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  1. Quit your job and "drop your family off down by the river" Then you have plenty of time for x-wing!
  2. Are those production models or just a master anyway? Masters are usually a little larger than production minis.
  3. Actually I could probably just TL first opportunity and just leave it there, i'll have to try both
  4. Carnor Jax PTL Autothrusters Ryad x7 Juke Vessery OR Marek Steele x7 Juke Ok, Carnor busts ass to r1 where they can't spend tokens so your Juking Defenders can do their work. Should I use Vess or Steele? Vess can have better shots but Ryad pretty much only has to TL which is the problem, Steele I get 1 higher ps and Ryad can do barrel Roll or Focus as needed.
  5. Title that gives you an ordnance token on every bomb missle and torp you take pls
  6. Nominating /FO pack as well. Not just omega leader but running zeta with just whats in the pack is great as well.
  7. strawb3rrypanic

    Scyk Fix

    Then why not just errata the title's cost. Spending 2 points to save 2 points doesn't make any sense. Because then the title would get used without any upgrades to just make them cheaper
  8. strawb3rrypanic

    Scyk Fix

    I just wish the title were erratad to provide -2 point cost to the selected upgrade type.
  9. Different choice, the only thing I don't prefer is that it doesn't give you a focus and re-roll modifier...
  10. A VCX list that's not Lothal rebel Chopper pilot Hera crew Ezra crew FCS Ghost Ion Turret Biggs R2D2 Integrated Astro Sabine Wren pilot Lone Wolf Phantom 100pts Biggs flies next to Chopper on the approach eating hits until everything starts getting bunched up, then Chopper does whatever move will do one of two things: 1 get him in everyone elses way 2 get him out of arcs usually by trying to 5k as much as possible when trying to do the latter or hard turn for the former. Zeb would be nice why isn't the VCX 3 crew but meh it's still good because if they are bumping you they aren't shooting you then you use your free ion shot to control the movement of whoever didn't bump you to either bump them next turn or get out of their shots. Throughout all this you should have decent enough action independent attack mods through FCS and Ezra. Is it the best? probably not but could be fun to play. Sabine btw is pretty much there for the title and will only come out before the VCX dies so Lone Wolf shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Add chopper to ezra, no reason not to, really.
  12. Cool idea, how about this variation? https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v4!s!88:49,36,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;48:150,135,164:-1:-1:;82:27,-1,148:-1:20:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron Keyan Farlander Opportunist Fire Control System Jan Ors Wired Tlt Hera Wes Janson VI BB-8 Integrated Astro Wes with VI firing before almost everyone strips the token of your main target ensuring Opportunist can be active. Jan Ors to Fire a respectable 5 dice or a monstrous 6 at r1, modified.
  13. didn't say it ever was, just... different. Also thanks for the replies everyone. Did double check the rules and a game round ends after the end phase is over so whoever wondered I can't see why you wouldn't get your Rage re-roll on both attacks. Also you do get a green die modifier in a Focus if you want it, you get your red die modfiers from Rage. As for buddies was considering either good ol' Biggs to take the heat for him or possibly Kanaan VCX to reduce incoming fire.
  14. Maybe this has been thought of before but how does this Corran build look? Rage Adv Sensor R2D2 Shield Upgrade (Optional) Expensive but isn't every Corran? When you want to doubletap, Adv sensors, Rage do a green clear 1 stress that turn then next turn you aren't shooting do another green and evade. A bonus is that you can attack a different ship on your double tap if you want to with a re-roll still. PTL is probably better maybe but hey something different?
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