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  1. Kel fires at the pirate ships, while taking evasive maneuvers to make himself harder to hit.
  2. : 2eD+1eP+2eA+1eB 0 successes, 2 advantage Aiming, will spend teh two advantage to add 1 setback to the next two attackers.
  3. Kell slides down into his fighter and takes off, "Nova Seven reporting in."
  4. Is Kell the leader of his Squadron or just a pilot at the moment?
  5. "Let's shoot down some pirates," Kel says as he drops into his cockpit.
  6. "At least we have interceptors, regular fighters are way to fragile for my tastes." Kel said, "Imagine if we could get a wing of Defenders or Agressors. Nobody would stand in our way."
  7. "Hopefully, I want to earn my stripes soon," Kel responded, waving back."It's not like they'd pose much of a threat to us anyway. Impstars are more powerful than anyother ship in the galaxy."
  8. Is there any chance this could get a downloadable release like OggDudes? Also this thing is amazing! Great work.
  9. Kel stepped out of his barracks and marched alongside the rest of the 99th Squadron, he knew that if the unenlightened members of the system decided to try and fight the Empire, he and the rest of his fellow TIE pilots would need to protect the troop transports and shuttles necessary for a ground invasion from any enemy ships. As the Florrum sector was a pirate haven, Kel knew it was more likely than not that there would be some ships waiting.
  10. Character WIP: http://swsheets.com/c/blpfxlsir-kel-provtor I'll take the TIE/LN
  11. @player3333902 I was thinking the A/KT Flight Suit from Stay on target, as it costs half as much.
  12. @Lotr_Nerd I am going to bow out as a I can’t think of a good concept, and I don’t want to slow the game down or deprive someone else of a chance to play.
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