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  1. Hi Tank - Sorry for the delay in my reply. Haven't been on the forums in awhile. The Beginner Games really are very similar. It just depends on what type of character your players want to play or what campaign you want to run. If your characters want to play Han Solo, Boba Fett or Chewie types, then get Edge of the Empire. If they want to play Princess Leia, Wedge Antilles, or Luke during New Hope/Empire, then Age of Rebellion is the way to go (it's more focused on the Rebel Alliance's battles against the Empire). Of course, if they want to play Jedi in exile, or Force Sensitives who want to deepen their knowledge of the Force and wield lightsabers, then pick up Force and Destiny. All three are equally good...it just boils down to what type of beginner campaign you and your players want to play.
  2. Hi Fan! I have all 3 Beginner Game boxes and the tokens, maps, character sheets and adventures are different in each. And 3 sets of dice can come in handy. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it.
  3. I want to run a campaign using all 3 rulebooks, but set about 5 years BEFORE the destruction of the first Death Star, around the time of the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Such a campaign would allow certain opportunities that a game set in the post-Death Star universe would not. i would like my players to have the opportunity to visit Alderaan, play Imperial Senators before the Empire dissolved the council, and I would like them to even perhaps have some impact on ferreting out the existence of the Death Star. Is such a campaign possible? In what ways would it impact the rules as currently established, if at all? As far as I can see, the only impact it might have is that the Rebel Alliance is less organized and even smaller, although perhaps my campaign could be set on Dantooine at the base the rebels had abandoned before Princess Leia gave it up. I'm curious to hear the community's thoughts and opinions on the viability of such a campaign.
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