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  1. "Oh believe me Zoruku, I happy I don't have to memorize your full name either, and I didn't say most threatening, I said most lethal, specifically without a saber. I would definently say over a comm you are easily the most intimidating out of all of us, you sound like someone ripped out your emotions and buried them in a deep, dark hole." Tiberius says, button pushing was just as enjoyable with red-eyed, presumably, mutant Pantorans as it was with Mandalorians.
  2. I kind of am doing on purpose now that you mention it, also I was responding to Walden's comment on your voice, not your innermost thoughts Tiberius simply isn't a Telepathic Mandalorian. If there's anything you want me to change I can edit the post. At least Tiberius is getting closer to pronouncing the name right.
  3. "Same here. Maybe they're pirates masquarading as the normal crew of the place." Tiberius says from under his mask, "Or maybe they haven't recovered from the Mando stripping raid from a couple years back." He says, Tibeius knew they very well might be, he had been on that raid after all, they had left the place devastated. "And I agree with Kattadik, no offense to you Zorkuru, but I don't think you're the most lethal one on board." Tiberius sniggers a little after Gaze's comment, "That might be the point, mabe they think that since we don't have our sabers on us we just stole the ship from the Jedi."
  4. IIRC they have only een mentioned in RotJ, and not depicted in any form in the new cannon.
  5. @Rakaydos is there still room?
  6. Jackpot picks up a Stun Grenade off of the back of the trooper he shot, "This should be useful." He mutters before resuming a normal voice and replying to Gunslinger, "Thanks." He raises the stun grenade, "Anyone fancy chucking a grenade in on the enemy HQ before Slugger makes the place look like a laser tag fight gone wrong?"
  7. Lucky, waiting till next weekend to watch it with family.
  8. I'm currently working on the Xexto, but this is kind of a for fun project, not one of my top priorities.
  9. Martha can have a cousin. He's only willing to help out once though.
  10. So can I have a stun grenade?
  11. HU-1K walked into the cantina, it was a cheap place to charge and watch as foolish organics killed their innards with alcohol. He had been on this planet decades and the organics never changed, occasionally he would befriend one or two of them as best he could, but HU-1K was currently friendless, perhaps he could get a new crew together to take on one of the smaller gangs that annoyed him on a day-to-day basis.
  12. Jackpot raises his blaster and fires a bolt straight into the last cadets helmet. "That went quicker then our last fight." Jackpot says, relived that they on't be bogged down once again.
  13. That's 10 Damage which should be enough to finish the last one. Can I spend the advantage to have the cadet have a stun grenade we can take?
  14. I'm back. Initiative: : 2eA 2 successes
  15. "Fine; I just finished modding it to." Tiberius says sadly as he sets his saber down in a his bunk, he still had his crushgaunts that were in his armor, but he left the blaster rifle he owned hidden under his bunk in the secret compartment where it had been for almost a month. "Let's just hope they don't try and kill us, no sabers means we'll be the ones getting pummeled with lasers."