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  1. So this all fits now. Might have to get another Striker... TIE/sk Striker - Black Squadron Scout - 39 Black Squadron Scout - (38) Ruthless (1) TIE/sk Striker - Black Squadron Scout - 39 Black Squadron Scout - (38) Ruthless (1) TIE/sk Striker - Black Squadron Scout - 39 Black Squadron Scout - (38) Ruthless (1) VT-49 Decimator - •Captain Oicunn - 83 •Captain Oicunn - Inspired Tactician (74) Intimidation (3) Hull Upgrade (2) •Dauntless (4) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  2. I am really enjoying Saw on any Ghost. The Ghost has plenty of hp to sacrifice to activate Saw and with 4 dice primary there are usually some opportunities to make it worth it. Also allows you to reinforce if you think you're gonna take a beating, or take a target lock for double mods. It's lethal.
  3. Coordinating reinforce and getting one himself seems really cool. Might have to try something like this. Might just lose the shield upgrade on Oicunn for more of a bid for Soontir but it all depends on how many other PS 6 you're seeing. Looks fun.
  4. Yeah it seems like they really need a crew to get mods as well. I prefer - on paper at least, since I haven't flown one in 2nd - to have Saw on there or something to get mods. But they don't have as many hit points as they used to.
  5. You must be thinking about 1st Ed FCS because now it isn't about action efficiency. It's about getting those rerolls and keeping the lock on your target which X1's definitely want.
  6. Revisiting this a little bit because I just love Juke so darn much. I still like the idea of Kestal to disallow token using then making the enemy burn it to set up the Jukes. TIE/D Defender - Onyx Squadron Ace - 82 Onyx Squadron Ace - (78) Juke (4) TIE/ag Aggressor - •Lieutenant Kestal - 50 •Lieutenant Kestal - Innate Deadeye (36) Trick Shot (1) Ion Cannon Turret (6) Hotshot Gunner (7) TIE/ph Phantom - •“Echo” - 68 •“Echo” - Slippery Trickster (50) Juke (4) •Darth Vader (14) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  7. -2 Deltas -Whisper with Juke Profit.
  8. I fly a list similar to this that has had some decent success. I prefer having X-wings to Zs though to make sure to actually land those crits. Doesn't seem to be too many low agility large ship lists around these days. I actually fly it with Biggs to attempt to keep Gavin alive as long as possible. Then 2 blue squad Xs. 3 X-wings and an E-wing is just a lot of solid frames to work with and I consistently trigger Gavin's ability and actually land those crits with the 3 attack dice everyone has. If they try to go straight for Gavin you can use Biggs to protect him and as already mentioned, this doesn't necessarily require formation flying, so it is flexible enough to split up.
  9. Now I want to cut the blasters off and introduce some magnets to be able to change the rotation. Not sure if it's just my model but it seems one of them is further out than the other. Dunno if the one is going to be an easy enough operation.
  10. Have a ride for the ladies of the Resistance now.
  11. Yeah R4 on Poe looks pretty key. I kinda like Rey shooting at 7 but there are certainly matchups where it wouldn't matter. I feel like the PS 5-6 meta right now makes shooting at 7 a pretty big deal but can also see Lulo with Predator being valuable. Have to try them out and see.
  12. Interested to see what you guys think of a stripped down version of these ships all together might bring. I feel that all 3 of them have really strong pilot abilities as they are and don't necessarily need a lot of upgrades to be strong. This allows all three of them to exist in a list at the same time. RZ-2 A-wing - •L’ulo L’ampar - 40 •L’ulo L’ampar - Luminous Mentor (38) Trick Shot (1) Heroic (1) Scavenged YT-1300 Light Freighter - •Rey - 88 •Rey - Resourceful Scavenger (80) •Rey’s Millennium Falcon (5) Heightened Perception (3) T-70 X-wing - •Poe Dameron - 71 •Poe Dameron - Trigger-Happy Flyboy (68) Heroic (1) •Black One (2) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Switch any of the upgrades around or is it too light on any of them? Still have to get it to the table to see how it does.
  13. I know this changes the archetype a little, but I think the inclusion of Stridan with Hux is better than strictly FO Fighters by themselves. An Upsilon can help with setting these guys up for success and offers quite a punch as well as staying power at 12 hit points. Upsilon-class Shuttle - •Major Stridan - 73 •Major Stridan - Stentorian Commander (63) •General Hux (10) TIE/fo Fighter - •“Muse” - 34 •“Muse” - Epsilon Leader (32) Fanatical (2) TIE/fo Fighter - •“Static” - 37 •“Static” - Omega Ace (35) Fanatical (2) TIE/fo Fighter - Epsilon Squadron Cadet - 28 Epsilon Squadron Cadet - (28) TIE/fo Fighter - Epsilon Squadron Cadet - 28 Epsilon Squadron Cadet - (28) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Epsilons in front can set up blocks for the group and are first line of cheap expendable fighters. Static can get his PA to trigger every turn from Stridan Hux coordinating the TLs. Muse for stress help. And Stridan slow rolls in trying to keep something in arc for shots.
  14. I think it can be alright just can suffer from taking too many hits at once. Reinforce can help that on RAC and making sure you get blocks helps from getting shot with Oicunn. Brath and Chiraneau TIE/D Defender - •Rexler Brath - 88 •Rexler Brath - Onyx Leader (84) Juke (4) VT-49 Decimator - •Rear Admiral Chiraneau - 112 •Rear Admiral Chiraneau - Advisor to Admiral Piett (88) Trick Shot (1) Novice Technician (4) •Minister Tua (7) Proton Bombs (5) Hotshot Gunner (7) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Kite with Chiraneau and try to get them to chase so you can also drop bombs on them. Brath can be more aggressive and will have effective Jukes every time RAC can clear tokens with hotshot. Still, it's an expensive Decimator, but with some luck having novice technician might mitigate the crits you take. Then the reinforce from Tua allows you to get dual modded shots as well. Oicunn's Ruthless Ties TIE/sk Striker - Black Squadron Scout - 39 Black Squadron Scout - (38) Ruthless (1) TIE/sk Striker - Black Squadron Scout - 39 Black Squadron Scout - (38) Ruthless (1) TIE/ln Fighter - Black Squadron Ace - 27 Black Squadron Ace - (26) Ruthless (1) VT-49 Decimator - •Captain Oicunn - 95 •Captain Oicunn - Inspired Tactician (84) Intimidation (3) Hull Upgrade (2) •Dauntless (6) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Oicunn comes in much cheaper here than RAC. He forces the issue to mess with formation flying and still get his own shots. Then is used as a punching bag for his own TIEs to strengthen their shots with Ruthless while reducing the target's agility with Intimidation. Haven't flown this yet but it seems to be a kind of high risk high reward with the nature of Ruthless. Pushing through damage on high priority targets in exchange for Oicunn's hp might be worth it if he can avoid enough actual shots. Still, this is a PS 3 list and there will need to be excellent flying and setting up blocks to deal with Aces. All in all I think the decimator can work for now but maybe not the most efficient use of points at the moment. Maybe there will be a points adjustment in the future because I just feel like even in my first list, the Defender is cheaper and will probably do more for the list than the deci.
  15. Yeah I dig it. Just need another phantom model to rock two with a Defender. And yeah a Rex, Whisper, Echo with just Jukes sounds enticing as well. Those pilot abilities might beat out the upgrades but yeah if the points don't remain then an Onyx is a decent budget Defender for the job.
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