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  1. I honestly never pay attention to the format, probably because I think hyperspace is trash and only ever play extended, aka play with the stuff you bought format.
  2. Let's be honest, would that really make a difference?
  3. I see Bombers on the GSP sometimes as one or two of as cheap filler paired with an ace or two. I have literally never seen an Aggressor.
  4. The Aggressor is just a worse bomber, regardless of what upgrades are good. Barrage rockets are good, yes, but being good doesn't mean that they are OP. Before the homing missile nerf you would see a lot of them used as well, but right now barrage rockets are the only decent missiles in the game, so of course those are the only missiles you see used. If FFG ever makes Clusters and Concussions usable then you will see those get more use as well, but as of now they just aren't worth buying. But as of now, the ease of use for low I ships combined with number of charges makes them the most popular. As for their power, they are slightly better than a primary at range 3, equal at range 2, and worse at range 1. They also require their pilot to acquire and hold a focus token for them to even be fired, making them weaker on defense and unusable while stressed or when they have to reposition. Barrage rockets are not a problem. The only reason they were everywhere for a time was because of how cheap Jonus was.
  5. There is nothing wrong with barrage rockets. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that they are the best designed missile in the game, with the rest ranging from mediocre to laughably bad.
  6. Eh, fair enough. I have only ever flown my Aggressors once, and I've never touched a torrent, so I can't comment too much about how they feel on a table.
  7. They each have 4 blues so they're fairly even there. The torrent has access to hard turns at speed 1 and trolls at speed 2, making it a lot more maneuverable at low speeds. I'd say they're fairly equivalent. Neither have amazing dials, but the torrent must be decent because they are all over the place, the Aggressor on the other hand is completely useless and I don't think I've ever seen one flown.
  8. I wouldn't say that the Torrent dial is worse. It's a bit worse at speed 3, but better at all the other speeds.
  9. The Aggressor needs a sensor slot, a price drop, and imperial gunners that don't suck.
  10. The problem is just the lack of new content for the non-prequel factions. We were told that you can now be a single-faction player because upgrades will not be faction locked. Great, no more Starviper issues! Now imagine telling that to a First Order only player with a straight face. As primarily an Imperial player there isn't a whole lot of more plastic left on my wishlist, but what I really want is new content for my existing plastic. I would love to get cardboard only packs for all of my existing ships. Where is my Maarek Stele card pack? Where is my Interceptor card pack? Where is my Black Squadron card pack? Give me more pilots and more upgrades! Not only have they failed to do this, but all of the usable new content that they have produced is faction locked, with no signs of getting any imperial release in the near future. If FFG wants to abandon the old factions to churn out prequel stuff then they've lost me as an xwing customer. I give negative ****s about the prequels, and I'm still just sitting here waiting for rereleased 1.0 content to be brought back, let alone fresh new content.
  11. Wait, who said that they're jacking up juke again? Only two ships like it, and while the Phantom is in a good spot, the Defender isn't good even with Juke. Juke needs to go down so that I can fly quad juke phantoms again.
  12. Another reason why going from three factions to seven was a bad idea.
  13. Sure, but at least historically, the Imperial faction has been more defined by what it couldn't do rather than what it could do. When you looked at upgrades that a faction could not use, the Empire blew everyone out of the water with what was unavailable to them. ****, even our most iconic ship, the TIE Fighter, was not only available to other factions, but straight up superior in them. I don't think it is too unreasonable to want to have some neat things that only your faction can do.
  14. Well nobody is flying five of them with FCS, which while weaker on turn one is more consistent after that if they keep their locks. At the end of the day they are just low ps ships with mediocre dials, mediocre action bars, and an action dependent 3rd attack die. I don't see five of them being an issue at all.
  15. A calculate that you can only use on defense against lower ps pilots, as you don't even get it until you engage. Passive Sensors needs to be cheap. Tempest Squadron probably is one of the pilots who benefits the most from passive sensors, and at two points each you could field five of them, and I see no way that would be OP.
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