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  1. I had the same problem with the ending being quite short and easily won (I know it's a beginner game and leading up to the bigger baddy in lure of the lost). However I'm going to be GM for a new campaign with different people and reflecting on what happened last time, I'm thinking the wandering guard should spot them, causing Malefax to be alert and more prepared. (Quite like the suggestions regarding holding Romund hostage). But I'm not too sure how I feel about changing his stats to make Malefax more difficult? I'm swaying more toward adding an extra guard or something tho. What seems best? I know there's differing opinions but changing the stats to then have to change the stats of the lure of the lost villain seems a bit much
  2. I was thinking about this as well, as I'm pretty sure the group I'm GM for will want his big shiny sword, especially those without a lightsaber currently. My thoughts were how about wielding such a weapon causes the user to be tainted by the dark side? Something the PC might be unaware of until pointed out by the gatekeeper/something happening? And seeing as the temple is a place where tainted Jedi came to regain their inner peace, the PC could be restored or choose to keep the weapon and suffer the consequences? Could potentially lead to interesting character development for future encounters. Especially going into lure of the lost and the cave of light and dark etc. Thoughts?
  3. Ok cool, thanks for the scroll generator idea, that sounds good. Will help me to write up an intro and feel more prepared for the beginning of this new adventure. Yeah I thought that would be the case for strain and wounds but thanks for clarifying. Thanks for the heads up, it does seem like the bridge between the beginner game and setting off on your own adventures, which is why I thought it would be good for both me and the other players. I'll need to probably prepare some more then for an appropriate ending.
  4. So I was GM for the very first beginner game and successfully led my merry band through the story to a somewhat open ending. Now I want to continue with the pre-gen characters in the Lure of the Lost adventure as I'm hoping this will allow me as GM as well as the PCs to get to grips with the game and its mechanics. However I'm seeking assistance and tips for how to start this new adventure and link it to the previous. Do I jump straight into the action, or should there be some back-story/summary of what has happened up until now (and also is there a gap between the adventures where the PCs did stuff in the meantime?). Also if anyone could help me understand the pre-gen character folios as I'm not too sure, but is the final spread pages the PCs updated profile that will remain for the entire Lure of the Lost adventure? Also not too sure about how the career tree works (maybe it's explained later in the lure of the lost campaign, I've not finished reading yet), so if anyone can assist, much appreciated. The only reason I'm continuing a beginner adventure is that we are all very new to RPGs and I'm hoping this will allow us to get to grips with Force & Destiny before we start our own adventures with personal characters rather than pre-gen. Thanks
  5. I did get a bit confused after my first read-through of the last encounter and spent a while studying the temple map to understand it. However after the PC's defeat Malefax, you have the option for the gatekeeper to reveal the hidden entrance to the players. I felt at a bit of a loss after Malefax get's defeated as it is very open-ended and I wasn't sure how much to allow the players to explore the temple without encroaching on the follow up, The Lure of the Lost. However I allowed the PC's to loot the bodies and to loot the temple for valuables worth so many credits. I also allowed the players to enter the holocron room, but left it there, allowing the players to spend xp. This should hopefully allow us to lead on nicely into lure of the lost as they discover the rest of the holocrons are missing.
  6. Thanks guys for the help, (we are all novices, myself having played some RPG's while the others have not) Held first game and it seemed to go down well, although I must admit being a GM for first time can get stressful. Thankfully this first mission is laid out in such a way to help those first time role-players, and we all learned along the way. I shall definitely take into account that timing tip, as that will prove extremely useful, thanks. I did miss some points along the way, especially at the last battle, but tbh I never expected everybody to want to continue after the interlude, however they were all keen to finish and enjoyed upgrading their characters with xp. I look forward to playing Lure of the Lost and many further adventures, taking into mind my experience and your helpful tips and advice. Thanks!
  7. Ok, so this is my first time as a GM and tbh I'm only just getting started into RPG's. So I'm going to be having a game very soon, I understand that this layout is meant to guide you through what to do as you play, However I have gone ahead and had a look through the first 4 encounters and the interlude to get a sense of what I'll need to do and how it will play out. However, having a look at the interlude (after players have been awarded xp etc.) it mentions that PC's can choose to explore the valley if they wish, and to have a look at 'Other encounters in the valley' section. This is where I get worried. It is left mainly open as to what may happen (with exception of hunter encounters or talking to gatekeeper). Therefore my question is, should I have something prepared for these encounters, and if so, how in depth do they need to be? (E.g. Lake has a ruin at the bottom, will they want to explore? The forest is tainted and at night requires PC's to take discipline check. How do you decide whether it's day or night? At the rockfall, will players be able to decide upon a knowledge check for the seated figure or do I guide them to such a conclusion?) Thanks in advance
  8. I quite like the idea of a War of the worlds type scenario (I'm talking H.G Well's book, not Tom Cruise running around a lot). Although it may well be overdone, I appreciated HG Well's original concept that when the aliens first arrive it's mass destruction. But perhaps a story of a group of survivors making their way to various "safe zones" in the hope to take part in an uprising, maybe even go with the artilleryman's idea that human's would live underground, surfacing only for raids and supplies. (Kinda falling skies scenario perhaps?) Although that character is regarded as insane, and I understand that the purpose of the book was to demonstrate the power of a single bacteria, but just think about the amazing soundtrack you would have to play as GM. (Jeff Wayne's WOTW soundtrack ) Then again body snatchers is pretty sweet idea. I like the modern day representation in the film The Invasion.
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