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  1. Episode 6: https://anchor.fm/wearelegion/episodes/OODAling-in-the-Capital-ecsj1u/a-a1v1up9 In episode 6 we interview Charles Bryers who hails from our nation's capital - Canberra. We talk to Charles about playing Legion online in this age of lockdown, the skirmish format and community building. Continuing the Player Development series, we dive into the play process and discuss the OODA Loop and Fast/Slow thinking.
  2. Episode 5: https://anchor.fm/wearelegion/episodes/The-Mimban-Strategy-ec9dll/a-a1r5qt7 We interview Imperial Quartermaster Bryce about his jaw dropping Mimban Board build. Then continuing our "I Am One With The Force" player development series, we delve into the realm of strategy. What is it and how do you apply strategic thinking to improve your Legion game?
  3. Episode 4: https://anchor.fm/wearelegion/episodes/A-Legion-State-of-Mind-ebhmga/a-a1nnoel In this episode we get all philosophical on "I am One with the Force", a new series focused on player development. To kick off this series we discuss the right mind set which helps you develop as a Legion player. We also bring you another hobby segment. Using Snr Exhaust Port Designer Fang's Op Vader as an example, the team explore two techniques which can really elevate your painting - increasing contrast and OSL (object source lighting).
  4. It's an older code sir but it checks out:
  5. Episode 3: https://anchor.fm/wearelegion/episodes/Building-Community-Vaporators-eb8upi/a-a1l779e In this episode we discuss the recent Tuantuan and Shoretrooper nerfs. Then in our main feature we interview Veteran Captain Ken from MOTF about community building using a casual league format. To top it off the boys get elbow deep into some Moisture Vaporators. Ever struggle with this scenario? Then you might want to listen to this.Big shout out to General Cara Organa for completing the editing despite going into hospital for surgery this week. And to Support Officer Cooper, who true to his name supported her through the ordeal. Your dedication as a Legion couple is second to none!
  6. And Episode 2! This episode we went through the Top 4 lists from CanCon and interviewed one of our best community members about a really fantastic hobby project he completed where he made a Legion playable Cantina. https://anchor.fm/wearelegion/episodes/The-Cantina-eavav5/a-a1hvkod
  7. Direction is obviously still pretty open at this stage, I think we'll probably fall somewhere in the middle. We're all pretty competitive minded players but there's a lot of broader topics we'd like to discuss as well, plus Fang is a god tier hobbyist so there's that as well. Thank you! We're hoping to film one this week. Haha yeah hopefully that won't be as deadly as we slide into the groove more!
  8. We're a YouTube channel that produces content predominantly for Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars: Armada - namely high quality bat-reps! You can check us out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Qun7vCxcyDbatJN86lJfA
  9. Hey y'all! Just wanted to announce the MOTF Community web-store. We go into our vision in more detail on the website, but in a nutshell 90% of all net-profit will be used to fund community events like what we ran at CanCon (the last 10% will go to charity). Its our sincere hope that we'll be able to reach a point where the community here in Australia can self-fund its own events and really offer fantastic experiences for the games that we love. https://motf-community.com/ Currently our main merchandise can be found here: https://motf-community.com/collections/motf-merchandise Yarn Oars is definitely my personal favourite. Thanks for all your help! And expect even more Armada content from us soon!
  10. Hey y'all! MOTF is creating a new Legion focused podcast from here in Australia called "We Are Legion" our first episode can be found here. Hope you enjoy! - Intel Officer Luke
  11. Yeah I realised afterwards that it was a poor choice.
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