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  1. I have the Core, some of Mirkwood Cycle, KD but that's it.. I sometimes consider continuing but its pretty daunting.
  2. Its actually quite hard to get into this.. all the early releases are super overpriced in the 3rd party market..
  3. Can probably disregard this as I found Valkyrie project. https://descent-community.org/index.php/fan-projects-fan-content/the-shadow-rune-project/ It's a bit harder to use to edit maps, but I suspect it will speed up as a user learns it. Ceazor
  4. I think it would be great if we were able to produce quests that are ROL compatible. I really think that the app has made my collection hit the table a lot more often as I usually play with my son (only 2 of us) and I don't really want him to have to contend with my evil ways. Furthermore, asking him to control several characters is also a consideration. Let's hope they will consider it. Ceazor
  5. I have found that the best way to play this is with one Narrator and One player playing One character. The activation token is thus ignored. There seems to be a dichotomy here of either the token stops the alpha player from making all the choices. or the issue of having too many skills in a party of characters. I would say the token does help with controlling the alpha player. But the having all the skills covered is also an issue. as mentioned above, three starting characters can cover the entire list and furthermore... I think the best solution is to restrict the party skill limit and not the character skill limit in creations and to use the tokens to control the alpha and to allow any player to choose any character to use any skill at any time in the matter mention above as ( wizard: "hey thief, unlock this door." )
  6. I have a question about when I leave the town and go on a quest. While I am on that quest does all the "current town time" pause and remain as it was until I return. It seems anti-thematic that I leave at midday of day 3 to travel north for a quest, then returns on day 3 at midday even though this particular quest said (mark two progress) in the welcome back entry in the village book. Chris
  7. I don't see any images of dice. Did they remove this mechanic? Or just not made them yet.
  8. Is there more narrative than what I have already seen? Or is it about the same?
  9. Is there more narrative than what I have already seen? Or is it about the same?
  10. Does this mean that I should be buying both Hobbit boxes at once? Overhill and under hill and On the doorstep, for example.
  11. I currently have core, kazad fun, return to mirk, journey to ros, and massing at OS. I'm finding it hard to find a source to buy mirkwood cycle. Or the darrowdel. So I was thinking of switching to the sagas. Are there boxes designed to be played without the addition of expansions? I assume they want the core. If it is adviced to try them out, should I go 1st with hobbit, which 8m inclined to do, or the Lord of the rings. Thanks. Sorry about all the short forms. I'm cellphone inputting.
  12. Play easy mode? Then I might win... Where's the fun it that.
  13. What is the meaning of the gold ringed icons on some of the encounter deck cards. Like exhaustion from journey to rhosgobel
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