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  1. D: Galadriel E: Pippin (Lo) - I'm partial to Hobbits F: Théodred - A friend in my play group won't give up Glorfindel (S) and Theodred is very good resource acceleration G: Sam Gamgee H: Frodo Baggins - This one was though, I like Beravor a lot too I: Beorn J: Éomer K: Aragorn (Le) L: Hirluin the Fair M: Prince Imrahil N: Brand Son of Bain - Brand is more multi-player friendly than Legolas O: Gríma P: Beregond Q: Bard the Bowman - Another though one, I like Merry, but have to go for Bardo anyways :-) R: Haldir of Lorien S: Thorin Oakenshield T: Elrond - Even if this is the other hero my friend won't play without U: Faramir (Lo) - Faramir is one of my favourite characters from LotR, wish he was a better in the game though (I think he should have been Haldir) V: Bilbo Baggins W: Bifur - I like Damrod, but "borrowing" resources from my friends is very satisfying. X: Gandalf Y: Gimli Z: Boromir (T) - Uff, another though one, but Boromir is just formidable AA: Erestor AB: Éowyn AC: Eleanor AD: Amarthiul AE: Aragorn (T) AF: Celeborn AG: Arwen Undomiel AH: Théoden (S) AI: Faramir (Le) Cheers!
  2. A: Óin B: Glorfindel (Lo) C: Fatty Bolger I like Mirlonde, but Óin is an actual LotR character and I recently had success with him on a deck. I almost went for Pippin, since his art is oh so great while Glorfindel's is rather sad (and why is he always too thin?), but Glorfindel is a great hero. And finally Fatty, since there are way too many dwarves and not enough hobbits. Cheers.
  3. I'll sign for an X, it should be fine, what are the chances of two Fatty Bolgers? Cheers.
  4. On the fall of 2013, three friends and I started a campaign at work, and it just so happens that we are in the middle of our third try at Into Ithilien, so I'm happy, in a masochistic kind of way, to jump at this adventure. Looking at the choice of heroes, this looks like the perfect opportunity to using Boromir and Galadriel as the main strategy and perhaps make Brandon from the COTR podcast proud! The main deck is made up with Boromir, Galadriel and Dwalin. The main purpose of this deck is to equip Boromir with a Gondorian Shield and Blood of Numenor to boost his defence, and Gondorian Fire to boost his attack. The tried-and-true Imladris Stargazer and Zigil Miner partnership will help pile resources on Boromir. Almost as important as boosting Boromir, we will try to counter the nasty, nasty treacheries on this quest with Test of Will. Feint is always great and since we have dwarf heroes Khazad! Khazad! giving +3 to battle questing it ought to be very useful, as is Vassal of the Windlord. Elrond's Counsel, Galadhrim's Greeting and Secret Vigil will hopefully counteract the threat incurred by using Boromir. Finally, Nenya and some allies are there to help with the willpower questing, if we manage to keep Celador alive! The second deck is composed by Aragorn, Balin and Bilbo. The focus for this deck is to support Boromir by providing resources with Steward of Gondor, The Day's Rising, Envoy of Pelargir and Errand Rider. Faramir, Visionary Leadership and a host of Gondor allies should prove useful if we get to do willpower questing. Bilbo will use a Good Meal for Lorien's Wealth and Gildor's Counsel. Now let's see how I fared. The first game started in a very promising way. I made the questionable play of using Sneak Attack Gandalf on the planning phase to draw cards, but hey, I could sneak attack Gandalf again on the questing phase. Everybody was committed to the quest to ensure that the Ithilien Road would be fully explored, but an enemy was revealed followed by Watcher in the Wood, which means that, as I had failed to draw a Test of Will, I have to raise the threat of both hands by nine. I concede the game since all enemies engage, and it is impossible to avoid at least one dead hero. On the second attempt I survived the first turn and it was looking like Boromir was going to get fully set up. But then I took the bad decision on turn three to spare some damage to Boromir and defend an attack with Balin. Of course a Southron Mercenaries show up as the shadow and the +3 attack kills Balin. As Bilbo's father used to say 'third time pays for all'. I was finally able to beat the quest, but it was though. It took eight rounds and during the first four I was constantly on the edge of the abyss. An overworked Warden of Healing could barely keep the heroes alive. I was lucky to avoid treacheries and having Test of Will when did show up. It was not until the sixth turn that I was able to complete the first quest, but I did manage to keep Celador alive. By the time I made it to the final quest, my threat was so high on both hands that it was siege questing, but that turned out to be for the better. Boromir with Blood of Numenor can siege quest like there is no tomorrow. The Gondor allies never materialized except for the Warden of Healing which proved indispensable. This adventure is a real challenge. There is a lot tension as each card is revealed during the quest phase. Notwithstanding this victory, this adventure will continue to preoccupy me until my friends and I finally beat at work. There I'm playing a deck with a murderous Dunhere that has been proving very effective. We are doing very well at the point where we paused the game and I have a Test of Will at hand which gives me hope for the subsequent turn. But I still fear the one-two punch of Southron Support and Watcher n the Wood. Hero 1x Galadriel 1x Dwalin 1x Boromir Ally 2x Arwen Undómiel 3x Vassal of the Windlord 1x Honour Guard 3x Galadriel's Handmaiden 3x Imladris Stargazer 3x Ethir Swordsman 3x Zigil Miner Attachment 3x Gondorian Fire 3x Blood of Númenor 2x Gondorian Shield 3x Secret Vigil 1x Nenya 3x Mirror of Galadriel 2x Silver Harp Event 3x Elrond's Counsel 3x A Test of Will 3x The Galadhrim's Greeting 3x Khazâd! Khazâd! 3x Feint Hero 1x Aragorn 1x Balin 1x Bilbo Baggins Ally 3x Envoy of Pelargir 3x Errand-rider 1x Ithilien Tracker 2x Anborn 3x Warden of Healing 2x Faramir 3x Citadel Custodian 3x Gandalf 2x Weather Hills Watchman Attachment 3x Steward of Gondor 2x The Day's Rising 2x King Under the Mountain 2x Visionary Leadership 2x Dúnedain Cache 3x Good Meal 2x Dúnedain Signal Event 3x Sneak Attack 3x Daeron's Runes 3x Gildor's Counsel 3x Lórien's Wealth Sideboard 1x Squire of the Citadel 1x Heir of Mardil 1x Thrór's Map 1x Cram 1x Pelargir Ship Captain
  5. Hi Seastan, I'll claim 19, if it is not spoken for yet. Cheers.
  6. Amazing. This surpasses any and all expectations I had for this thread. Thank you Kjeld for that thematic retelling! Confirmed, great piece! So much fun. Thank you and here's hoping for another report from you! Cheers.
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