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  1. I'm very disappointed that there is not a list of spells in Realms of Terrinoth like we have on the sample character sheets. A spell book with predefined and named spells is sorely lacking for Genesys. I realize that spells are supposed to be made up on the fly but fantasy RPGs (like D&D) have set deep expectations for redefined spells...so much so that my players aren't interested in Terrinoth for this very reason (unless I can come up with a solution). My question is, has anyone put together the equivalent of a spell book for the various kinds of magic in Terrinoth?
  2. thegrognard


    Am I just missing the announcement for the first supplements for Genesys? It seems odd that this has been out for a couple weeks now and we don't have any news so I was wondering if I am missing it?
  3. Do any of you who have made some of these nifty NPC and monster cards and stuff like that care to share the originals so those of us less publishing inclined can easily use them to create our own creature, spells, vehicles, to share with the group?
  4. You sir have saved my online Star Wars game. This is fantastic!!!
  5. We tried Tabletop Simulator. It has promise but it is way clunkier than the plugin in Google hangouts (and the plugin that calculates the dice is presently broken). From my vantage point, Google's dropping the API has set the Star Wars RPG franchise waaaaaaay back when it comes to online play. Since we have narrative dice (which I love), no existing solutions work nearly as well as what we had with Google Hangouts. Hangouts with the dice plugins made the Star Wars RPG the funnest, most Internet playable tabletop RPG on the market. It's feeling sort of like the end of an RPG era. FFG should really jump on this ASAP. If the mobile dice roller app were upgraded to allow someone to host a session, and others join and share all rolls with all clients on the session, that would be PERFECT! Then we could roll on our mobiles and see the results while we play over Skype, Hangouts or whatever. This game NEEDS this to remain viable for Internet play and to attract new players. PS. > New players are almost always turned off by the narrative die until I show them the roller that automatically computes the results and how subsequently each turn goes very fast with creative flare.
  6. I GM Star Wars RPG almost exclusively online and the dice roller in Google Hangouts has been perfect. Now that Google is shutting down the API in April, I've been looking for an alternative but NONE of the other solutions I've found even come lose to the experience of the Google Hangouts roller. Is there any hope that this game is going to remain viable for online play after April? Anyone else out there found a solid alternative to Google Hangouts? P.S.> It's exceedingly unfortunate that the FFG Star Wars Dice App can't be shared over the Internet so players can see each others rolls.
  7. *watches tumbleweed roll by and thinks it's time to pivot to Call of Cthulhu*
  8. This app desperately needs the ability to network with other players with the app so you can see other people's rolls on your phone. This would be perfect for online gaming, but without the ability to have friends join up and share rolls it is only good for onsite sessions.
  9. Is there some official errata the tells the time it takes for a hyperspace drive to recharge after a ship drops out of hyperspace OR is it always instantly ready?
  10. Does this app display the actual results of the rolls for Star Wars RPG? We use a roller on Google Hangouts that is great in that it shows what each dice roll is AND gives you the final results. I want a roller for the table but if it doesn't tally results, it would be clunky (it would be easier to simply move the physical dice around to compute what cancels what). So...does this app gpo beyond just showing you what is on the dice when a roll is made?
  11. Does anyone have a Force and Destiny form fillable character sheet? All of the ones I find online say they require a signature and then still will no allow me to do a save as and save my data. All I can do is print them. If someone has one of these that actually works, it would be very much appreciated. (I could also use one for Age of Rebellion)
  12. I don't know 2P51. I think the Feds have picked up on the avatar you use here and have pegged you for a pirate. It's the eyepatch that gave it away. ;-)
  13. If there are a few people out there that would like a tutorial on the Star Wars RPG including character creation and a quick adventure, I'd be willing to run a quick game this evening using Google+ Hangouts. If people are interested, I can start at 9:00PM EST. Reply here if interested.
  14. Thanks. What you are saying is my understanding of the rules and I just wanted to confirm I wasn't missing something (before I have a rules lawyer hold things up).
  15. In order to avoid the constant problem with putting together a group online only to have people constantly start and drop, I'm approaching this one differently. I'm looking for people who can commit to a weekly game at 9:00PM EST. Please see my post on Roll20 below...and if you are still interested, PM me here or on roll20. https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/2855561/star-wars-rpg-fantasy-flight-regular-game-deposit-required
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