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  1. Well that makes perfect sense. It's the little actions that make the big difference. I sometimes am victim to skipping the small ops waiting for the big ones that never come.
  2. Not sure how it benefits to play trading pains on the Bard, or the bards target, as most of the time the Bard will only heal one heart . I get that it's a free mirror image kill. But surely this card is better played on a disciple. Care to elaborate? I'll study the shadowmancer.
  3. Thinking to webtrap them. Web trap effects the wolf and mirror images too right? U assume it doesn't effect the shadow.
  4. Hey guys I just started a LoR campaign vs the following. Tomble - Shadowwalker Reinhardt - Beast Master Ashrain - Bard Dezra - conjurer Considering which deck to build. What would you guys focus on? Which might be your goto mobs for open groups Thanks
  5. Hey Bruce. Does this produce quests that can be actually played in the app? Like i can produce new map configurations?
  6. So it seems my question is more about whether a monster can treat movement points the same, and spend them as they please, and being a large mob "leapfrog" along thus vastly increasing their movement range. Or simply mobs and heroes don't have the same rules.
  7. Been reading the CRRG, great work Sagnit, and the section on movement had created a question. Considering the big mobs. A rat swarm can add one movement point if and only if he uses two movement actions. Because between the movement actions it gets to shrink down and grown back once. It cannot shrink and grow between spending each movement point. This seems obvious, but it makes me question the heroes use of fatigue to gain movement points. Based on this logic, a hero can only spend movement points with a movement action. So the fatigue can't be used to move a single space. Ie. If the heroes only need 1 movement point to gain range, it cannot suffer fatigue to move into range and than attack 2 times. Is this correct?
  8. My game group has grown to 5 so it's time to dust off the overlord tome of dispair, and being the alpha, by age alone, I will be given the role. I really enjoy the coop card quests and the app quests for several reasons. First if all, the exploration of heroes not knowing whats behind the door. Secondly, in the case of the app, the mobs playing groups between the individual hero turns. There are a few campaign books that we haven't played. Lab or R. And Shads of Ner. I was thinking about added in a sense of unknown to the quests. Reading only the flavor texts and the win conditions of the quests. Spawning map tiles and monsters only when line of sight is fulfilled. And activating mobs between heroes, but only ones that are already revealed. Trying to consider the best way to handle reinforcements. Perhaps only minons and from the entrance or from the "exit" where they have yet to go. I'll still play with overlord deck. I don't have any lieutenant packs. Anyone try something like this?
  9. I'd say this is an April Fool's Day Prank
  10. As to the other post. I found 2 works that are quite impressive (Ruins of Darkness, Escape from Belthir) , and I am currently looking into getting them printed on card.
  11. I took a look at your post in the BBGeek. I am totally keen on giving it a run through or two. Since i usually play with my 8 year old son, I don't have the issues Bucho describes. He just wants to play any game with me.
  12. This I can totally get behind.
  13. I don't think that following rules or official statements is inherently wrong, but I'm inclined to add the effects of runic sorcery to all affected by the blast. This is simply based on a sense of role-playing. The attack carries the condition, let's say it's a bolt of lightning, and the condition is stun. The addition of a stun to this bolt I would feel should be found throughout the bolt, however... I guess the chaining of the lighting might be a weaker version of the initial strike.. I guess it's a matter of looking at it as an effect added to the bolt of lightning, or an extra "spell" added onto the target after the bolt has hit. It's tough to make a decision either way.
  14. I'd really be keen on more co-op card quests like dark elements, forgotten souls and nature's ire. They are great to play with my son. As I usually play 2 player. The ROL app is good. But I find the card quests more stream line and just easier to use.