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  1. I've jumped a couple of times, but it's because of a few coincidental items out of the game. for example, one time when playing the intro scenario, I just read "a loud knock sounds from the fat door and a cultist runs in" and at that exact moment a knock came on my real door as the pizza guy was delivering dinner for all of us. Still not convinced he wasn't a cultist though.
  2. We tried it the past weekend for 5 heroes with each getting minus 3 health each (reverse of the three player setup). I knew it was less wounds total, but we didn't adjust threat. We played two missions and the rebels won each fairly easily. The extra activation without a squad to defend was killer for the overlord. i think I will try the variant you posted initially next time. Have you had any issues with it now that you've gotten a little more games in?
  3. I bought to play campaign though I figured I would try skirmish to see if it was any good. Still prefer campaign, but the other is good too.
  4. And lastly in addition to what everyone said, sometimes the horror check just says "take x damage and y horror" with no test negates. In those cases, you just take that much damage. Those usually occur at the end if you weren't fast enough in the case and some terrible monster appears.
  5. Oh gotcha. Then yes you are right. Buying the Suppressed Memories expansion will give you the Call of the Wild/Forbidden alchemy expansion pieces. At that point you will have all the available options for MoM.
  6. Exact opposite actually. These two new sets are just the investigators/monsters/room tiles from 1ed. The game still needs the 2ed core to play. All these are doing are giving people who did NOT get the 1ed a chance to get those useable pieces. Owners of 1ed should not buy these expansions (unless they are missing those 1ed expansions).
  7. I may have missed it, but has anyone else done any model conversions to other properties? I've always enjoyed some small conversions even if I don't get a chance to use them often. The two I've done so far are: John Crichton from Farscape. I took an Alliance Smuggler and noticed that the pose is like a classic one from Farscape. Using green stuff, I extended the length of the jacket so that it would be duster length. After that, just an easy paint scheme. Commander Sheppard from Mass Effect. This was a little more work. I started with a Kayn Somos figure. I swapped the head with a spare head from a GW bits box I had. I cut off his back armor panel and sanded off some of the armor as well as filled in some other armor parts with green stuff to create more of a plate armor base. Finally I used an old credit card that I cut down to create the omniblade. Anybody have any they want to share?
  8. See I thought the opposite on this one. Everything except the minis fit in this box and I'm using all of 2nd edition and 1st edition tiles. Minis are in a seperate foamed case (since painted). All of the tokens fit easily in a standard Plano box. This was one of my easiest to organize.
  9. I would love to see this too. Additional scenarios would keep this game going longer.
  10. I'm loving the progression on this. I can't wait to see it completed and try it out with my friends.
  11. I think IA would be the wacky sidekick or the friend someone brings to the party.
  12. If you like Pandemic, you'll most likely love Pandemic: Legacy. I'm a third of the way into it and cannot wait for the next session to continue it.
  13. I realized my normal username was already taken here (or I got it and forgot the password/email to it) so I created this one as a joke. The moment I saw this picture for it, I was sold.
  14. It sucks for people that do not have a viable tournament scene. I would pay for the updated cards, but I won't be able to get them as other people are me here do not play the game.
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