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  1. Thanks for posting! I played in that tournament too; it was great to get a chance to play as Imperial Assault has been pretty quiet around here of late. We did have a casual tournament here not too long ago. I brought a Vader list to that one and got hosed by the Wookiee list above, playing on Mos Eisley Stashed Away, so I was keen to bring a different list this time. Lothal wasn't legal; it still hasn't reached general distribution here. I'm still waiting for a copy. Hence the lack of any shiny new figures. Mine was the Jabba/Shyla list, specifically * Shyla * Jabba * eQuays x2 * Vinto * Greedo * C-3PO * Temporary Alliance No Gideon or Black Market. I really wanted to play Shyla. Partially for something a bit unusual. Partially to deal with any Obi-Wan / Vader shenanigans to get them out of key choke points. Game one I played the other Mercenary list. This was the Mos Eisley mission I had problems with last time but fortunately my opponent's list was no better setup to take advantage of it than mine was. Round two I activated all my Weequays with Squad Swarm to target IG-88, but my misplacement of Greedo at the end of the previous round meant the fourth one couldn't get line of sight (I only just drew the card so wasn't planning for it). So he survived. And then healed with Glory of the Kill to rub it in. Later in the round his Greedo shot my (wounded) Greedo, killing mine. My focused Greedo was then able to Parting Shot to take out IG-88, which seemed like a good trade. He got in a nasty Shoot the Messenger, discarding Assassinate and On the Lam to my frustration. We continued trading shots and I ended round three with 39 points. Round four he sniped a couple of Weequays to get to 33 before I killed his Clawdite for the win. Game two, I played Spidey NZ on the Uscru map (Lost & Found). Leia was my priority target as she's squishy and I wanted to prevent her giving Han extra attacks. At the start of round two, a focused Greedo took a shot at Leia, while hidden from her in the booth. With the help of Element of Surprise and Assassinate he was able to take her out. Han marched up and got a one-shot onto Vinto, who pulled out On the Lam. I got my good cards early this game. Han went and hid in the booth opposite Greedo, where my Weequays were able to shoot from behind the middle door to avoid Return Fire and take him down. Ahsoka did good work flying in and out and nuking a wounded Vinto with Right Back at Ya but with Han and Leia both down I again got myself to 39 points at the end of round three and took out Hera in round four for the win. Game three, I faced the Wookiee list on the Rogue AI map, which worked a lot better for me than all the "sit on points" missions. I moved Greedo up too far too early and he died first. Not a great start as he's great against melee figures. I took down a couple of wookiees. Obi-Wan was advancing on Jabba and some Weequays so Shyla whipped him out range, complete with Toxic Dart and Primary Target to land ten damage. A Weequay was able to finish him, complete with Price on their Heads and Celebration for 16 points. The Wookiees took down Jabba and I took down a few more Wookiees and sealed the win by finishing off Gideon. Neither of us got our good command cards this game. I never saw Assassinate or On the Lam, but didn't have to face Adrenaline or the other big hitters. With only five of us, the nice dice were the participation prize so everyone came away with nice stuff.
  2. That’s really useful, thank you! I noticed a couple of odd things Vibrosword shows up as having one slot but should have two. How do I unselect something? I picked an agenda card but then changed my mind. How do I clear the selection?
  3. I am using the 35mm foam for the regular units and for the weird ones I got this pluck foam (plus a base to stick it to). One of these (I think) plus two of the 35mm 45-unit trays and a thin topper fit in the case. The pluck foam measures about 40mm tall with the base attached. http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/full-size-foam-trays/18525-30-mm-12-inch-figure-foam-tray-full-size-raster-self-adhesive?search_query=FELD-FS030RS&results=1 I haven't tried to put the tank in there, but the wampa, e-web, nexu, Terro and the dewbacks (on their side except the nexu) all fit. Even Jabba mostly fits - his head pokes up a bit but it just squashes the next layer of foam a bit without problems.
  4. I have used ImageMagick in the past. It's a command line utility but pretty simple to use. https://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php For example, this stitches 25, 26, 27 and 28 together into one image. convert +append 25.jpg 26.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg 25_28.jpg
  5. Thanks! Looks like there's a verb missing from the first sentence of Scenario A. "Neutral mission tokens power generators."
  6. Thanks for critique I did try running Weequays against new Vader. The Weequays shredded him in three shots (plus the obligatory fistful of Hunter cards). Of course there was a lot more experience with the Weequays than new Vader so it wasn't really a fair test. Poor Elite Stormtroopers; I thought they used to be the dev team's benchmark of a "good" unit.
  7. Hopefully the next wave(s) will make this redundant, but Vinto and Elite Weequays seemed pretty much ubiquitous at the top tables at Worlds, suggesting that they're a bit too good. There were plenty of other popular Mercenary units but Vinto and Elite Weequays seemed compulsory (I certainly didn't regret using them). So I had an idea to give them both a new negative ability. Unexceptional: You cannot become Focused. It gives them a (hopefully small) nerf, without really changing the way they were designed, and as an added bonus reduces the incentive to include everyone's two favourite Rebels. Probably not enough - we'll just see Greedo or Onar or Gamorreans focused instead. On an unrelated note, I think it would be nice if Fury of Kashyyyk had a negative cost given the usefulness of Wookiees in skirmish.
  8. Thanks for the report. I was your first opponent on day two. After your Terro hit 5 of my figures with flamethrower twice (2x ePig and 3x eQuay) I thought I was in serious trouble - you had me very worried. I cannot argue that Vinto's dodge and getting most of my good cards early certainly helped me recover. That game also caused me logistical problems - with 5 units in a tight cluster each with weaken and 3 or 4 damage (I took some strain as cards) plus focus and hidden on the eQuays combined with my nerves (first time at worlds) giving me shaking hands meant I had significant difficulty just getting all those tokens into place. Thank you for a good game and not getting too frustrated by that burst of luck. I was rather late to join the Mercenary train - I only gave up on Rebels after Jabba's map effectively neutered the Rangers - but I was certainly very glad I did.
  9. It depends which faction you want to play. I assume not Mercenary as they don't have much in the core box. For Rebels, I would choose the Alliance Rangers or Obi-Wan. I don't think Jedi Luke is a good choice as the core box doesn't have many good Rebel units. Luke is one of the few that is good and you're not allowed to use both Lukes. The Alliance Rangers pack a big punch, and at 12 points for the elites will be a big chunk of your list. However, if you also want a new skirmish map then both the Alliance Rangers and Jedi Luke require tiles from Jabba's Realm and in that case I would recommend Obi-Wan who's just an all-round great unit. The droids (C-3PO & R2-D2) are great too but they're small and won't have a big impact on your game. For Imperial, I would choose The Grand Inquisitor or Captain Terro. The Inquisitor is just an impressive 9-point unit and his surge for Deadly is very useful against white die rolling Rebels. Captain Terro looks more impressive on the board (Dewback!) and if you don't mind proxying units you actually get cards for Captain Terro and the Dewback Rider but only one model (so you could use an E-Web and pretend it's the Dewback Rider). But Terro's mission also requires Jabba's Realm whereas the Inquisitor only needs core set tiles.
  10. I use the feldherr cases with a mixture of the pictured inserts for the small units plus some pluck ones for the oddly shaped units. https://www.feldherr.net/feldherr-medium-135-figure-case/a-43713/ This holds all the massive units except the Rancor https://www.feldherr.net/feldherr-mini-plus-16-miniatures-plus-large-monster-tanks-figure-case/a-43676/ And I have a small case for tournaments with just a single layer of units which leaves space for cards, tokens and dice on top. https://www.feldherr.net/feldherr-mini-half-size-32-miniatures-figure-case/a-43665/
  11. Sorry, got a bit excited You're right that I do not know the sales numbers, of course. I bought the Stormtrooper pack myself and was hoping for other similar packs. Especially HKs.
  12. I'd really like to see a skirmish starter set made available for a lower price. I'd like to see them release 3 separate starters, one for each faction in a Twin Shadows-sized box. It would contain Figures and cards for a 40 point army. Similar to Twin Shadows, 2 unique units and 2x 2 unit squads (one elite, one regular), for 6 activations which is about average for a skirmish army. One 15 card command deck appropriate to the figures selected. One set of dice. Enough tokens for one player - damage, all 5 conditions (or 6 if there's a new one in the next expansion), doors, terminals, etc. But no map tiles. One double-sided paper skirmish map, plus cards and setup instructions (preferably printed on the map). To make this viable future expansions would need to use paper maps and not require core set tiles for skirmish. One Skirmish Learn-to-Play rule book One Skirmish Rules Reference Guide - remove all the campaign rules, but include any new (eg skirmish attachments, companions) or errata'd rules It's probably too much stuff for a $40 MSRP like Twin Shadows but I hope it would be viable at $50. I could see them taking two different approaches with the choice of figures and cards. The cheapest and simplest approach would be to reprint existing figures and cards. Try to stick to units that are actually reasonably viable to give people a good experience. The only thing existing players would miss out on would be the new skirmish map(s), so they could be released in a separate pack. The more interesting approach would be all new units (maybe it could be the Rogue One wave). This would mean it would be more appealing to both new and existing players. The only problem would be campaign players who would also want to use the new units. But that could be fixed by also releasing a companion campaign box that contains all the missing cards and a book of missions. The missions could even use the pre-printed skirmish maps if they wanted to keep the cost right down. Hopefully the cost of this plus all three skirmish boxes wouldn't look too bad compared to a boxed expansion plus all the blister packs. This is obviously all hypothetical, I have no inside knowledge of FFG's plans. If they really wanted to make it awesome the could also include cards and tokens for other existing units to give more options for non-tournament play and as a teaser of what you get from the other existing expansions. But that seems really unlikely.
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