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  1. The thing with the transports is; what exactly will they do? The Resistance shuttle, sure, they've already set a precedent with the Ivory Void Bovine; probably similar size and armaments, you get a whole bunch of neat-o crew cards (like Leia). But the FO one was just a dropship and I don't see anywhere in X-Wing for a craft designed to drop off a bunch of Troopers.
  2. That's true,didn't think about that,but if he uses his target lock in the combat phase he loses it. Yeah. So while not really King, he's certainly Queen of the K-turn. I'm still calling the buff on Y-Wings with TLTs.
  3. That's going to come down to timing. And I think you'll find that you gain the Target Lock before the Check Stress step. In which case it's not gonna happen.
  4. I think the Ewing is a gimme no matter what because it looks like they really want to fix broken ships with this pack. Now I agree that the Xwing needs some love and the Ywing needs some pilots, so why can't we have both? They may introduce an astro that is designed for the Xwing but happens to be in the this pack, or even go ballsy and have a 3 ship pack with x wings, y wings, and an Ewing like with S&V. My primary bet is still going to be an Xwing/Ewing with Corran Horn's green xwing to add a little flavor. While more Ywing pilots would be nice, the game is called XWING for a reason =P edit: I forgot to point out that having cross ship pilots is a good thing, because it can prevent some nonsense with having similar ability pilots being crammed in, like having 2 Corran horn type ships in one list. Now we can have Xwing Tycho, Xwing Corran, and maybe evne Ewing Wedge It's also good from a future line perspective. Eventually there will be a limit to the ship models, even with all the EU and new EU (and possibly even breaking into Republic/Old Republic and other shenanigans). Having cross-over pilots allows FFG to breathe new life into the game without needing to find new ships all the time.
  5. Let's say I'm rolling just blanks and spend the focus token. Am I allowed to use the Target Lock on the first attack to reroll the blanks? Nope. Spend the Focus, resolve the results of the attack, gain the TL for a later attack. Which is why the title is so effective. Primary to knock shields around and possibly wipe some tokens, Ion to set them adrift for the next shot. And in a squadron of 4, that's a lot of sitting duck. Even large ships (I once sent an IG-88 drifting off the board... it was glorious).
  6. Easiest way would be to take the builds, plug them into an online builder, export the XML into Han Shopped First and just provide a link or something for each entry.
  7. I want to try Intimidation, Mara Jade and the title. My problem is working out what to back him up with; something agile or tough enough to survive to escort him into position, coz' he'll be hard to get into the right spot against Aces.
  8. I've got a list all but the same that I'm having pretty good success with. No Prockets, Calculation on Jake, VI on Poe, and Kyle with Determination, TLT, Recon, Title. Determination has been the difference between a dead Kyle and a live Kyle. Wouldn't swap it for VI at all. Only other variation I might try is to replace the Recon with Chewie, but I found I burned through Focus pretty hard. I haven't hit the Palp+Aces yet, though. I might wish for the VI/Prockets on Jake, then.
  9. Flew this week. Based on feedback, modified the origional list to this; Kyle; Title, TLT, Determination, Recon Poe; R5-P9, Autos, VI Jake; Title, PTL, Calc, Refit, Autos 99pts total. Flew against a totally kitted up Bossk (HLC, Fins, Greedo, Merc Tech, Title, the works) with Guri running alongside (again, kitted out as typical arc-dodging, knife-fighting Guri). They had the bid. I got Jake in behind Bossk early (2nd turn), and tried a sow roll with Kyle, Poe providing a screen. My opponent knew what Poe was like, though, and went all guns blazing. Poe went down on the 4th turn to concentrated fire. After Jake pinged a bit at Guri from Bossk's shadow, Guri went down in the same turn as Poe, so I was happy with that. We then played tag, circling around an asteroid, with Jake on Bossk's tail the entire way, occasionally bumping, and Kyle staying opposite the big bastard. Determination saved Kyle TWICE with the discard against Greedo's auto-crit shenanigans (I love that card now), but he eventually couldn't take much more. He went down on about the tenth turn, leaving Jake and a half-damaged Bossk on the table. The rest of the game was Jake pinging calculation hits against Bossk's butt until he went down. There were a few bumps, just because of the lack of a 1 straight on the A-Wing once I was in range 1), but I got him eventually. Then the Headhunter appeared. And it still had Bossk's god-damned ability. 6 pts of upgrade eventually smacked Jake out of the sky. God-damned Bossk in a Headhunter is no joke. I call it a win, though, as it would have been in a tourney situation. Mostly I can't believe that Jake survived the entire game and that Kyle the glass cannon didn't explode first. He took the hits like a champ.
  10. I didn't get a chance to play the K. I was ready to, and then the whole crew went out for dinner the night before. By the end of the night most of us had agreed that since it was the last 32-pter of the year, we'd do something stupid and all fly Ivory Void Bovines. Beer may have been involved. Thanks for everyone's help, though. I'm totally going to bring in the Warden pilot in Feb for the next dogfight tourney.
  11. OK, so monthly 32-pt (12-minute game) tournament is coming up again. Had great fun with Tycho last time, and have gotten more used to the local meta. High PS arc dodgers and turrets abound. Oh, and I tend to play very aggressively. Should probably work on that. Been seriously considering a K-Wing for the Turret and going just too **** fast... should be able to outrun an A-Wing (even a Jake) or Tie Ace, out tank a Y, and mess with the larger turret ships. Current thought is Warden+TLT+ASLAM+Int Agent Is a bit defensive, so could also swap TLT for Ion and Agent for Tactician (because stress+Ion = laughs). Is taking a K-wing even a good idea?
  12. So I tried a little critcrack this week. Green Squadron x4, all with Calc+Crack+Refit+AWTP+AT, two had Prockets. I admit, I flew poorly against Superdash and his B-Wing escort. Just did so many stupid things. Got one set of Prockets off on a B-Wing whose shields I'd smashed already, and of 5 dice only rolled 2 hits... that sucked. Otherwise it actually did OK, given how poorly I let the team down. In hindsight, my gameplan should have been to take the B Wings first, procket them into little tiny bits, let the ATs give me evades against Dash's HLC, and then worry about surrounding the annoying git for any remaining Crackshots to be useful. The big let down, apart from my terrible flying and even worse dice rolls, was the damage output. It's still just not quite enough, especially against tanky things like Bs and YTs.
  13. Oh, of course not. I still have umpteen boxes of GW merch in my shed because they're too shiny to give away. But I also have two small kids who I'll likely teach to play soon, and I might want to keep their grubby little mitts off my nice shiny things.
  14. Or are (some of) the Micro Machines Star Wars range really **** close to X-Wing Mini scale? I haven't compared past the eyeball-in-the-shops stage, and of course the quality isn't comparable, but... given the number of spare bases and cards you get in a box, might be a cheap-ass way to bump the Tie/FO or T-70 collection.
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