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  1. Just a small correction, this art came from a comic cover (https://shop.hanahancomics.com/shop/avengers-10-david-marquez-125-variant-marvel-18-700/). But yes, since the game is apparently based on the recent group formation, maybe Ghost Rider is the 4th hero pack (room for Dr. Strange and Blade)
  2. Get the new version of rules reference on FFG site. Theres a new FAQ section (cover spider sense too). Spider sense only triggers if Spider-man is the initial target of villain atack (even if another hero or ally attack). Spider sense dont trigger if Spider-man is the defender against a attack to another hero.
  3. Nope, in multiplayer this is a valid strategy to deal with overkill. Some cards combinations with overkill can one a shot a hero, even with a ally defending.
  4. The game is apparently based on the current formation in the comics. Ghost Rider is Robbie Reyes in the new formation and theres room for Doctor Strange and Blade. Cosmic Ghost Rider is in the new Guardians of the Galaxy team. Image from the comics (Avengers Assemble card art)
  5. Should be some problem as to the distribution / remuneration rights of the product. DLC translation to portuguese is required for years and nothing (even with the publisher being part of the Asmodee group, patetic ...)
  6. Reported this bug more than two years ago and nothing (Serena boss fight on Delve)
  7. Out today New classes (with level 1 and 2 skills for pure classes and up to lvl 3 skills on hybrids) Warrior Avenger - (warrior/healer) - skills: holy champion / vengeful smite / death from above Raider - (warrior/scout) - skills: surprise assault / divide the spoils / close the gap Healer Soul Reaper - skills: spirit link / unholy bond / blight extration / cursed soul / ethereal armor / galvanize Crusader - (healer/warrior) - zealous aura / righteous / divine light Heretic (healer/mage) - skills: arcane healing / dark recovery / forbidden arts Scout Trickster (scout/mage) - skills: private collection / now you see me / arcane fusion Ravager (scout/warrior) - skills: momentum / charging assault / vicious throw Mage Elementalist - skills: earth and sky / sun and sea / primal harmony /storm fury / volcanic might / spiritual balance Thuthseer (mage/scout) - skills: true sight / translocation / precognition Lorekeeper - (mage/healer) - skills: ancient remedy / careful balance / all-knowing
  8. See page 19 of the road to legend manual. The examples can help you better understand how to use the surges in the monsters' attacks. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/7b/b8/7bb86de6-7427-48e8-bdeb-6ba01e5874ae/road_to_legend_rules.pdf
  9. The problem is that when you select the language other than English, the narration will disappear. If you never locate the narration, that's fine, just release the option of having the original narration with the text in the language you want, because no voice in the narration sux.
  10. Based on the news, FFI will only develop new videogames based on FF brands. Fantasy Flight Games will continue to create hybrid digital board games as before.
  11. Reported some bugs months ago (marrow priest surge info and serena lieutenant activation)and none of them have been fixed in the latest patch. Its not really hard fix some lines of text in the app
  12. The last status for the reprint its "on the boat", so, maybe a month more or less to get back to retailers.
  13. Based on the long delay to the software team correct new reported bugs for the apps (RTL and MOM), in the delay to translate content (the MOM DLC) and publish regular new digital content, and the new jobs offers for the FFG digital branch, I conclude that the software team is pretty small in the moment for the demand. My guess - they are fully committed in the development of one or more new products (like IA app) and dont have the ideal workforce to produce more content. I dont buy the BGG post for a simple reason - In the IA case, FFG would never say that they would be developing an application (or confirmed) if they were not already authorized to produce it.
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