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  1. 5 ships with no squads for almost 400 points. That's cute. We have to get a rematch in some time though, that was fun!
  2. My current list is 3 Deci, Morna, Jendon, Valen, and a TIE Fighter. So actually it's pretty robust. But Tokra demonstrated a severe weakness in the form of massed Scatter aces. Against a rebel bomber lady in the other hand, I'd have had a pretty decent fighting chance.
  3. I'm going to hold off on congratulating anything about Legion's activation mechanics until I see them in a real game (IE not a demo game, which did feel very intuitive when I played it at NOVA).
  4. Exactly. Demo wasn't them making a ruling on an interaction, they actually retroactively changed the card text itself to specifically prevent that interaction from taking place. There's no reason to believe that other abilities that might function on the same principle wouldn't work.
  5. If I remade my list, I'd swap out a regular Decimator for Bossk. He has almost all the abilities, drops heavy, and has that nasty little add an accuracy" perk to combat Scatter aces. Would have helped Tremendously vs @Tokra's scatter ace swarm. So instead of Morna + 3 Decimators, it would be Morna, 2 Decimators, and Bossk. Which also saves a point off the total. This would have let me upgrade my TIE Fighter to Black Squadron to protect Col. Jendon.
  6. 3 things: 1: There must be an odd number of fleets above 1 for both sides. 3v3, 5v5, whatever. Without this, it is not physically possible to regain a lead in VPs or in critical resources without the opposing team effectively conceding. 2: Whenever possible, teams should be sorted based on skill more than on fleet collection. Two friends can swap fleets for a few days and have fun, but 3 casual players vs 3 competitive players is going to be a frustrating mess for the first team. 3: Encourage players on both sides to hyperspace out, especially for large ships. One of the most common ways players are forced to retire a fleet is because they weren't willing to jump a large ship out when they could and it was inevitably destroyed. Jumping out of a bad situation is how you keep a bad game from becoming an un-fun campaign. 4*: No assaults on bases or presences during turn 1. A loss of a base or presence on the first turn can effectively lose the campaign immediately. No fun for anyone in this situation. 5*: Consider a hard cap on saved points. It's possible to save points between rounds, which allows players to save points to buy a new ship or repair squadrons after losing a space station on the map. A player who is already outclassing their opponents will become unstoppable once they are unable to permanently lose ships and squadrons.
  7. The game needs to abstract squadrons better so that squadrons do not have to function as miniature ships with fewer movement restrictions. Squadrons have as many steps to activate as ships (excepting command dials), which means they can either be a few seconds on a low-impact turn (running towards the station to heal up on turn 6 or moving directly towards the enemy ship when they have no enemy squadrons to worry about) or take exceptional amounts of time on a game-critical turn (8 squadrons facing off against each other moving and shooting into a fight to the death with overlapping offensive and defensive abilities on both sides). Squadrons are the number one means by which the game slows down and by which games don't complete on time. I have never had a game without squadrons go to time, but I've had plenty of games where only one player had squadrons and the game went to time without any perceptible slow play.
  8. My thoughts on Rogues thus far: The main thing that lead to Rogues disappearing isn't Rogues, it's Relay. With 1-2 Relay squads giving every flotilla in the game the ability to activate 2-4 squadrons from across the map the need for Rogues that could operate independently from supporting ships has been completely disappeared. The value of Rogues right now is as squadrons that can harass ships after the ship phase once enemy squadrons have been neutralized. As anti-squadron support, they are at a disadvantage in the current go-anywhere-without-penalty meta. This is why Decimators have a place in the current meta as a giant floating brick that has a decent chance to do 2-3 damage vs enemy ships. Where the current Rogues fall apart is their limited response to enemy squadrons. There are currently only 3 really good anti-squadron squads with Rogue: Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Dash Rendar. All three have unique abilities that are specifically useful in a fight in progress and all three are resilient enough to survive until the squadron phase while staying engaged during the ship phase. Also, critically, all three roll blue dice with some means of correcting for bad rolls (Han as last-first, Boba with the free damage on activation, Dash Rendar with super-reroll). This means that all three are likely to punch through scatter tokens and all three have enough damage output to deal with high-hull generics like Defenders and YT-2400s. The problem with the other options is that they either don't roll enough dice to be effective, roll the wrong kind of dice, or their abilities restrict them to only specific types of targets. For example, Decimators are only good against two types of targets: enemy light ships like Flotillas and Hammerheads, and generic light squadrons that they can rapidly kill without the target running away through Heavy. Firesprays have only 3 blue dice without rerolls, so any squadron fights are going to be a long slog. Aggressors are too slow to effectively intercept enemy squadrons, and YV-666's are too slow to engage ships or squadrons. On the Rebel side, Lancer Patrol craft are too fragile. YT-2400s on the other hand are fairly effective, but have no abilities to tilt the odds back in their favor if they run into enemy black die squadrons or suddenly find themselves in trouble. With Relay allowing normally activated squadrons to strike from across the map, it has made most other squadrons more effective by letting them benefit from the proliferation of squadron upgrades on ships like Yavaris, Flight Controllers, All Fighters Follow Me etc.
  9. Apparently, it's changed to an 8-0 140 MOV unless the score at time of concession would be higher.
  10. Cactus concedes to @Tokra for an 8-0 148 MOV win to Tokra. We played his Superior Positions. For a game in which only a single squadron died and no tokens had been farmed, you could be forgiven for thinking this was an unreasonable decision and I can only hope that those of you who have played me before will understand that I don't do something like this without great consideration. But when the board state is so bad that you try to kill your own ship with Jerry and a nearby debris field to not immediately lose the game on points, you know you've lost. Especially when that suicide fails. I set up planning for a more aggressive game against Tokra's squadrons, but his constant Jamming Field presence meant that even with all my black dice I couldn't even kill his generic TIE fighters in one turn, much less his aces. When he blocked everything up on his side on turn 2, and I wasn't in a position to assault immediately, the game was essentially over. I couldn't effectively attack, and he could hit me with near impunity. I was about to trade either all of my squadrons, or give him nearly infinite tokens. In either case, the game was over. Because of how unusual this situation is, I'm making the log available for review.
  11. I can only comment on the event I went to, but I went to a major convention where I played almost 20 hours of armada (including too-short meal breaks) starting at what was, to me, 6am in the morning. 4 rounds would have let the event start later and end earlier, and provided additional time for players to get a few minutes of rest in. I also don't think it would have ultimately changed scores too much, and I say that as someone who got a 9-1 loss in round 4. One thing I do like about 5 rounds was that it made the average score necessary to advanced go down. So a player with 5 wins at any score was much more likely to advance than a player with 3 big wins and two big losses.
  12. We are hearing from Twitter that a double MC80 list won UK Nat's, can anyone confirm or give a list description?
  13. I'm torn. I really enjoyed NOVA, but there's no guarantee it will be the US Nationals location next year. GenCon was fun, but much too expensive. I have to request my long vacations all at the start of the year, I can't just disappear for a week on two months notice. To be frank, FFG needs to be announcing these dates and locations shortly after the last event. If they're going back to NOVA, there's no excuse to not be told by Christmas. If they have to raffle off World's tickets, raffle them off in January. Purple are traveling, sometimes internationally, to these events and FFG needs to communicate with that in mind.
  14. The cut being on Friday or Saturday isn't the issue. The Swiss rounds being in a weekday drastically reduces the number of people who can attend. At GenCon 2016, there were almost 50 players in day two alone. Swiss rounds need to be either on a weekend, or a Friday if it's going to be a single day of Swiss. If they're concerned about cutting into X-Wing attendance, they should have armada swiss during the X-wing cut to maximize attendance for both games. And being capped at 28 players indicates that the venue is inappropriate. They should be able to run at least 20 tables for a national tournament in a country that's dominating the tournament scene.
  15. Both Imperial squadron packs. You should also consider the Correlian Conflict set for its additions to Squadron pack 1. Imperial players really get the short end of the stick out of the core set, but they get excellent ace pilots for fighting off Rebel bombers.