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  1. I've been interested in coverting Pendragon stuff into L5R4 for years, but never got time. However, I kind of feel that trying to do it with L5R4 will be easier than with L5R5.
  2. We can say that once "Chanbara" WAS the main thing in "Asian popular culture" (and even a generalistic word like "Asian" it's problematic) ... while maybe today anime/manga have more influence on that kind of culture... I always knew that L5R is not pure medieval/postmedieval Japan and I'm OK with a L5R with strong chambara roots, even if magic shugenjas and monks exist....as far as they are not the main focus. I know this is "my way" and also that there is no "right way" to play Rokugan. And somehow I loved 4th edition for the the "Rokugan your way" method. But if this edition of Rokugan goes to another direction...maybe I'll wait before spending some money on it. That's it! I meant nothing else.
  3. OK. Sorry If offended you in any case, I did not meant to force my opinion on anybody. Off course I have no statistics on what I say but Google Images work according to the number of images which are more frequently to a certain word and the most associated images tend to appear in more visible positions ... ...my statistics are the number of ridicolously-large blades associated with the word "Zanbato". Count them. And then count the number of similar images with the word "nodachi"..... Google Images is nourished by popular culture and its trends, so I guess that Google Images can demonstrates what most people think about when speaking of "Zanbato."
  4. Did you do the same with "Nodachi"? Noticed any difference? I see the differences and the number of idiotic-manga-like people with unbelievably large swords definitively increase with the word "Zanbato." All editions of L5R used the word "Nodachi" and now they use the word "Zanbato"....they clearly decided to change! I feel that's something meaningful going on and, if it is not going in conscious terms, it is going unconsciouly which (at least for me) is even worse...
  5. Whatever the historical reality was (and maybe all of you have academic reasons to support your own opinion) for the popular culture and for most rpg players the word "zanbato" has more probabilities to evoke exaggerated manga/anime meaning rather than something one can see in a good old chambara movie. Try with google images.... That's the main reason why I start complaining: popular culture not serious academic discussion.
  6. Ok. But there are things which makes me uncomfortable, like the "magic for everyone" thread show....I'll wait and see. But for the moment I'm ok with 4th edition and feel no urge to change.
  7. Nitenman, the problem is: I got almost all the of 4th edition books and written so much homebrew stuff for my own fun for my own game table. Now FFG is "tempting" me with something new...but from the hints that I get I feel that there is nothing that convinces me to abandon 4th edition for this new game. I kind of got the feeling that we will see much more of the "Anime/Manga" or the "Wuxia" stuff at the expense of "Chanbara" ... I know it's just a feeling, but I try to reason in economic terms and in respect to my own tastes and what I like. And, compared to this, I've seen nothing which forces me to leave 4th edition and spend more money for new books and more time for a new system....which maybe has stuff which I dislike. I'll just wait and keep on enjoying 4th edition.
  8. I honestly declare myself ignorant of most anime...but every time I try to watch one I feel bored. Things too often are too exaggerated or unbalanced, at least for my tastes. My problem is that years ago I came to Rokugan after having watched so much Kurosawa, Kobayashi, Hideo Gosha and many other Jidaeki /chanbara movies. And in those, mostly black&white movies you can see balance, rhythm and interesting stories. And, more than anything else the characters in those movies really act like samurai in an old samurai drama in a real samurai culture which was somehow still felt in Japan during the 1950s...while the samurai drama of most recent manga-anine always has something too exaggerated to be true... I repeat : I'm maybe ignorant of most anime/manga but the roles interpreted by Toshiro Mifune or Tatsuya Nakadai for me remain the basic models of a samurai and how samurai behave. When I play L5R rpg I got inspiration from Throne of Blood, Yojimbo or Seven Samurai to tell my stories.... I know that L5R is much more than that (especially regarding magic)...but THAT is the original core of the inspiration. And I know also that simplicism brought other "Asian" elements to L5R borrowing Chinese, Mongol and Korean stuff. However, Samurai culture has always been the main thing, especially the samurai culture has reflected in old chambers movies (which are always the main part of the "resources and inspiration" page in l5r core rules. And a L5R which became farther from that "Kurosawa-like" core is of no interest to me. I had enough of Indian goddesses, destroyers, super-power manga monks or shugenja or anything which turn honest bushi and courtiers into anime magic powers or super-sopranatural martial artists .... I know that maybe I'm exaggerating....but that is the kind of feeling that reading the word "Zanbato" in Rokugan provokes to me. "Rokugan your way"....but maybe this is not my way.
  9. That's what I was speaking about! Mifune & Kurosawa were deeply felt in the early L5R books even if it was a "Samurai &Magic" game...but nowadays there are so many players that have not even heard once of the good old Jidaeki movie genre but are all about Anime &Manga stuff (which I really dislike...). That's why I got bad feelings reading about "Zanbato"....
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll try. But my problem is that if one tries with "google images" the word "Zanbato" recalls more anime-things than "nodachi". Cultural evocation (whether conscious or unconscious) are important and if this is a clue of what are the cultural preferences and cultural backgrounds of the new authors....thanks a lot. I'm not interested in this Rokugan. I know that I'm maybe exaggerating some pre-cobceptions but through the years I've seen the "kurosawa-inspired" part of L5R being diminished in favour of the high fantasy part...and I just fear that this new game will make things even more "anime-like". I just hope that I'm wrong and that I'm just exaggerating.
  11. Anticavalry as "nodachi" to a certain segrete also is... I know what you say and I know that the two things are roughly (to a certain degree) meant to imply the same thing. Nevertheless, careful chosing of words in narrative rpgs is important and, for certain, in popular culture the words "Zanbato" and "nodachi" evoke different things.
  12. I've seen that you put "Zanbato" and not "Nodachi" or "Odachi". Maybe I'm just exagerating and definitively I need to read this pdf better ... ... but if this change in "names" implies a strengtheining of the "High Fantasy-Manga-anime" style and a further diminition of the "Kurosawa/Chambara/Jidaeki" styles...thank you, I'm not interested in this game.
  13. I'm usually more concerned with warfare...but my things led me to this creation. Yoshida family (Doji Vassal) Mon: A moth in Crane colours. Information: During the late 9th century warfare and conflicts between Crane and Lion clans were dire in the area of the Kintani valley. The Crane champion, Doji Yoshihide, spent huge part of his own personal resources in facing such crises, both in court and in the battlefield. Even if he was a Doji, Kiyonaka was trained in the Kakita Bushi School and was used to lead armies on person, often endagering his own safety. The only relax he could find was during the nights, when he loved to stay alone and meditate. During one of those nights of meditation he happened to listen to a voice coming from a nearby area. One of his lower attendants was reciting poetry entertaining his comrades around a campfire. They were just a few, very quick and informal haiku verses but recited with style and creatity, conveying a sense of somber peace. The crane champion listened to this poetry while remaining hidden behind a bush in darkness and, when he came back to his own place, he found his own soul rested. The following morning a simple soldier, Asahina Yoshida was called to the crane champion and, when he entered the room, ink and paper were to be found on a table. Kiyonaka asked the lowly bushi if he could try to compose more poetry and write it in order to be remembered. Yoshida bowed and answered that he was ready to serve his lord at the best of his possibilities. In this way the Yoshida family was born: they are tasked to create poetry and excel also in the way of calligraphy. A poetry scroll written by a Yoshida is a treasure gift that most courtiers long for. There is no dearth of Yoshida bushi but most are courtiers and especially artesans, continuing the poetic tradition established by their founder. Oddly enough, even if they are a mostly peaceful family, their main stronghold is in a hotly contested territory. It is called "Yoshida Mura" and it is just a minor fortified village in the Kintani Valley. They were given a land where their ancestor firstly impressed the Crane champion and the Yoshida are proud to keep it safe from Lion incursions. As a mon they use the moth, symbolising beauty appearing during the night, as the poems of their ancestors were firstly performed in the night. Indeed reciting poetry, and especially Haiku, under the starlight is a tradition that the Yoshida kept since their founding. Common Schools: Doji Courtier, Kakita Artisan. They often enter the "Yoshida poet" path. The few who follow the way of the warrior usually access the Kakita bushi school and take the "Warrior Poet" path (from strongholds of the empire). Trait: +1 Awareness Skills (they can substitute any school skill with the following): Artisan (poetry), calligraphy NEW ALTERNATE PATH. Yoshida Poet [Artisan] Since their founding the Yoshida poets have sought perfection, with an aim of recreating balance in the minds of the audience with the perfect performance of poetry reciting. The Yoshida poets are concerned not just about the momentaneous performance but also about recreating the poetic experience through perfect calligraphy. Technique Rank: 3 Replaces: Doji Courtier 3, Kakita Artisan 3. Requirements: Artisan (poetry) 4, Calligraphy 2. Technique: The sweetness of the words - The Yoshida poet receives + 0k1 on any Artisan (Poetry skill). Furthermore, when he recites poetry with great inspiration (Poetry Roll on Tn 25) and spends 1 Void point, he can make the listeners recovering 1 Void point. A Yoshida poet can also write a poem on a scroll using the best of its writing ability (Calligraphy roll with tn 25) and spending 1 Void point during its creation. When somebody meditates and read the poem for the first time he can recover one additional Void point. Further reading of the poem will not give this additional benefit.
  14. oh...I really do not Know...I never cared about Rokugan in Space! I really did not even Read that chapter in IH2 because it's just against everything which makes L5R fascinating to me. But you can come up with whatever you want!
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