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  1. Slicer Tools were really good when you could use them in pairs to trap enemy fleets most of the game. But they're not nearly as good for your fleet as Comms Net for the price.
  2. thecactusman17

    Glimpse of an Upgraded Nebulon B? Probably a Nebulon K!

    I read all that alien's lines as if they are spoken by Roberto.
  3. Here we go. Was wondering when this and Point Defense Reroute and Quad Laster Turrets would show up.
  4. Engineering Teams does some really wonky things to engineering values for certain ships, especially the MC80H and the Interdictor.
  5. What are Gunnery Tools? Is this one of your weird fer'ner cards?
  6. This card is excellent when combined with Slicer Teams, the only thing that's holding it back now is the limit on flotillas making Slicer Teams useless.
  7. thecactusman17

    Bash the newbie.

    Overwhelmingly, the biggest mistake new players make is during deployment, over- or underestimating when they'll make contact with the enemy. Despite the 3x6 playmat, most Armada games can be played entirely in a 3x3 space. Learning how to deploy so you can engage as a combined force is the hardest lesson to teach to an observer, so new players make mistakes repeatedly over and over for their first several games. Tips: 1: chart a course across the table as soon as you start planning obstacles and objectives. 2: Know what turn you want to engage to inflict maximum damage and then escape. Brawlers want to engage at the last second, long range plinkers want to engage early and stay just out of optimal range for as long as possible. 3: Pick objectives and place obstacles so you can know exactly where/how to deploy. A good friend once showed me how he could park an MC80H in a corner on turn 2 and be effectively unapproachable without getting shot to pieces. When objectives force the enemy to engage in the place you choose, you can know in advance exactly where to deploy to win the game.
  8. thecactusman17

    Any bets.

    I think that a second core set with a few changes to implement the "live game" model from X-Wing 2.0 would be highly advantageous. I think that any such change should come with new ships and a much lower price point, or several more models in the set on par with the large releases of Legion and Imperial Assault.
  9. thecactusman17

    What does armada need?

    The Imperial snow transport from The Force Awakens was also dropped from the film, but still served as an acceptable toy. I'm fine with it as long as it does something cool and unique.
  10. thecactusman17

    What does armada need?

    I'd like to see a carefully thought out re-envisioning of the squadron activation sequence, personally. I think it would do a lot of good. Barring that I'd like to see upgrades to ships that make anti-squadron armaments more effective, such as by counting critical hit symbols as damage.
  11. thecactusman17

    Valuable Payload Battle Reports

    Excellent game, @comatose. I decided to play it safe at the end with two enemy ships closing in on exposed hull, and it ended up costing me the entire match.
  12. thecactusman17

    Armada at KublaCon

    Reminder to everyone! There will be a 3 round Armada tournament at Kublacon in the San Francisco Bay Area this coming Saturday! Come test your might against @themightyhedgehog and @thecactusman17 and more! Prize support generously donated through Outflank Games!
  13. I've got a number of "something big" private Armada projects in my area, glad to see you doing something too!