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  1. Needed a name for some online game my friend wanted me to play with him. Favorite Pokémon and last initial.
  2. List of what I have: One of each core set TIE Fighter x1 Y-Wing x1 TIE Advanced x1 Falcon x1 Slave I x1 A-Wing x1 TIE Interceptor x2 Rebel Transport x1 TIE Defender x1 E-Wing x1 TIE Phantom x1 Imperial Aces x1 Decimator x1 Most Wanted x1 Rebel Aces x1 TIE Punisher x1 Wow this is gonna be a long post. Sorry everyone! I prefer to play rebels.
  3. Buy everything you are missing... then buy 3 more. Unfortunately, don't have quite enough money for that lol
  4. Just saw that and came here about the same very sale. Why does everyone recommend? I have 1 copy of both cores, and a variety of other ships for rebels and imperials, and I have the most wanted set. If it would help I'll post a list of what I have later. Back to the question at hand though. What should I buy??? I'm not super competitive, but I love the game.
  5. I grabbed an open, but in perfect condition, core set off of amazon for $60. If you can find it cheaper than it becomes even more of a must buy. But no matter what, you should pick up the core. Then just buy more the more into it you get.
  6. Hopefully. I really like when important character die. Kind of weird like that.
  7. Great job! It's paint jobs like these that helped inspire me to try my hand at painting in the first place.
  8. Both as a bump and an actual question. For all you regular painters out there, do you ever just get totally unmotivated? I've been wanting to continue painting for a while, but when I actually find the time, I just can't bring myself to get up and do it. How do you help yourself when you get like this, is you do?
  9. I really like Kayn Somos, I would say no to the storm trooper pack unless you want the alternate sculpts, and I didn't see anything about General Sorin that interested me.
  10. Wow, great job! These kinds of paint jobs are what inspire me to keep up painting and improve!
  11. Thanks everyone. Might have to pass for now, play some cheaper local tournaments first, see if it's even worth it.
  12. Hey everyone. I've been playing X wing for ehhh, a year and a half-ish maybe. However, I've never actually competed in any official FFG tournaments. With the Open System coming, and the US location being fairly nearby, can anyone tell me if there is a cost to enter? If so, how much? Tried some looking online and couldn't find it. Thanks everyone! Happy flying!
  13. I could see speeder bikes making an appearance, however, snow speeders seem like too much in my opinion. This just gives the imperials more vehicles though, and the rebels will feel left out once again. That being said,I don't think there's a way to fit the speeder bikes into a good set of rules that feels right thematically and mechanically. The maps are too small, they would have to be on maps specific for them. The movement dial idea seems overly complicated to me with everything else in the game, and that's coming from an X wing player. Forcing you to move a number of spaces, and not turn around without using movement points would work, but I'm still put off by the idea of speeder bikes in the game. I do really like speeder bikes though, so if FFG figured it out I would buy it In a heart beat.
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