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  1. Ah. I bought them while out of town. Not a big deal though I know someone with IA. Thanks all.
  2. I recently bought a set of the roleplaying dice. It came with an odd black d6. It has a side with 1 failure, 2falures, and 3 failures and only one with a circular cymbal I assume is a blank. Is this new...and when do I use it?
  3. What are some ways you all make you games more difficult?
  4. I've abandoned the morality system and and gone with a kotor like system. Where player actions determine whether they achieve a light side point or a dark side point. During character creation I gave every one a pool of 100 force alignment. The starting 100 begins in a neutral pool. In order to place force alignment points into the light side they need to do something extraordinarily selfless. Dark side however is much easier to gain because it's based on selfishness. For my players who wish to use the morality chart, they can but certain personalities will be more inclined to fall to the dark side. While some "good" personalities will either find them selves being more neutral and slowly gaining light side alignment. But their alignment is completely based on actions/motives and in some rare cases outcome.
  5. I'm running a post empire home brew campaign and since I'm using current cannon and it currently has kept maul alive. I want to use him as a major plot boss. I want him to be challenging and accurate. The party is just starting out and only has had 3 sessions at 120 exp. I want to bring maul toward the end of this story arch but need his stats in case they meet him sooner. Any help would be great.
  6. So in blaster damage it gives a number like 6 but melee weapons have +#. Like +3. So my question is; If you roll three successes, how is a 3 dmg blaster and a +3 melee weapon calculated?
  7. This is not any of the Star Wars Fantasy Flight Games RPG's But this should give you an idea or a bar to set as far as the role playing goes. And its a fantastic show.
  8. First, since Disney acquired Lucasfilms and all things star wars, all the old content we considered cannon is no longer cannon. It is considered legends. So if you wish to use legends content in the ABY (After the battle of Yavin) You will need to ignore a large portion of legends/old cannon. How ever there has not been any thing significant yet to counter any BBY cannon. Technically still considered legends content, but easily usable. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_canon ) If you want to run a game based on new cannon the current lack of content is great to start your own story. I'll give some facts about new cannon to help you shape a campaign. (A lot of this depends how close you want your campaign events to happen to ep7) Jedi are not a forgotten culture. Instead facts about them are hazy and differ from person to person. The empire fled and was reborn as the new order. The republic disbanded their fleet due to the Disarmament act. Now system security is up to each systems leading powers to defend. (in my game the party starts in a region of space that a group of pirates had begun taking control of systems. In my campaign the party is playing some time between ep 6 and 7. There is no empire and the republic has pulled support for any form of army. The new order is known but has not drawn to much attention from the gerneral galactic population. I chose to make them mostly ignorant of the Jedi and Sith, and plan on giving them small glimpses of each through relics. My hopes are that in late game they may chose to either start their own academy or even a Sith or Dark Jedi temple. This will give me a good way to continue the campaign with new characters and have their old characters continue on as Masters if their new ones. This, I hope, will be a great tool for motivating plot. A player will be more likely to seek vengeance if an NPC kills his old character in front of his new one. So to answer your question, Yes you have everything. The core rule book was written with new cannon in mind. After all Leland Chee (Keeper of the holocron) was involved in it.
  9. Moving onto some other issues I've come across. In other RPG's you say "I want to attack like this" Then the dice are modified. In this game it seems you roll then narrate...Right? So using auto firing as an example I can't say "I'm going to auto fire" then roll. Instead I have to roll my attack and then explain what happens based on the roll.( The F&D rules say "If the attack hits, the attacker may trigger auto fire by spending 2 advantage. Auto fire can be triggerd multiple times.") If this is the case I'm not a fan. In the case of Auto fire, it doesn't seem to fit into any form of realism. You don't pull the trigger of an automatic weapon then hope it decides to fire like an auto. Is there a way to alter it or reinterpret it so that players can auto fire and then deal with the dice? As far as narration, is the entire game intended to be dice narration or is it like most RPG's where you make a plan and see if it happens?
  10. I can't comment on game mechanics but as far as lore goes it depends on what time period and your story arch. Pre order 66 it would be common place for them to have already contructed a saber. Post order 66 but pre episode 7, the over all story in the begining will be helping your pc's discover what jedi are, the force and other pre order 66 knowledge. But this setting wouldnot be a suitible period for a lightsaber.
  11. In star wars lore a light saber doesnt "reflect" (like is does with energy weapons) bullets or slugs as the rules call em. Insted if the projectile is small enough the light saber will instantly melt or insinerate it. But when talking about shotguns well theres no way a saber will stop all the shots...but a force push would.
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