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  1. When I taught people, I've found that going over the very basic structure of the game (objective of the game and the different phases) as fast as possible and getting into a very basic demo game as quick as possible is probably the easiest way to learn it. I think this is because all of the individual game elements are very basic but there are a lot of game elements, so its pretty easy to learn by doing and its pretty daunting just to ramble off rules. Also, I agree with Tekwych. The starter decks are pretty good but I would probably not use the Lannister/Stark demo game. I would use the dual-house decks in the deckbuilding section. At least when I played, I felt the demo game was fairly imbalanced towards the Starks. However, the dual-house decks felt fairly balanced (except the Greyjoy/Stark deck in melee games, too much board control).
  2. Yah, I looked back at the talent trees and found that. I'm glad it was just a dumb question. I would have been really bothered it nothing had that as a career skill.
  3. I was wondering if Lightsaber is a career skill for any of the Jedi classes. I would assume it is, since thematically it makes complete sense. But I could not find it anywhere. Hopefully this is a dumb question and I'm just missing it. Thanks, czlot
  4. Hi all, I am looking to start/join a group of players in Oklahoma City. I'd be willing to go to any of the main OKC metro area store (Game HQ, DZ, Wizard's in Norman, etc.). Message me or reply if you're interested czlot
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