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  1. Well done DarthGM, I read over this earlier today and I'm very happy with what I see, it looks like a blast. I'm glad I told my friend (who was on the verge of a fallout conversion for a while now) about this a told him to wait. I look forward to getting radiation poisoning. Never thought I would say that. Unrelated, but is the adventure FFG put up with the character sheet the gencon module?
  2. Well I'm glad to hear that you wouldn't discount the game if it couldn't do the genre. But I do think it will be able to based on what has been said about it so far. But everyone has made a lot of assumptions and the only way to really know is to wait and see when it comes out. Thinking on it, I do actually really hope it can do the super hero genre as well, because the more it can do, and more varied genres it can cover, the better. And the super hero genre does have an incredible variance so it would be a good sign. That and just because I'm not currently interested in a super hero game (likely thanks to the current over saturation in the media) doesn't mean that I won't want to try it eventually
  3. I was actually thinking something similar to this as well. I think the setup that force powers use would be the best kind setup for super powers. Yeah that is fair. It's all a matter of opinion too I suppose. For me, I don't mind if the system doesn't do super heroes well if it does most other things well, which I know it can do science fiction, space opera, fantasy, and modern horror very well as I've already tried all of these genres with the narrative dice system. Not saying that I don't think it can do them well, because I really do.
  4. It seems like a strange benchmark to me to judge a universal rpg based on whether it can do one specific genre right as opposed to how many it can get right. By that metric, most universal systems are a bust, as I don't think there is one that can do every genre successfully. Either way I'm not convinced that Genesys won't be able to do a super hero game. It may take another book to go over some more genres but I think that's quite likely to happen. They couldn't fit every genre in the core rule book, and I'm quite happy with the six we're getting. As a side note, since Genesys was announced I've been doing a lot of tinkering and homebrewing with the narrative dice system. It's quite rewarding and fun to create content for, even without Genesys. That said I know I could create fun super hero rules within the scope of the narrative dice system if I wanted to, as could many others.
  5. Not sure about bionics, but Willpower seems the best suited for psionics.
  6. While I do enjoy the idea of the almighty fist wizard using a brick as their magic implement I'd be hesitant to use such a thing in my games as Brawn is already arguably the best stat
  7. So far I am really liking what I am seeing as far as the magic system goes. I recently made some custom spell trees for a homebrew, and they may have gotten a little out of hand in complexity, I will likely be redoing many as simplified versions and using what Genesys gives me where I can. Something I have been wondering about is how more permanent magical effects will function, and if anything like will be included at all. I certainly hope there are guidelines for such things within the system they have created, as well as some kind of rules or side bar for higher powered spells. For lack of a better comparison, something akin to epic level in 3.5 D&D or mythic abilities in pathfinder. I hope to be able to create such spells in and outside the game. A friend of mine also seemed slightly worried about the combat oriented nature of all magic that has been revealed thus far. He wants to see things like mage hand, ghost sound and the like. I myself am curious how non combat spells will function, but I'm sure they will be included in some form.
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