video.
  13. We're filming a batrep on Sunday! We actually would have had one out sooner but life and all that jazz.
  14. Took me a while to get around to this post (had to head straight to an event)! @itzSteve and Captain Weather ended with a 170-444 (274 MoV, 9-2) win to myself. It was always going to be a tough matchup for Steve. The game can be summarised by the fact that my first two shots of the game were from an Adar Tallon'd Luke Skywalker onto his MC-75 were both hit/crit. Yeah, never had a better performance from whiffwalker. Fantastic opponent, it was an absolute pleasure to battle the lag with someone as fun and as chill as Steve. For Fantasy Scoring Purposes: Steve Killed: Yavaris, Adar Tallon GR-75, Toryn Farr GR-75, and scored 3 Precision Strike Tokens I Killed: Quantum Storm, MC-75, Salvation, Tycho, 2x A-Wings, a HWK-290, and scored 10 Precision Strike Tokens.
  15. These ones are from a company called Knights of Dice I'm pretty sure ( @Irokenics can confirm or deny)
  16. We were scheduled to play last week but Hedgehog had a last minute commitment come up which he needed to attend to (Curse you real life! We just want to play space ships!). I’ve hit up Hedgehog earlier in the week about rescheduling our game but he is yet to get back to me. I would assume we’ll play sometime over the weekend though.
  17. Solid Ken, didn't make it a link! Like this one here. Now as a new player, I'm willing to dive in and I want to get beat up on by everything out there because that's the best way to learn. But, that's definitely a reflection of who I am as a player. I'm a very competitive player and play at an extremely high level for other games. It's a difficult issue and I don't think there's an easy answer. Your main problem is that it sets up very easy NPEs and barriers to entry for 'regular' new players. People don't want to have to come into a game thinking they need to buy multiple waves of X-Wing, plus a conversion kit, in addition to the core and 2.0 stuff to be able to compete. I think all the people who are basically responding with "new players just need to harden up and deal with it" (and often in not as kind a phrasing as that) should reflect on the fact that new players are vital to the longevity of a game. You want new people to come in and enjoy the game, and putting up a fairly hostile front to a valid concern for most new players isn't going to engender many of them to join or stick with the game. Similarly, I also think "new players aren't going to go to competitive events anyway!" is not entirely accurate. Yes, new players are often reluctant to go to premier level events for fear of being embarrassed by skilled players or for not being 'gud' enough. But, equally, if you're making it harder for them to do so competitively than of course they won't go. That's problematic because once a new player starts going to premier events they're much more likely to go deep on a game (which is what you should want as a community). On the flip side though, players that are already heavily invested don't want to feel as if that investment doesn't count for anything. That investment isn't just in ships and upgrades, but also experience with particular lists. If you're really, really good with say TIE Phantoms, and that's what you've been running for a very long time in 1.0, then of course you will be heavily put out if suddenly they're no longer available to you at a premier level. Like I said, I don't think there's an easy answer to the problem. I think right now the best response is to come at the issue with an open mind and try and be understanding rather than aggressively dismiss the other side (no matter what your view).
  18. Let me go ahead and tell the 15 people who picked me: That was a poor choice fam I'm not even in the same ball park as these other kids. Edit: Like seriously JJ is a god **** 3 time World Champion. It's not even close.
  19. Hey guys and girls! We've been producing content for Armada and Legion now for 2 years (obviously not for Legion that whole time) and we've decided to dive into X-Wing with the release of 2.0. Our Nationals is in just over 2 months so the goal is to go from absolutely awful (as evidenced by the video above) to at least less awful. Hope you enjoy!
  20. No the list has four, I just don’t own four - like I say immediately below the fleet photo. The extra GR-75 in the photo is a mistake though.
  21. So I think something that should always be mentioned when these sorts of discussions come up is how player psychographics influence both our perception and experience of these games and also how it influences the way we think about and communicate those experiences. This article (https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/timmy-johnny-and-spike-revisited-2006-03-20), even though it's discussing Magic: The Gathering, holds up for pretty much any game. Different players want different things from games, and it can be very difficult for players coming from different psychographic archetypes to effectively communicate to one another about a game because of how different the perspectives are. I'm somewhere between a Tuner Spike and an Analyst Spike (generally your quintessential tournament players are Spikes of one kind or another). The discussion of why Spike plays is pretty bang on for me: "So why does Spike play? Spikes plays to prove something, primarily to prove how good he is. You see, Spike sees the game as a mental challenge by which he can define and demonstrate his abilities. Spike gets his greatest joy from winning because his motivation is using the game to show what he is capable of. Anything less than success is a failure because that is the yardstick he is judging himself against." For players from other perspectives, it can often look like all we (Spikes) care about is winning (hence WAAC as a term) but really it's often more about what that win is indicative of rather than the victory itself. In a similar vein, someone coming from the position of Johnny, who want to use the game as a form of self-expression, can often find their concerns being dismissed because the players from different perspectives don't relate to them on a fundamental level. I relate to this comment on an emotive level in regards to my current experiences with X-Wing 2.0, where my inexperience is easily my greatest barrier. If I've read you correctly though I do disagree in a lot of ways. You contend that in Armada unit selection is more important than unit mastery because of the variability and customisation available for every single unit. You also note that you don't like to invest much time into a game beyond the actual play time, and that overall you feel as if experience trumps smart decisions (the idea that you want to feel like Thrawn and out smart your opponent rather than have a game determined by fleet composition, pregame choices, and experience). I would argue that the majority of top players have a mastery of the units and their capabilities, even if they don't run a specific unit often they will know what it is capable of and how it likes to play. Unit selection undoubtedly plays a role in Armada, it reflects ones wider understanding of the game state and where the meta is situated, but when the rubber meets the road unit mastery is both present and extremely important. Really the crux of my point can be summarised by the fact that you seem to hold experience as distinct from smart choices. I would argue instead that experience facilitates smart choices, and that experienced players are generally playing smart (which is why they win a lot). Funnily enough, I think your points about not wanting to spend time thinking about the game when you're not playing it and how experience shouldn't trump clever thinking is in a lot of ways at odds with the thematic point that you want to feel like Thrawn. Thrawn is a genius, but a large part of his genius is the result of experience. Thrawn spends the majority of his time thinking about space combat even when he's not actively engaged in it. That's why he is so good at what he does, and that's why he is able to deliver master strokes of strategic and tactical brilliance - because his battlefield intelligence has been crafted by experience and constant effort. This article I wrote a while ago tried to capture the thought processes behind smart Armada (https://intelsweep.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/pick-your-battles-a-thought-system-for-star-wars-armada/)
  22. https://intelsweep.wordpress.com/2018/09/10/the-overnight-report-nova-top-cut/
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