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  1. The transliterator is just a translation device that helps with languages and does teach you anything. The synoptic teacher comes with built in short and long term abuse protection. Short term you need a skill check each time you use it to gain a skill. Failure reduces your strain threshold by half instead of teaching the skill for a session. Long term a despair result can render a character permanently unable to use the device. Its a good way to introduce a critical skill for an adventure but a bad way to actually learn skills in the long term.
  2. That's not the worst thing. I don't expect to give players a lightsaber either, but I don't mind them getting a free 100 credit upgrade. If they've gone to the trouble of learning how to craft the thing, finding the parts and securing a crystal then a free mod is neither here nor there.
  3. Warning, mild spoilers - hints but no names or specifics if you want to take the chance It isn't entirely clear what happens to an individual's lightsaber in such a situation. Presumably Dooku originally had a more traditional blue or green blade before he switched to the standard Sith red, so perhaps expulsion from the order includes removing the lightsaber (the traditional weapon of the Jedi) but depending on circumstances, that may be all there is to it. Anyone who was not an active member of the Jedi order at the end of the clone wars would have survived Order 66 - not in the war, no proximate clones to kill you. While the Empire may have known where to start looking for them after that, it would be fairly simple to hide and keep a low profile if you had the slightest hint about the danger (such as feeling a major disturbance in the force). I imagine that the number of long term survivors is limited more by the small number of ex-Jedi to begin with than the difficulty in them surviving.
  4. As people have alluded to, the lightsaber in EotE and AoR is really the same as that in FaD. It's just that FaD requires you to put more work into upgrading your basic lightsaber while those presented in the earlier games are fully upgraded from the start. The EotE/AoR saber is just a FaD saber with a fully upgraded Illum crystal (the default crystal) and no further attachments.
  5. Also, the first attachment you add to your homemade lightsaber hilt gets a free, automatic modification. This explicitly includes the crystal, in fact the assumption is that it will almost always be the crystal. So if you construct your own lightsaber then it will be slightly better at the start than a hilt you find or that someone made for you.
  6. People keep saying things like this. If you actually look at Vader he isn't wearing much armour at all, certainly less than Obiwan wore during the Clone Wars. The majority of Vader's suit is made of a fairly soft material. The only real armour is is helmet (containing vital life support features) and his upper chest/shoulders, which arguably supports the helmet structure. He has some sort of cod piece, and possibly some greaves on his boots, but his abdomen, arms and thighs are all exposed. He is barely more protected than a pilot in a flight suit.
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