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  1. I think you can find everything here no?
  2. kraisto

    Fantasy Flight Interactive?

    Based on the news, FFI will only develop new videogames based on FF brands. Fantasy Flight Games will continue to create hybrid digital board games as before.
  3. kraisto

    Road to Legend Bug Report

    Reported some bugs months ago (marrow priest surge info and serena lieutenant activation)and none of them have been fixed in the latest patch. Its not really hard fix some lines of text in the app
  4. The last status for the reprint its "on the boat", so, maybe a month more or less to get back to retailers.
  5. kraisto

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    Based on the long delay to the software team correct new reported bugs for the apps (RTL and MOM), in the delay to translate content (the MOM DLC) and publish regular new digital content, and the new jobs offers for the FFG digital branch, I conclude that the software team is pretty small in the moment for the demand. My guess - they are fully committed in the development of one or more new products (like IA app) and dont have the ideal workforce to produce more content. I dont buy the BGG post for a simple reason - In the IA case, FFG would never say that they would be developing an application (or confirmed) if they were not already authorized to produce it.
  6. kraisto


    The problem its not seeing further products (and waiting half year or more to see new content or whathever sux). The problem is, they have a good tool to release new content quickly, without any physical production cost and in a wide range on the digital plataforms and they not use effectively. The game has a low replay value, and the monsters and tiles collections are underused , problems that can be fixed with the release of more regular content.
  7. kraisto


    Nah, I think they started working in RTL app and content years ago, same with the MOM second edition. The product planning its almost 4 years to every new product, and a little less to expansions.
  8. kraisto


    I think the software team is very small (based on the delay to solve even critical app problems in some cases) and my theory is the development team by now is only working on the IA app. The second problem, FFG is heavily focusing on the new Rune Wars game and the new LCG / collectible games in this year. Besides the Star Wars games, the others miniatures games are lacking of new info in months ... MOM still strong and sell lots of units. The last reprint sold out in a month or less from the most online stores (Its already the forth reprint, or more), but most of the early buyers are getting tired of the game because the low replayability and the lack of the new content. Theres lots of room for improvements in the digital plataform, and its sad to see they are not taking the true potential of the game.
  9. kraisto

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    Thanks Bruce.
  10. kraisto

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    "The Truth" - iI missed that scenario or not just release yet? Anyway, love The Fall of House Lynch scenario. Totally faithful to the original.
  11. kraisto

    What are we missing?

    Yes, the traitor mechanic it's not for every group/player. But can easily manage as you do, just throw away the problematic cards or come with some house rules. On difficulty, yes the game can be a pain in ***, but as Julia said, you need maximize yours actions and choose the right investigators for the job.
  12. kraisto

    i am completely new

    http://descent-community.org/index.php/crrg/ keep near, this helps a lot.
  13. kraisto

    What are we missing?

    For my group, part of the fun is try to bluff the insane condition, specially the ones that end everything ( it's not a surprise information, everyone knows what every insane card do). This cause a sense of paranoia and tension that's really ads much more to the game and provokes many fun moments , like running like crazy to catch a insane investigator, and try to steal his light source because you think he has pyromania and in the end he has nothing so dangerous. Or you can simple stop talking to trick everyone, with that blade in yours hands, just waiting the right moment buahahaha
  14. And no updates on android version yet ....
  15. And a revised rulebook for Road to Legend available.