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  1. hmmm. Idk. Have a cool card to look at while your opponent moves his ships. ???
  2. Scum only. Leia in a bikini pic. Causes stress to rebel ships. Action: rebel ship gets ion token to have Leia remove one scum crew card. Then remove card from game. 4 points. How does this sound?
  3. darthkray

    Slave II

    delusions of grandeur. He he.
  4. darthkray

    Slave II

    Maybe they can make the slave II ship for generic scum. ???
  5. Cardboard tokens of ships destroyed (Rebels) only. Roughly same size and shape of original ship. Kinda like the asteroids. But Rebels.
  6. darthkray

    Slave II

    Sorry if this was posted a million times before. I wonder if FFG will make this. Rear firing torpedoes would be interesting.
  7. Did the matrix get one of theses? http://lionrampantimports.com/product.htm?Product=FFGOP028&Source=Search
  8. Someone posted a similar topic a little while ago, and got a spankin for it.
  9. GR-75 with scum mods. With Tubes.... To carry all the spice.
  10. Maybe R2-KT can be Rogue Ones astromech. That would be cool
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