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  1. Actually, the Chimera expansion seems to give Thrawn a couple of cool new tricks. But more to your point, by forcing users to choose between removing tokens piecemeal or sacrificing dials to remove multiple Raid Token effects it is degrading your command ability and weakening the value of token generation mechanics like the ones you described. Araedhel makes a convincing argument that instead of battling spammed dial systems, this appears more to be a way to battle the token generation effects of Comms Net and similar abilities by forcing them to be used on removing the Raid tokens. And this makes a high degree of sense because other upgrades in this wave really make tokens powerful such as the expansion of Fleet Commands and upgrades that radically increase the potency of Engineering and Squadron tokens in particular.
  2. A few thoughts on the current value of Imperial ships

    It's not garbage, it's just underwhelming by comparison to other options. It doesn't have the same overt lethality-per-point as the Demolisher variant and doesn't bring many useful upgrades to the table for supporting your greater fleet design. I have to pay a 7 point Intel Officer Tax just to seriously threaten most ships because otherwise it has no realistic ability to ensure accuracy results. Also, Gladiators pay a points premium for squadron values they don't really have any good reason to use. Compare to the MC30 which has native speed 4, a defensive retrofit, thick shields on all sides and the ability to guarantee accuracy results from all facings for only a slight cost increase, so it can frequently pack light upgrades and still be cost effective. Point-for-point, the Gladiator platform could be better. It's the Demolisher title that is critical to making it so cost effective.
  3. Raid as a burst mechanic seems underpowered, Raid as an ongoing threat seems like a very powerful tool to ultimately weaken the performance of a fleet in subtle ways. Basically what that translates to is Jyn Erso being a momentary distraction while Gauntlet Fighters can be a more persistent frustration with their Rogue ability.
  4. Bail + Raddus

    This is a very elegant and understandable ruling. I love it.
  5. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Yes, but you didn't get to say it was a World Championship, did you? though on the other hand, you did get to say you won...
  6. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    I considered it. I just decided that I wanted to be a madman. I wanted to do something nobody would ever suspect me of doing. I wanted to be remembered for one, seemingly heretical idea above all others: What if I ran a bid over 30 points, and did well?
  7. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Cactus without Devastator.
  8. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Is it too late to get this fixed? I understand if it is.
  9. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    I am looking at the list you posted, and it's missing he Engine Techs upgrade on the Gladiator. The total should be 366.
  10. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Oh crap very sorry. I do everything on a mobile phone app, doesn't really have an option to export.
  11. Hi Matt. I think there are two possible situations that you are trying to describe. The first is that you are activating ships back and forth until you are out of command dials each round. Each round, each ship flips only their top command dial to reveal which command it is using. For ships with multiple commands, this means that you need to carefully plan you commands a few rounds in advance. Learning how and when to time your commands can be tricky, but you'll soon start to see patterns for how to best command your ships after a few games. If you really can't get the hang of it or find yourself constantly picking bad commands, there are upgrades to help you change your command choice on the fly. Here's a tip: Navigate commands are always valuable for ship to ship engagements, and Carriers rarely go wrong by choosing the squadron command. The second option is that you are setting your dials and revealing them corercly, but then not reseting the dials each round. At the start of each round, you take the revealed command dial, set the dial to the command you want, and place that command on the bottom of the stack. For ships with multiple dials his will keep your dials cycling upwards to appear in a future round. If something causes you to reveal or discard multiple dials from one ship in a round (perhaps a Skilled First Officer or a Veteran Captain), on the subsequent start turn you will place those dials on the bottom of the stack in any order you choose. Note that if you somehow revealed or discarded all your dials on a multi-dial ship, you'll get to reset all of them in the order you choose! This is a very important part of the game, so in either case I think you might be well served by playing a few rounds of the Learn To Play scenario or watching a demo game from GenCon or a similar event. You can find plenty of those on youtube or your favorite streaming video site.
  12. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Do we have any marginally talented audio/video editors here? I don't need a professional, 'cuz I'm not paying. just someone willing to throw some voiceover on top of an Imperial Star Destroyer image? Who can edit it to sound halfway decent?
  13. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    I'm sorry, you spelled "whiskey" with a "c".
  14. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Execute Order 366.
  15. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Dammit. Than means I have to wake up early. On my day off.