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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before elsewhere, but I'm just reading through the Beginner Set and I have to wonder - there's been a couple of mentions of the players voluntarily giving themselves Strife, e.g. if it's a particularly appropriate emotional conflict to the character. I might be missing the point but is there any benefit from doing this?
  2. Check out the soundtrack to Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun on Spotify:
  3. Completely agree. You can say what you like about stuff that's not public knowledge, but lying about what's in front of you face up is just a complete lack of integrity and poor sportsmanship (gamesmanship?) If someone pulled this **** in a game with me they would not get invited to the next game, end of.
  4. This sounds like the most Imperial of victories to me!
  5. Actually, that's what the book says you're supposed to do Each character gets voted on 3 times - if you get more positives than negatives, you raise one of the two stats in that category, and the opposite if you get more negatives than positives.
  6. My friend is running a game of this, and we're looking at about 6 players + himself in total. It's unlikely we'll be able to get everyone present for the first session, so what happens to the poor souls who turn up the week after? Do you just get everyone to vote yay or nay to the stats he's allocated? Also, if I'm understanding it correctly...6 players with 6 stats each, and you vote on each of the three categories, so that's 18 "voting sessions" in total. Seems like a bit of a timesink, if you include the ensuing arguments over what stats everyone thinks they deserve...
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