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  1. Building a Noob collection

    Hi guys. I'm new to LOTR LCG and my 1st purchase contained the Core, Khazad-dûm, and Return to Mirkwood. I skipped over the Escape, and Return to Mirkwood. Since I started playing KD, I have purchased Massing at O and Journey to R. Been trying to find the rest but its proving quite hard. One seller, at a certain Geeky Bazaar is even goign so far as to ask 100USD plus shipping for a chance to hunt for Gollum. Not sure what to do.
  2. New t LoTR LCG

    how did you merge the two decks into one page on ringsdb? nevermind.. found it. Make them a fellowship. and what is meant by "progression"
  3. New t LoTR LCG

    I don't have many of the Mirkwood cycle. But I do have Dain Ironfoot as recommended on this blog. I will take a closer look through this. Thanks.
  4. New t LoTR LCG

    I played around with the RingDB and made two quick decks. They might be heavily faulted for Khazad-dum, but I was just messing around with it. Eowyn White and the Many Dwarves - Deck A http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/95193 Eowyn White and the Many Dwarves - Deck B http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/95194
  5. New t LoTR LCG

    Thanks again. I have been reading into Khazam and think it will be suitable. Most decks and guide focus on solo, but I play this game with my son. Are there any good decks for 2 playing KD? I was wondering if there is an elf focused expansion like that of Khazam. Is it accessible
  6. New t LoTR LCG

    This is quite encouraging and makes the thought of starting to deck build much less daunting. Thanks for this. your link is broken, so I have included a fresh one to the starting article of the series.
  7. New t LoTR LCG

    I am going to go with the recommendation to play Khazad-dum, then return to the Mirkwood cycle decks I have, then consider Dol Guldur after that time. I will also keep my eyes open for other Mirkwood cycle decks on eBay and BBG market. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. I just have a quick question. If i am using the tracker and placing progress on locations in the staging area. If i meet the requirement. do I still need to travel and then complete the next quest cycle to discard that loc, or does it discard from the staging area?
  9. New t LoTR LCG

    Hey guys. I am new to LoTR LCG. I play with my son and we can fun. We have been able to pass the Passage Throough Mirkwood and Along the Anduin. But EfDG is impossible. We are not super keen on deckbuilding and adjusting them a lot. I am considering just searching out 2 decks that claim to be able to solo it and double up them if card count allows it. I was wondering if it is even possible to pass EfGD with two of the Starter Single sphere decks. Also, I also have a few decks from the Mirkwood cycle (Return to M, Massing at O, and Journey to R) and the Kazad Dum expansion. Would it be recommended that I just skip EfGD and try these first?
  10. My group is getting less and less play time with Descent because of the campaign setup. We are more inclined to play a game (zombicide BP) that setups up fresh with each sitting (about 2 hours). We sometimes play Descent Coop quests (nature's ire, etc) when we are down to 4, but we are usually at 5. Ironically, the best player count for Descent. What I was hoping to consider was ways to modify descent quests to be more of this nature. I'd like to still have Act1 to 2 progression. Any one experiment with this idea yet? Ceaz.
  11. LoR Overlord Deck

    Well that makes perfect sense. It's the little actions that make the big difference. I sometimes am victim to skipping the small ops waiting for the big ones that never come.
  12. LoR Overlord Deck

    Not sure how it benefits to play trading pains on the Bard, or the bards target, as most of the time the Bard will only heal one heart . I get that it's a free mirror image kill. But surely this card is better played on a disciple. Care to elaborate? I'll study the shadowmancer.
  13. LoR Overlord Deck

    Thinking to webtrap them. Web trap effects the wolf and mirror images too right? U assume it doesn't effect the shadow.
  14. Hey guys I just started a LoR campaign vs the following. Tomble - Shadowwalker Reinhardt - Beast Master Ashrain - Bard Dezra - conjurer Considering which deck to build. What would you guys focus on? Which might be your goto mobs for open groups Thanks
  15. Co-op quests?

    Hey Bruce. Does this produce quests that can be actually played in the app? Like i can produce new map configurations?