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  1. It also has a defensive retrofit slot and redundant defense tokens. It's physically more durable than the GSD.
  2. Depending on the source, the Gladiator changes length by up to 100m. Admittedly, I thought it was physically smaller in line with the Arquitens at 300-400 meters.
  3. Not convinced. The actual ship values for hull and shields don't seem to match for the size and scale of other medium ships. One that should be a medium ship, though, is the Arquitens cruiser. It's decently sized, fairly well armored, and would make Konstantine a very appealing option when paired with other medium combat ships.
  4. This is the main issue. It looks and sounds great thematically, and I suppose it would have the minor benefit of making the ramzilla corvette strategy less effective, but by and large it would have no impact on the actual game mechanics. In fact, Hammerhead Corvettes explicitly can ram and are in some ways designed to do so as evidenced in Rogue One. So the Flotilla rules would actually make them less thematic mechanically. Finally, from a production standpoint, flotilla models are smaller and less detailed. Some of the more iconic ships would be flotilla scaled if CR90s are flotilla scaled. This means producing twice as many models, but smaller and with less detail. That would have profound impacts on release schedule and average model quality.
  5. The problem is that you can double or triple-tap him with a less costly or critical squadron, after forcing him to attack an unimportant target. For example, locking him down with Wedge and punching 2 6-die attacks back with Yavaris, which can easily result in Wedge surviving even through the Counter and killing Vader with 5 damage in one activation.
  6. The issue with Relay is the combination with multiple options that seem to have been developed in a vacuum to boost squadrons. If you told me in particular that flotillas and relay squadrons had never been tested together I'd be entirely too willing to believe you. Independence and Redemption have both found interesting niche uses over the last few waves due to cards that buff or make use of their particular traits. The aforementioned Relay for example makes Independence a great tool for quickly pushing squadrons out beyond ship support ranges. Redemption has some interesting combinations with certain tanky MC80 builds.
  7. TIE Phantom is mechanically meaningless in most engagements, it's a less powerful version of a TIE Interceptor that inexplicably costs more. The ability is useless as it doesn't trigger until after the opponent has had a chance to bring all their firepower to bear on the target. If Phantoms had Rogue their ability would make sense; but as it is they have to be activated into range to attack and then weather the remainder of the ship and squadron phase before they can try ducking back out of the fight. The Interdictor should be a great ship, but it's absurd cost makes it difficult to coordinate with anything. Too expensive to back up a dedicated combat ship, not enough squadron to be a carrier, overly dependent on specific objective choices to be effective, and a cost premium for defensive retrofits to do anything other than repair constantly. In the campaign it has a critical bonus ability plus a points advantage to bring it into line with other ships, but in normal tournament or casual gameplay it is an over-costed mess.
  8. *Temporarily* removed. To quote Pulp Fiction, lets not start suckinging easy others ***** just yet.
  9. Even the most negative reviews seem to acknowledge that the game is at worst "merely" good one you get rid of the microtransaction bullcrap. I like the Raider, and I love that the Corvus has given a canon interpretation to appreciate. I even appreciate the refit version (spoilers?) with the extra armor.
  10. I take myself Cap'n Crunch cereal. We're at war motherforcer.
  11. I personally pair Dev with Demolisher. "Congratulations, you killed/mitigated Devastator. Good luck with the rest of the list."
  12. This is the major breakthrough i had when I was initially testing my lists. Motti is crucial to surviving without tokens or shields.The only commander that may be equivalent in survivability now is Thrawn.
  13. Avenger can be a challenge. The trick is to either out- maneuver them so Avenger never had a proper target, or to control the engagement so that you can drop unnecessary tokens before Avenger gets to abuse its ability.
  14. I'm getting dinner, back in 30-45. I'm not eligible, but I'll ill get a game if nobody else shows up. Also @BiggsIRL, @Rikashtook the bounty by my own admission. If you fell the bounty wasn't satisfied, let me know by PM.
  15. So things about Devastator, condensed: 1: Positioning is absolutely critical, not just for that crucial front arc but also to ensure you can weather the attacks as your defense tokens disappear. 2: The best defense is removing their offense from the board. 3: Don’t gamble on your dice coming up right when you can gamble on their dice coming up way better than normal. 4: If they don't want to shoot at 130-200 points, that's their loss and your gain.