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  1. I have reproduced this bug twice on Android. It seems that the leftmost hero will always receive the Nemesis title. I haven't earned any other titles, so I don't know whether this bug is exclusive to Nemesis or more widespread. I've emailed FFG Software Support about it, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. It's not game-breaking by any means, but it is a minor annoyance.
  2. You can't click on the enemy portrait to bring up the attack screen while the counterattack prompt is up, which leads me to believe that you must take the counterattack before the second hero gets their opportunity to attack.
  3. The trouble is, though, at the moment, I don't see any real incentive to build a Scout deck, given the current paucity of synergy for the trait, but to use Scouting Party efficiently, you need to be fielding quite a few Scout characters (I for one would not pay those 2 Spirit resources if I didn't have at least three Scouts to send to the party; remember, the card requires that you only send Scouts questing). So I'd essentially be using a fair number of spaces in my deck to ensure that I'd have a good number of Scout allies in play (and possibly using up a hero slot or two), all for the purpose of using a single card, which simply boosts the willpower of some cards that don't really have great willpower in and of themselves: why not just build a deck with some higher willpower questers? In my opinion, it's just not achieving much, although I'm sure that the occasional final quest push aided by Scouting Party would be quite epic. I think that if Scouting Party costed less, I wouldn't be so harsh on it, but then, once the Scout trait is developed a bit more and it starts to become a viable deck type, it could well be that Scouting Party proves to be worth the two resources and the deck space. For me, though, this time is not very close at all, so I still don't see myself considering it for inclusion in any decks for some time.
  4. I'm ashamed to admit that I've only taken a cursory look at the First Age player cards, and no look at all at the quests, so thank you for the recommendation; I'll definitely try it out!
  5. I have often wished that the core game had come with an additional phase for sneaking and stealth. Perhaps sneaking past an enemy would keep it in the staging area, but would exhaust it to represent sneaking past it; exhausted enemies wouldn't make engagement checks, but could be optionally engaged, and their threat would be reduced by one, to a minimum of one. Exhausted enemies wouldn't ready in the Refresh phase; once you've managed to sneak past the enemy, you don't need to do it again. When a quest card is completed, exhausted enemies would be shuffled back into the deck. You could then have encounter cards featuring keywords that interacted with this mechanic, such as an Alarm keyword that readied all enemies in the staging area. Obviously, it would need to be balanced (I'm no game designer!), and it would probably have called for an additional attribute on player cards, but I really would have liked to have had that option as opposed to always needing to charge in with guns blazing. I think the best that I could hope for would be player cards that had this effect on enemies in the staging area, but having it as a core mechanic really would have made the game feel more three-dimensional, in my opinion.
  6. I don't really see Scouting Party playing a role in any of my decks for some time; even with the addition of new Scout characters in this pack, as a whole they just aren't particularly good questers. Including the two spoiled allies in the article, less than half of the Scout characters have 2 willpower (none have more!), and of those with 2 willpower, over half are unique. So excepting the rounds where you have Scouting Party in hand, you're stuck with an army of mediocre questers. Déorwine, on the other hand, looks amazing, both in terms of art and ability!
  7. Rats, forgot to vote in the last round! I'm very pleased that Beregond managed to take third place, and I'll begrudgingly allow Sam his victory. Being ageless, Gandalf just needs to wait a few hundred years and compete again then. Thanks very much Thanatopsis for running such an enjoyable tournament!
  8. BL: Sam Gamgee - It's sad to be kicking Beregond out, but as has been pointed out many times already, Sam is so flexible that he works in just about any deck. Plus, it's always exciting to activate his ability. BM: Gandalf - Gandy for #1! I would be so keen to make a Chef deck: Second Breakfast, Cram, Lembas, Athelas, Brace of Coneys, Miruvor. Really, all we need now is a Taters! card.
  9. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I'd actually quite like to see a new Glorfindel hero. His Lore incarnation just doesn't seem to have a terribly worthwhile ability in the current meta, while his Spirit incarnation isn't much fun for me to play. Spirit Glorfindel doesn't even have an ability; given that Light of Valinor is essentially an auto-include for him, he might as well have a blank text box. A Tactics Glorfindel (Swordfindel?) would be great, I think, and might help to usher the Spirit version out of a few decks.
  10. This subject was actually broached a few months ago. One suggested variant was that for each starting card you select, your starting hand total count is reduced by one. The thread is here if you're interested.
  11. I've been thinking a bit about the structure of box six. I don't think it'd be too farfetched to imagine having two Fellowship heroes: Sam for the first scenario, escaping from Cirith Ungol, with Frodo as an ally objective, then Frodo for the second two. I'd guess that the second and third scenarios would probably be the journey across Mordor (Frodo and Sam, maybe some sort of quest that encouraged Secrecy), and then Mount Doom and the Black Gate, with two separate staging areas. While it'd be nice to have the Scouring of the Shire as the last scenario, I just don't know that it's likely to follow Mount Doom/the Black Gate. Surely Tactics Éowyn HAS to appear in box five. I'd expect a Leadership Éomer more than a Spirit Éomer, though.
  12. AZ: Sam Gamgee - Galadriel has already had her 15 minutes. BA: Éomer - In the end, having Éomer fly into a murderous rage because one of his buddies has died is more fun than threating out with Frodo. BB: Aragorn (Lo) - Tough call, but I'd say Loreagorn's ability is the more powerful of the two. BC: Beregond - Would beat Haldir in a fight. BD: Merry (S) - Threat shenanigans are more fulfilling than Vilya shenanigans. BE: Gandalf - Still voting for aesthetic reasons on this one. BF: Aragorn (T) - I kind of want to see an Aragorn face-off, although it's not likely. But this remains my favourite version of Aragorn. BG: Arwen Undomiel - New and shiny beats old and Santa.
  13. AJ: Pippin (Lo) - I love it when cards have two abilities that work brilliantly both separately and in tandem. Also, Pippin just works out of the box; Galadriel needs her toys to shine. AK: Glorfindel (S) - Forgive me my indulgence. AL: Frodo Baggins - Beorn is just too limited in his uses at present, although with the advent of Honour Guard, perhaps he may come to have some purpose after all. AM: Éomer - Coreagorn just doesn't do it for me any more. AN: Prince Imrahil - With so many archetypes involving characters leaving play (Eagles, Silvan, Rohan), Imrahil is wonderfully flexible. AO: Legolas - The whole Doomed keyword on player cards mechanic just never really appealed to me. AP: Beregond - It's too difficult to pass up the peace of mind that the ever-defending Beregond provides. AQ: Mablung - You don't have to build around him and can just slip him into any aggro deck, or you can build around him to maximize your resource gain. AR: Rossiel - Although I haven't actually built a victory display shenanigan deck yet, the idea of it makes me giddy. AS: Merry (S) - With good scrying and encounter deck manipulation, he's a threat reduction machine. AT: Gandalf - Because Gandalf. AU: Erestor - For purely aesthetic reasons. AV: Éowyn - I haven't found Erkenbrand's effect particularly exciting. AW: Aragorn (T) - Easily my favourite incarnation of Aragorn yet. AX: Arwen Undomiel - It's difficult to contend with the 'wow' factor of a new hero card, especially when it's one that I at least have been waiting for for some time. AY: Faramir (Le) - Same reason as Mablung. Also, I can't look past Santa.
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