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  1. I took over a collection, including 2 unassembled 74-Z speeder bikes, but I'm missing the transparant pegs. The deluxe base pack FFG sells, does not seem to include pegs, so does anyone know what 3rd market pegs would fit?
  2. I have been out of the loop for some time, because I only play HotaC and some casual Epic, but the Arrival of the Gunboat is amazing news. When it didnt exist, I wanted to get 6 of them for some Epic scenario's, but will it be any good? Or will 3 be more than enough?
  3. have you tried HotaC or an imperial variant (guessing you are mostly an imperial player)? customized ships would be worth less in my eyes, unless it's well done. It looks like the latter, so I think you would not need to ask less than you'd ask for an unpainted ship. If I was on the lookout for good painted ships (I'm a terrible painter myself) and didn't live on the other side of the ocean, I'd be interested in the Tie fighters/interceptors, could always use more for HotaC. But the others aren't exactly my style (although they are well done). It's a bit like the customized cards in Magic: the Gathering: well done artwork on cards would make them just as valuable (unless they're from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited or other ancient set), but with a lousy paintjob people would rate it 'poor'/'played'. Regarding selling or not: How much do you think it's worth and do you consider it to be a waste of money to let it sit around for a while, until you find a new group? in other words: how much money would you 'lose' if x-wing falls out of grace and noone is buying it anymore And if that's the case: what would happen if it starts to become popular again in 20-ish years as a Vintage game? (people pay hefty prices now for old board games from the 80's) Based on your signature, it doesn't seem that big of a collection, so I'd just store it for a while. Personally I've got a nice (still growing collection) and I don't intend on selling it ever. Why? 1. I bought all ships from money I earned through selling other stuff (mainly Magic-cards, books etc) or I received them as birthday/xmas gifts, so this hobby doesn't really cost me much 2. It would be super cool to play this game when my 5yr old and 2month old boys are in their teens 3. I'd probably create & play huge Solo-campaigns when they're on their own and I got the time & space to leave a game-in progress as it is on the table (in the attic/basement) and continue at leisure
  4. I'm 36, with a decent collection, not playing tournaments, but interested in nice combo's
  5. I already mentioned in another topic, but Magic: The Gathering exists for over 2 decades now, with literally tens of thousands of cards, powercreep etc and still is going strong. I don't see why X-Wing has outgrown itself. You don't need to buy everything, on ebay you can find all upgrades/models/pilots/dials you need and save some money if you need a specific card for your squad to remain competiitve, but in my opinion there are tons of Tier 1 lists you can play that are fun to try out.
  6. I didn't take the time to dig through this whole topic, but in response to the OP, I don't think it's necessarily bad for X-wing that a fix has been done outside of an expansion-pack. Magic: The Gathering has a long history of banned, restricted and errata-ed cards yet is still going strong. These things are bound to happen if a game grows so big it's getting too costly to calculate all possible combo's. Nerfs like this are to be expected and I expect more to come in future. The main downside is that people have to memorize the FAQ/errata's in order to keep playing older prints. I don't know whether the errata-ed cards are going to be reprinted with the correct wording, but in MtG it was a nuisance that you'd have to check errata's, restriction and banned lists before playing a card on tournaments (and those of the current Meta). MtG did reprint errata-ed cards with correct wording though, but most people still played the old ones. As long as FFG reprints the errata-ed cards in future expansions (and reprints of existing expansions) and people check the current rules regarding the ships they intend to fly and upgrades they intend to use, it shouldn't be a problem (there are much less cards to keep track of compared to MtG anyway)
  7. I liked WW2 miniature games, but most were too complex and apparently I was the only one in my circle interested in that stuff. In the past I played the X-wing/Tie-fighter sim games ALOT and from the moment I saw X-wing miniatures (nice prepainted models) I wanted it, sold my Magic:The Gathering collection and WW2 miniatures game and used part of it to buy X-wing (and rest into my other hobby: music). X-wing is a little more inviting for others to join in, but unfortunately somehow my circle of friends either consist of the following two camps: - Those who love star wars, but don't like board games - Those who like board games, but have no interest in Star Wars (and often hate Warhammer) and haven't been able to convince them yet to try X-wing with me. Haven't met other X-wing players in my vicinity yet and game-nights in shops are either far away or don't fit into my calendar. Fortunately, this game still is fun when playing alone (one of the main reasons I chose X-wing over Armada (2nd is cost, 3rd is painted models)), my 5 year old likes the models (and I played the game with him a couple times with simple rules), so hopefully he'll grow up to be a challenging opponent. My wife likes to play it too sometimes. In 20 years from now, I probably see myself playing X-wing gigantic epic 3000 point games in my attic (one round an evening)
  8. looks cool, but I'm missing torpedo's on the X-wings and Y-wings. Ofc in the movie they only fired those on the exhaust port (and in the X-wing games, Ties were often to evasive to get a proper lock on anyway) And imperials should also have static turrets And judging from the movie the battle was an overwhelming victory for the imperials, except for Luke firing off his torpedo shot, so did Luke survive? looking forward to the battle of endor
  9. You need ARC 170s. but this is true of everyone in every situation and I need Imperial Veterans to make some viable defender lists, and I still need a Raider (or at least palp + Tie advanced title, but I eventually want that epic ship as well)
  10. I prefer to know everything before hand. I still don't have all I want from previous waves and only have a certain amount of money to spend each year, so when I start buying stuff I'd like to know as much as possible about future releases and whether those contain ships I need more than the ships I don't have yet (or not enough), so I can spend my money on the ships I need most first or wait for that particular future expansion to hit the shelves.
  11. start playing X-Wing, Tie Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance
  12. I plan on buying 6 Gunboats if they ever hit the shelves, because they are awesome I want to create my own missions (or re-create Tie Fighter missions)
  13. for me I can't see why I'd want to own more than 1 of most large-based ships. I don't play tournaments and for me most large-based ships are iconic ships belonging to a certain character (or group of characters). I don't think I'll buy more than 1 Tie Inquisitor (as being a prototype ship) And S&V has pretty low priority on my list, so don't expect to buy many of them, just one of everything in order to try something different I'm gearing up for epic play and because mixing new TFA stuff with the old seems a bit weird, I prioritise on the Galactic Civil War era and want to be able to field 3-ship squadrons of each type. I love the look of the red Tie Defender (and always want more Royal Guard Interceptors), but seeing Imperial Veterans come with 4 titles, I probably buy just one of those and see if I can buy individual red Tie Defender models elsewhere. I can only afford to spend around € 100,- a year on X-wing and my want-list keeps growing every year
  14. I too thought HF acted great in this episode. Still believable as a cool Hero, but starting to show his age, especially in the scene where no one but two gangs board his ship. The young Han would not have let that happen. I also have two boys(a 5yr old and a 10month old) and for me the scene of Han's death rings differently. I don't get the message of "kids know best" or "you can't save your kids from evil" but a message of "a father will do whatever it takes to save his child" and "a father's love is forever no matter what." I also think that Kylo Ren was horrified at what he had just done until Chewie shoots him and snaps him back to reality. I think that that scene will flashback and provide some of the impetus for Kylo's turn back to the light. I do agree that I don't want him to turn back and would prefer he die a horrible death for killing everyone's favorite scoundrel, but I'm pretty sure the story will have him be redeemed. You don't play up his conflict and then make him die still a villain. I think, like Vader, he'll die right after being redeemed. Of all possible messages, I think the scene breathed message 'a father's love, no matter what' more strongly than anything. His actions made me like Kylo Ren even less, but I think he will be redeemed. If not for the sake of his mother (Leia), it would be for the audience, because deep down inside we all need that straw of hope that we can be redeemed even if we've made a mess of everything.
  15. I actual don't think they gonna bump off chewie. I'm betting this is the new adventures of Rey and chewie in the millenium falcon. My guess is TFA (and 8th aswell) is the transitional piece and from 9 on it's Star Wars the next generation with Rey, Finn, BB8 and Chewbacca. you're guessing for a 4th trilogy?
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