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  1. Some people collect figurines, other play the game
  2. Stats wise and abilities wise, if you already have Rebel Commandos, I see no reason to buy the Pathfinders. And Jyn is a meh commander.
  3. FFG INTERNSHIPS An internship at Fantasy Flight Games is your chance to be part of a fun and collaborative team that shares your passion for hobby games. Our internship program presents an opportunity for you to use that passion, develop your skills, and support a company that makes the coolest games in the business. Our interns gain invaluable on-the-job experience in the hobby game industry by interacting with Game Designers, Developers, and Producers, building a professional network, and creating lasting relationships with other professionals. Internships are available in the area of Product Development. On average, our internships are 12 weeks long, 20 to 40 hours per week, and occur once per quarter throughout the year. Recruiting for interns starts 4 to 6 weeks prior to the internship beginning. We are now accepting applications for the Summer 2018 internship. To apply for an internship at Fantasy Flight Games, please send a cover letter and resume to internships@fantasyflightgames.com. Our internships are unpaid and do not guarantee employment after the internship ends. We are only able to accept applicants who are currently authorized to work in the United States.
  4. The APP solves the communication of the new costs but doesn't solve the problem of poorly calculated ship and upgrade costs. Once you start changing the cost numbers, the won't stop. But from a business perspective, you can always please the masses adjusting the costs accordingly with the majority of the outcriers. Warhmachine/hordes already uses and APP at it works well but, then again it's easier for Warmachine/hordes 'cause the game was very well built from the get go and was built to be competitive what makes things easier... you don't have to please the star wars fanboyism and the flavor and nonsenses like that.
  5. In every GW product forum, en they present a new version, most people who want to continue play and are disenchanted with the state of the game at that moment, say that the new version has noting to do with the previews version and the way GW handled those previous releases.... 6 month after, everything is pretty much the same as it were before. I look at the business model. The business model works. Releasing a new version always boosts the sales. I can bet with any one here that in a 4 to 5 years tops, FFG will be releasing the version 3.0 and that ,during the version 2.0, you'll have a second core set being released. All this has to do with market shares, growing profits demanded by investors and the fact that x-wing is an amazing cash cow. A new version does nothing for the player engaged on a competitive level. They'll play whatever version. They will spend what is necessary to continue playing. The new version does the world for those players who start playing, that like the game but, at some point, got frustrated with the game. The reasons for that vary. Some of them start playing competitively and at some point get some burnout, others can cope with the frustration of being on the "salt mines" every single tournament while some of his friend are on the top tables, playing and talking to the hotshots of the game, others play a build for a while and have some success with it a then, when there's a change in the meta and that build is no longer viable, simply start to lose interest in the game... there are a myriad of diferente reasons why people stop playing (ergo buying) the game. A new version bring all those players back. The promise that all those changes will make them feel the same enchantment they felt the first times they played the game. That enchantment vanishes quickly. When you fully understand the new rules and you're back at the same level you were when you stop playing the game. This business model works this war. It's like that with GW, with privateer Press, with the old TSR... and FFG isn't different. GW finished the year with amazing numbers. With a huge market share. FFG had to do some thing. The release of Legion wasn't enough. They had to turn to their cash cow and milk it a bit more to guarantee the 3rd and 4th quarter numbers, since the 1st and 2nd are guarantee with Legion. Sorry about the long text but it's has been 25 years of miniatures, card and board games and just lived this "new releases" too many times to know how thing really work.
  6. 10. They learned that if they have a product that is very popular and sells really well, they can release expansions with almost no play test for a long period of time, let the people complain about combos and mechanics, that after a while, they can reset the all game, sell "upgrade kits" (that basically are paper and plastic bases, that cost them less than $5,00 to produce) for $50 each, and sell old material as new, just because they changed some pieces of paper included in the package. The twicks made to the new version of the game just have to address the problems "the community" make noise about on the internet. They just have to make the new version the most blend possible so it seems fair and then, start releasing expansions in the same way they did before. I believe this commercial tectonic was first implemented in games by Games Workshop in their N versions of Warhammer Fantasy (now Age of Sigmar) and Warhammer 40K. PS.: Warhammer 40K had a new release (the 8th edition) last July. 7th edition was full of bugs and erratas and confusion. The new version sales sky rocketed. Games Workshop profits got 40% high on the 3rd and 4th quarter, last year. People got back to the game in droves. 1 weeks after the first major tournament with the new rules, the 1st faq came out. A tactic used by an army was nerfed. Since then, at competitive level, the game is insane. It has more crazy combos and OP lists than ever before. GW just releases faq and nerfs after nerfs to try to correct it. I truly believe, same will happen with X-wing 2.0. Even so 'cause I don't believe FFG released 2.0 motivated for the outcry of "the community", but because the GW model of business works and bothe companies are fighting for the same market share.
  7. Why!?? Why should we come up with ship ideas? Why are your ship ideas (or any of us ship ideas) better than FFG ship ideas? You like the game? You're euphoric a new version is coming up? take a deep breath, wait for it's release, read the rules and just play the game as it is. ...
  8. Just to remind that if you suck at X-wing, it won't be x-wing 2.0 that will make you a great player.
  9. How can you say the designers are destroying the game when, you have more tournaments, tournaments hitting record numbers in participants and the sales grow higher with every new wave they release? How can you justify the affirmation "designers are destroying the games core", when the game core is to became popular and sell as much as possible?
  10. I agree. The Alternative play format with objectives is great. It's well built, play tested and fun but, unfortunately, those aren't the rules used in competitive play. As I said before, you can play the game the way you want at the kitchen table or at the game nights at the local store but, if you want to play competitively, you have to play with the rules that are dealt. This topics about fixes are nothing but intellectual masturbation, without any practical result coming out of it.
  11. I can't see a single point in having such creative effort. Will the discussion on this topic change a single virgule in anything written on any upgrade, pilot card or game rule?... No! The ones earning piles of money with the game don't make those creative efforts. If they did, the game would be quite different. The only reason I see for topics like this one, is the typical "I can't win, the game is broken, the game needs a fix so I can win". You should play with the rules the game have, not with the rules you want the game to have.
  12. Keep in mind one detail. The people that play at the local store or play competitively, represent less than 10% of the people who buy x-wing. The sales didn't drop. The number of competitive players in some areas did. Take in count another thing, today, you have a lot more tournament than you had 2 years ago. People disperse. Why take 100km to go to a store championship if in your local area you have 1 every two weeks at least. There are old players leaving the game. There are new ones starting it. It's the same with every game. People eventually get fed up or something in their live changes and they just can't spend the time or the money to keep playing x-wing. It's like that in every game.
  13. 'Cause I can. And that, is like the rules, you can't fix it.
  14. you're missing the point. There is no possible fixes for the game. Only the ocasional patch provided by the ocasional FAQ. FFG doesn't have a mathematical formula to calculate the accurate cost of the ships and upgrades, and the point cost of ships and upgrades is a core mechanic of the game. Having said that, what in gods name do you want to be fixed that doesn't cause a disruption on the game? It's a game of 100 points, where Lowhhrick costs 1 less point than Miranda... and you're looking for a fix on turrets.
  15. ...arc dodger with high PS dominated the meta and people complained about Sonthir fel, Whisper, Vader, Corran Horn. That's why turrets had to make an appearance and are the deterrent to High PS Arc Dodgers. The game isn't well built. It's playable, it's fun but, by all means, it isn't a well balanced and well designed game. Instead of complaining about, turrets, and OP this and OP that and the meta and the dice... what about just playing the game just like it is?! With the perks and flaw that it has. If you want to play for fun, just play for fun and don't play competitively. There isn't a single miniature game or card game that is fun competitively. All have broken lists, broken combos, all of them have the super efficient lists and the over the top combo that the designer never thought about. If you want to play competitively, use competitive lists. Take advantage of all the shenanigan the game system provides so you can win tournaments. If it's fun and fairness you seek, just play with your friends, on the kitchen table, on a store games night with thematic missions and house rules, where you can ban turrets and play the game the way you want. There are thousands os posts on every single forum about x-wing, with people wanting this or that to be fixed. In my opinion, the only thing that really has to be fixed, is the was people look at the game. Specially the ones who complain and go to every tournament at the local store.
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