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  1. I assume you are fun at parties. either way, Hotaru shows his inexperience here in not refusing the crane woodcarving twice before accepting it from Yojiro. No wonder Yoshi dislikes him.
  2. Props to Yojiro discovering Hotaru stalking Kachiko.
  3. Well launch kit has a fullbleed Shoju that is 3 mil/ 7 pol and 2 glory. Dunno if it can be posted here though..
  4. Who said it wasn't and if somebody did, did he also said Crab loses the first attack on defense?
  5. Why would Kisada be affected by such Shameful Display. He negates that by your action sequence...
  6. I don't know but the carapace, claws and multiple number of flaying tails do seem a bit showy for a Phoenix. I don't think the Crane's Genki-Ball technique will save him though.
  7. To be honest, Crab didnt punish his opponent after the negation as he mostly just pass. He oft to with card advantage than capitalize on tempo loss. But a Sneak Attack on offense and a Double Action on defense seems to be close to nothing when playing LCGs.
  8. Yasuki Makoto and Hida Eijiko might give those Crane a run for their koku.
  9. No pretty boys in Crablands, only muscled grizzly men with an odd habit of forgetting to put shirts on. and side burns. Can't forget about sideburns.
  10. Crab should not reminded Dragon of Kisada in the second round.
  11. Thats how most games played are won or lost. In hindsight, we could have done this or done that but the fact is Kisada's presence in the game, made the dragon use suboptimal actions and decisions that will very much likely happen on tournaments specially on early stages.
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