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  1. How would a rebel figure fit inside a vehicle, or do you mean as allies? I'd like to see them being able to activate turrets in a campaign, needed some special skill to roll success then it would give them some kind of boost in damage.
  2. A Kolinsky red sable set I bought on Amazon. A whole set might, in retrospect, have been overkill, cos I basically only use: 3 for priming and varnishing 1 for large areas of colour or shade 00 for almost everything 10/0 for tiny details, like eyes or decals Plus a sharpened toothpick for pupils Hmm, thanks, never thought of the pupils.
  3. Love your stormies, I'm struggling a lot to manage the details especially on the helmet, what kind of brushes are you using?
  4. Not finished, but I clearly need a better brush to get in to the tricky areas
  5. Hmm thanks for the replies, will try it out using the white primer then.
  6. Hey, I am currently following Sorastro's Painting guide and just made it to the droids. Now I went to store to purchase a primer and all they had was silver steel, the guy said that "Citadel The Fang" was also "grey", I asked if he was certain because it has the colour blue on the logo, he said yes. I got home and tried the spray, turns out it is blue. The thing is, is it okay to prime the droids with this (Citadel The Fang) or would you suggest black / grey primer instead?
  7. Just wanted to say, great work, it is very inspiring. Currently just started on my stormies my self and I notice now after looking at yours I just hate how bad they look. I'm still improving though. Could you tell me where you got those terminals, I am having problem with finding them on the site you linked in the OP. Sorry for necroing an old thread.
  8. Some interior spaces are named though. As an imperial, I'd say it's not allowed to deploy a massive if the deployment point is placed interior.
  9. I think I can asnwer this my self, a bit tired here after last night, basically it says the spaces that share an edge, not corner. So that means Solo needs to stand in front of the door. Duh...!
  10. Hey, was playing this last night, was wondering if han solo can open the door standing on at the corner next to the door ie, not on the two tiles in front of the door, but the square tile that is adjacent to the two tiles. *English is not my native language so I decided to create an example out of the map. X is where Solo is standing, can he open the door from there or does he have to stand in front of the door? Rules = The spaces that share an edge with a door are the only spaces that are considered to be adjacent to that door. Just need a clarification on the rules from the RRG.
  11. Thanks R5D8 for the clarification, I've been watching youtube after reading the rules and they just made me more confused. Playing for the first time on saturday and want to be prepared.
  12. The mission I'm referring to is the Aftermath, so in their case they rolled a die for the door that has 7hp and one block. I thought the door simply had a 1 block by default a didn't require rolling a die. Same thing goes for the terminals, 4hp and one block.
  13. Greetings I was wondering after watching a playthrough by these guys https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/185668-boardwarseu-campaign-on-youtube/ it seems they roll a defense dice for the doors and terminals, couldn't find anything specific in the rrg's, is this correct? I think you're not supposed to roll a dice for objects, and just give them 1block ( doesn't make sense that a door or a terminal can block your attacks somehow ).
  14. I'm new to this but I have a question. With the defense that the terminals have, do you need to roll a dice for their defenses? I'm talking about the first video, aftermath mission.
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