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  1. I love this show especially the Cantina Corner. You guys have good taste in beer and great analysis on skirmish.
  2. Absolutely I'm in! I've participated in this for other games on Vassal, and it's always been a good time. You should definitely encourage the use of Skype for this though...it makes everything work much easier and faster. I would be in as well. Let's do this. Downloaded 4.0 and I love the dice setup. It's the closest thing I have seen to actually rolling them!
  3. I was thinking the same thing. One update a week and they are getting more detailed. This is the update we have all been waiting for, as it shows the big difference between some other games. I really like the idea of that you can choose what to do at the end of the quest. It will add a lot of replayability and customization.
  4. Sorenthion, Thank you for being active in the forums and supporting the launch of this game. I am super excited to see this game come out and hope it is a big seller! I am not sure if you can answer these questions or if I just need to wait, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. 1. Any chance we can find out what is on the last side of the white die? I am assuming a blank, but just curious. Right now I see 4/6 sides with at least one success and the critical success mechanic looks like a lot of fun. 2. When the action card says to exhaust an action to get more value out of it, what happens if you exhaust your action with the "Ready all of your actions" text? Example: if you exaust Battle Prayers to trigger the effect on Righteous Fury, how do you ready your actions? Do they auto ready once all exhausted? Thanks again!
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