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  1. enough of this! I call upon everyone to stop the madness. Stop. Stop. Just stop this. This is not what we want. Lets not kid are selves this mess will just sell some specialty dice. Repent I say: follow the true path the your heart. The true path the Tao of L5R RPG Take this vow with me: I swear I will not win a L5R LCG tournament by enlightenment victory {bring all 5 rings into play) a Peaceful resolution to the conflict. No roll and keep RPG rules No Peace! We; we made the story of L5R. Let us do so again.
  2. Exploding Dice in and of themselves do not make raises. Yes you would wast all your good luck! that's why you push it. All ways remember your odds. Multiple tend to multiplay. Now I have a feeling no matter what we agree on here or disagree on here will not move or change the direction of F.F. juggernaut . Are we hear to discuss the game we love or change the game they are making? Some one prove to me that F.F. is considering are discution. Could they change there game to the way I like it before they go to press? Or as I suspect they are just going to plow forward with there broken system.
  3. Well heck ya'. I would like to thank everyone for taking me seriously. When I point out what must be in the rules in order to call this game L5R roleplaying. I think I stated the big gamble. Little gambles are there to TN 15 raised to TN 20 a simple little gamble that could pay off big in the end. Also If the rule book says 3 raises and you get a called shot(wording different from 1st edition to 4th) This mechanic was so integral to the game that the game master would merely be presiding over procedures. Are original TN of 15 has grown to TN30. So many uses and permutations I cannot list them all.
  4. Bold I'll give Ya 'da Bold But lets start slowly. I'm nice I don't want to lose anyone on the bumps. And I only skim the non-sense so Magnus said "but it is roll and keep. " I say ---maybe. But where are my Raises! I make 3 raises and I cut the opponent's head off. Where is that. Where are my stances my FA, Normal, Defencive, and FD. where is my void use. Oh i'm a rokugan trained I have a katana. I get to drop 2 not 1 void point to up my damage. Where is my Ijitsu duel. What up with martial arts its kenjutsu. Geez guy that other company did the hard work for you. A 12 and a 6 sider. Might as well be 1 d20. Do I have to explain bell curve odds to you. Really? It was game mechanics not based on random results but simi-predictable results and the interactive capitalization of results. What did I not like you may ask? I did not like spells to much like that old game. I wanted more raw power with mastery being control. Armor make you harder to hit (no) that's that old-old game again. Best way to do armor is with a save roll. (Now where did i get that idea?)
  5. Role and keep now! Role and keep forever! This is nothing less than the further D&Ding of L5R. Where is the Raise system? I want to cut my opponent's head off. I want a game in which I can cut my opponent's head off with out owning a magical weapon. One in which I can punch someone in the nose and not have to double check the rules on melee combat. Because all the combat rules are the same. Rules where when I roll a die I have more than a hope of luck on one die. But rules that let me know what my odds of success are, and then let me push them. Its the PUSH that makes it fun the raising of the stakes if you will that add in more fun. A good RPG is like a good baseball game the bases are loaded and your at bat. The clerics are down your the only one up! " I will role one die and hope." Or I will make 3 raises and kill this thing!
  6. I Want an RPG! Card game naaaaa! I stop play the ccg when the RPG first edition came out. Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep, Roll and Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep. Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep, Roll and Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep, Roll and Keep. Don't mess with it. It ain't broke. 4th edition forever! (Mabey fix the monsters.)
  7. Sndwurks Brought out a few Good points. The role and keep system must be retained and maintained. Roll & Keep is the best combat dice roll system for rpg ever. I am confused about insite system being obsolete. Acrewing experience points to advance the character. How else would you do that? I'm not against a change. but just how else? One thing that started in 2nd edition was lets not suggest to much violence. A decapitation shot became the euphemistic called shot. What are we calling? The 3rd vertebra. Medieval combat was deadly really-deadly. Keep it deadly. Also Praying became meditation, silly and confusing. The art of the duel: The art of settling down crab players "you'll do fine stop crying." I like it and I usually played lions. I wish there was a mechanic for seduction like there was in Victory games James bond rpg Never warmed up to spells in the traditional rpg since I thought keep the focus on the rings as the shugenja source of power. I essentially visualised attack rays base on the preferred ring. Ceremony spells where a good idea I am angry today. Angry and confused about this change darn angry. Twenty years ago i declared i like L5R rpg. Like it I loved it. It was L5R, it was a RPG and it was the best RPG rules I ever read and still are. In that moment of my blissful happiness I knew I really felt I had just doomed it! If I like it; it would die! Twenty years ya that's a good run. But I thought we could of killed D+D with it. I made my 3 raise and spent my void points got a few explosions. I kept the faith!
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