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  1. 2 Gunboats, 1 Kimogal, 1 Phantom 2. Maybe another gunboat if they can be crammed into a list.
  2. I used a VI, Genius, Proton Bomb, EU, Dorsal turret, EM to move up, drop the bomb, EU out of the effect, and then Dorsal current what ever's left. Not competitive at 39 or so points but it was fun!
  3. Savage Coyote

    TIE/sf Options

    "Quickdraw" (29) Expertise (4) Fire-Control System (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Colonel Vessery (35) Veteran Instincts (1) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/x7 (-2) "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) Total: 98 View in Yet Another Squad Builder I've run this five or six times and done well, though I have not fought a stress list that would try to shut down Quickdraw nor have I run it in a tournament. Between QD's FC and Omega Leader trying to lock up someone, Vessery has a TL to work with and can help bring the hammer. I'll freely admit it probably wouldn't stand up to many of the meta lists out there, but I've had fun with it!
  4. SpecOps (98) "Quickdraw" — TIE/sf Fighter 29 Expertise 4 Fire-Control System 2 Lightweight Frame 2 Special Ops Training 0 Ship Total: 37 Colonel Vessery — TIE Defender 35 Veteran Instincts 1 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/x7 -2 Ship Total: 35 "Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter 21 Juke 2 Comm Relay 3 Ship Total: 26 I've run this for about five games now and won out. All but one game had me with all my ships on the board (though mangled pretty good.) Like others have said, you don't want to face any of the ships in the end game. I've flown pretty sloppy with Omega as I haven't played in a few months due to real life and between Quickdraw and Vessery, it hasn't mattered too much. I'm not really going against top tier meta lists so that helps, but it has felt pretty strong while going through the mechanics of the game!
  5. I've had success with Deathrain, Advanced Sensors, Extra Munitions, Conner Nets, Proton bombs, and TIE Mk II engines. It's expensive, but at the time I had it paired with Fel and Omega Leader. The local meta at the time didn't know much about bombs and focused on the aces allowing Deathrain to usually get all four bombs off and greatly swing the games in my favor.
  6. I actually like the Aggressor to be honest. Probably pick up two. The others are only one at the moment till I get a chance to explore them further or an upgrade card becomes relevant for other units.
  7. Looks good! Now just need a fourth! Oddly enough I have an ARC on my bench I've been messing with last week in between other projects
  8. I did this when I first started playing more to get a feel for the game and make reactions and choices more streamlined. It did help, though I haven't flown a TIE Advanced since then
  9. Gah, winnings that important? I mean, I've seen it a *little* in the group I play but nothing like whats being described. I don't see how it helps for tournament prep as you can't switch your list when you see your opponents and honestly, I'd feel it took out a lot of what might go into winning. I mean I guess if you like to count the notches on your gun and don't care where they came from, more power to you. I guess?
  10. I'm going to get two Quad's and one TIE and wait on the shuttle for further funding. Why two Quads? Paint plans... thats about it! No gameplay reason!
  11. I have a Defender and Interceptor done that just need to be photographed! I've gotten sucked into the new CAV:SO and BattleTech paint wise so I haven't messed with my StarWars stuff in awhile. And yes, I'm the same Savage Coyote on CamoSpecs!
  12. Zuckuss — G-1A Starfighter28 Veteran Instincts1 Gunner5 Fire-Control System2 Tractor Beam1 Mist Hunter0 Ship Total: 37 I've had limited success with this build. Tends to force guys to let some damage through to avoid gunner, but can punish when my dice go south and the hit or two (out of five) is dodged. I'd like to try some of the Dengar builds and see how they work out though!
  13. Running Deathrain (proton bombs, conner net, EM and TIE Mk II) with Soontir and Omega Leader has had some decent results in casual play. Only lost Deathrain once in three games after it killed half the other guys list, then I proceeded to botch up Fel (never got hit, but could never finish off his two ships either) The other games, he Conner Netted and Proton Bombed his way to the general annoyance of the opponents. "I really hate that Deathrain guy" was the quote of the night I think.
  14. Yes sir! I was at an airshow in Fort Worth TX and there was two A-10's with matching warthog teeth and eyes so I snapped a few pictures! Happy it turned out as it did and is recognizable!
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