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  1. Without knowing everything definitively it is hard to speculate unfortunately. I don't care for guessing...I don't mind talking about what's been spoiled but since we haven't confirmed yet if things like tua or motti or stuff like that can work on huge ships...it is not worth going down the rabbit hole too much. And yes I agree it is a strong 2nd player ship...although what would you take as a blue....first with its reach and gunnery teams is nuts. Thank you very much for the feedback though!!!
  2. Vs Uniques - yes...initial pool is 2 black dice....roll....then CF or Kalus (obviously if you are going to CF first you have to add a black, but if you wanted an accuracy...CF a blue...then with Kalus you could add another blue if you didn't get it the first time). or just add blacks....adding dice is done in whatever order you choose based on what you want to accomplish. Then after all dice have been added and rolled....re-roll for OE.....or Leading shots as well if your ship has that and you have a blue dice in your pool. Medium Range: Unless you are on a ship that has blue dice in its anti sqn armament, you would not be able to shoot as it is out of range and no initial dice are gathered.
  3. Mogrok

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    I also like the amendment to the scoring if for some reason you want to run a tournament or a league.
  4. Mogrok

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    I'm glad they finalized team rules somewhat...especially for side events at say worlds (if they even do that this year)
  5. Show Notes Episode 17 – Grand Master Yik Welcome back to another episode of Galactic Conflict! On today’s episode I have an interview with Yik, the runner up at last year’s Worlds and Canadian Nationals and recent Regional winner at FFG HQ. This was recorded before Christmas and I finally got around to editing the episode. I hope you enjoy! Music provided by Free Music Archive Boxcat_Games – Battle_Special Please like and rate us on Itunes Rated PG https://galacticconflictpodcast.podbean.com/e/episode-17-grand-master-yik/ Any feedback can be directed to galacticconflictpodcast@gmail.com iTUNES and Google Play: Search for Galactic Conflict Podbean: https://galacticconflictpodcast.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Galacticconflictpodcast/
  6. Someone has me slightly beat.
  7. Mogrok

    People still playing?

    Off topic...but are you a Sabaton fan? And yah lots of people are playing. I have been focused on vassal cause its winter and less driving.
  8. Rebels Home one: 2/2 MC-80 winged: 2/2 MC-75: 2/2 MC-30c: 4/4 Assault Frigate Mark II: 2/4 Modified Pelta class: 1/2 Nebulon B Frigate: 2/4 CR90 Corvette: 4/6 Hammerhead: 6/4 GR-75 transport: 2/4 Rebel Fighter pack I: 3/3 Rebel Fighter pack II: 3/3 Rogues & Villains: 3/3 Empire Chimera Star Destroyer: 1/1 Star Destroyer: 2/3 Interdictor: 1/2 Victory Star Destroyer: 2/5 Gladiator: 3/6 Quasar: 1/1 Arquitens: 3/6 Raider Corvette: 4/8 Gozanti: 2/4 Imperial fighters pack I: 3/3 Imperial fighters pack II: 3/3 I'm a bit of a completist if the ship can fit x amount of times in 400 points I buy that many unless its a specialist like Pelta or interdictors.
  9. Mogrok

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    Well...for Q tournaments regionals and Worlds so far it is averaging 10-12 hours driving (once 9 hours each way played and went home) I have traveled as far as Ireland for a q kit and UK for Nationals...but they just luckily coincided with planned trips....(or did they ) Just to play a casual game I am looking at 2.5 hours each way. And I am flying to Chicago although I did think about driving....if I didn't have to back on the Saturday night.
  10. Konstantine would be more desired...if they changed how tractor beams work and have them all activate at start of a phase, either ship or sqn phases and remove the I can negate it by having a token (yes you can when you activate and use the token to speed back up). the current method just makes the overpriced modification not worth taking...so that there is no way to combine his effect with anything besides G8. My personal preference for tractor beam would be like EWS...works out a single hull zone to med range (maybe long range)...any ship (friendly or enemy) smaller than you (not same size) gets reduced in speed by 1 if you want it to be. when entering the zone of effect...so if for some reason they stay in it twice then reduced again even to zero...so keep your speed up. I would raise the price if this was the method ever used. And of course obstructions would break the beam.. Very thematic....constant effect and might actually get seen on a table.
  11. Mogrok

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    I just think we as men are looking to recreate our childhoods...while calling it strategy games to make it less like we are still playing with toys. haha. Not sure why women wouldn't want to do that too. Legions of Barbies or my little pony cavalry crushing all in their paths.
  12. Mogrok

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    I played her even...She beat me when I got super aggressive with my Demo...and just missed being out of front arc by a hair....then it died lol.
  13. Mogrok

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    At worlds 2 years ago there was 2. Didn't see either of them last year.
  14. Mogrok

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    Fortunately the perfect foil for demo is a cloud of sqns for it to land in that haven't been activated yet....or flotilla blockers that probably survive with their scatter...and if not still prevents the big hit from Demo.
  15. Mogrok

    [Portland, OR] Red Castle Games 2018 Regional Report

    Thanks for the updates!