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  1. Engineer here. The best way to "lose" heat (you never really lose it) is to transfer it inwards, into a reservoir of water (or ice) built specifically for this purpose. That way, you don't have to expose your heat exchangers until after battle. Also, you can simply flush the water if there isn't enough time to cool it off. It wouldn't make for a very interesting movie or game though. You'd just have two massive battleships trying to strain each-other's heat budget, instead of groups of pickets, fighters and line ships like we have in the movies.
  2. I want to make a morbidly obese rat. He's the local Hutt's nosy and dangerously competent butler, that floats around with a grav pack pouring drinks and taking note of everything. What species and career should I use for my rat?
  3. You don't want to destroy that droid. You want to disable it non destructively so it can be salvaged.
  4. Air America, both the organization and the movie, can be great sources of inspiration here. Just google some declassified files and turn them into an instant adventure.
  5. Yeah, well, a combat droid is still a blast to play even when you're just hanging out and roleplaying. Especially if the reason for "peace" is no one wants to fight the droid.
  6. Kavil with autoblaster and engine upgrade. Might want to throw in r5-p8 and vi, too. Palob with zuchuss or dengar and tlt. Most people won't even know what this is or what it does. Make sure to show it to them, at gunpoint.
  7. Two slots for the monkeys so one group can distract the party while the other tries to flank it.
  8. Clarification: And some of them are indeed useful, given that the annoying pseudo pacifist can't reflect buckshot.
  9. I'm sure there's a business-related reason Jawas aren't in here, like I don't know a Tatooine sourcebook, but they're in the character generator so who cares.
  10. If a player character is donkeying around, just put him on ice. I mean really, on real ice. Be sure to hand out damage to some of the donkey's equipment during the inevitable fall. Who knows, maybe some of the luggage can even slide down a mountain or onto a frozen road, where it can impact a moving hoverbus and burst into a million pieces. Also, if there is some kind of social encounter, the person who brought five pieces of luggage to the meeting shouldn't be taken as seriously as the other players.
  11. You don't really live near a tourist area, do you? The most I've seen is five. The fifth may or may have not been a tent.
  12. The last time I gm'd I used 10m for short, 50m for medium and 250m for long. Extreme range was only limited by terrain, but required a forward observer. I've even managed to simulate a long range engagement by making a line of 5x5 minimaps, with each minimap representing one range band.
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