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  1. Hey everyone Just a question about Ultron Drones. Ultron attacks my hero I choose to take a drone Does that drone attack with the other drones engaged with me? Or does it skip it's attack? TIA
  2. Hey guys Have a question about hero abilities. Played a game where the person teaching us said hero abilities are always active irrespective of which side the hero is on. The example used was that Captain Marvel can use the card draw ability on her alter ego side without flipping to the Alter Ego. Is this correct?
  3. Weekly games at Quantum Gaming, Plumstead, Cape Town
  4. If you in Cape Town, South Africa we have a playgroup hosted at Quantum Gaming in Plumstead. https://www.facebookcom/quantumgamingCT PM me if you need more details
  5. Hi! Niz here from the HitHitCrit Podcast. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa . Mostly focus on local Xwing happenings and mindsets. We don't follow the international meta here, but some people try and then get crushed by jank. Don't really post here. Maybe we should.
  6. Thanks for the shout out! We try to focus on our local meta here in South Africa and use the international meta as a reference mostly. People locally generally fly what they like. Nice to hear we are entertaining!
  7. Hi guys Newbie here to tabletop gaming. Question about morale and panic tokens. Locally people are saying that when you roll the morale icon on a die during an attack you can use it to give the defender a panic token and stack them for later turns. Is this right? I understand you get panic tokens from missing a charge or bumping into enemy units. I am just confused by the dice icon and what it does. Thanks
  8. Hey there. I am a TO that has been in charge of multiple events in the last 2 years. The largest being 2 regionals events. I was wondering if there was a group/chat/forum for TOs to discuss rules questions, event issues, etc.... Any help will be appreciated.
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