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  1. I feel like I have no choice but to endorse this. Only because there’s a rule that commandant people to yell “Dee you idiot”
  2. Give this article a read before you call out that sentence for being wrong. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fb4-g2BlnMfpP4V1IqVVRyUPe0RRzBAE9MBITRlmclM/edit?fbclid=IwAR2CoNrkaBMZbTH1YhWDtJVVbFz349IQFnpSwRWMdcqPA9DAiuZ2RjfXLmM Paul's assertions are Win Cons that are shifting as the game moves forward. 4 Phantoms/Vipers win con is "Final Salvo, or if they come towards me I wreck them because they can't get a good flank"
  3. You are clearly missing the point of what I was talking about. I'm not holding a banner up defending the tactic as some high skill, position based big brain grand technique. It all comes down to "If you don't come at me you lose, I'll ensure there's no good way to come at me because I control two board edges." That's it. It needs to be fixed, it needs to be addressed.
  4. LISTEN TO EPISODE DOWNLOAD Hey internet, Ryan Farmer here to bring you something really special. 99% of the time I don't spam our podcast outside of the Fly Better Group on Facebook, but this one is really worth listening too. We managed to interview every member of the Top 16 at Worlds and it's well worth your time if you're looking to improve. Enjoy! Day 2 Lists: https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1193 Top 16 [00:02:00] Jesper Winstrom [00:07:24] David Kelly [00:12:00] Nicholas God-Nilsson [00:17:10] Pierre Buffiere [00:23:20] Justin Gerring [00:28:49] Paul La Rue [00:34:37] Michal Nowak [00:42:30] Duncan Howard Top 8 [00:58:00] Calen Wong [01:08:20] Paul Olson [01:15:20] Jonathan Kok [01:20:20] Bartosz Wójcicki Top 4 [01:30:30] Alex Farley [01:38:24] Mitch Raab Finalist [01:55:30] Dan Taylor World Champion [02:00:00] Oliver Pocknell Fly Better!
  5. Woah there dog, I never said what I was doing was acceptable. I NEVER said that Fort Farmer was the correct way to play the game. I was exploiting a tactic to mainly prove a point about how stupid it is, and it just happened to be good enough to win me a system open* We mention this in an interview in our most recent episode, but FFG solved the 4 Phantom problem by just nuking it out of playability. 4 Starvipers operates in the EXACT same way as 4 Phantoms did. I know all the things Mitch is saying because I employed the same tactics. If a judge had said to me "Hey, you need to come out of your corner" then I would've probably stalled 2 turns (like a lot of lists do) and then moved forward with the engagement. Here's the main issue with these lists, and with Mitch's argument, you can't just look at a game and be like "Oh when did I go wrong here", because it's all just hindsight bias. Let's say I opened with a One Bank, then another One Bank BR, then a 1 Straight BR with the Vipers. By then my opponent may have taken a bad engagement and I destroy him. It's hard to say anything was done wrong there, but the point is if my opponent DIDN'T take a bad engage, it's too easy for me to just opt out and stay on one side of the board protected by the board edge. Also, all you guys saying Dee is a "Joust Me Zombie" are super ignorant. Aces get super wrecked by 4 vipers and 4 Phantoms too. They have way lower salvo dice and NEED to engage at some point. The only ship that usually has a shot in these types of matchups is Whisper due to how she also moves impossibly. If anything you guys supporting this strategy are the "Zombies" because it's the one forcing a joust, because it's staying in a place where it's covered by two board edges. I really wish people would play with or against these types of lists before making outlandish accusations on the internet. Also I really like Mitch and think he's a good dude. He's doing what he's currently allowed to do because FFG isn't showing any Teeth. Just like I took 4 Phantoms, I'm not going to hold his choices against him and neither should the community. What they should do is demand from FFG a better clarification of what "exploiting a stalemate is" and judges need the guts to call people out on it.
  6. I think it's important to look at what all the different options bring to the table. One of the reasons I feel pretty strongly about Finn is that he is providing 3 dice firepower for a pretty substantial bargain. One of the weaknesses of all these A-Wings is that it can be really tough to get that haymaker against 3 defense dice. The longer they focus on Finn, the better for you. Not to say finn is 100% the correct choice, but As can struggle against 3 defense dices. I've had several games where 2 of my As strip tokens off something and Finn punches with 3 hits. Just my 2 cents. Please keep @-ing me on this this as I'm legit interested in chatting more. If you guys had to choose between Heroic or Crack on them which would you pick?
  7. Such sweet sweet memories...
  8. Hey FFG Forums! I don't usually spam the cast here but this is an issue I feel pretty strongly about, and I encourage continued conversation about it. How many turns of X-Wing are you getting through in 75 minutes? This week special guest Dión Morales joins us as we talk about the pace of play in X-Wing. Farmer (me) believes that more and more X-Wing games are reaching time, and not enough rounds are being played. What is the cause behind this? We try to find an answer. DIRECT LINK Web Listening [00:00:00] Intros [00:06:00] Pace of Play [01:30:00] The Krayts vs Dee Come join us at the Fly Better Grand Championship in Vegas January 24-26 2020! Episode Archives Fly Better Facebook group Direman webcomics
  9. FLY BETTER GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP January 24-26 2020 JAN 24 Heat 1 Registration Link: https://www.lasvegasopen.net/shop/star-wars-x-wing-5ktgt-ckmr2?fbclid=IwAR17iUSnt0eBoq0K7-2JXB4uoY9nHWJVRSiNMm5oUVSu1vT_i3U52MAUfcI JAN 25 Heat 2 Registration Link: https://www.lasvegasopen.net/shop/star-wars-x-wing-5ktgt-ckmr2-85emc?fbclid=IwAR0warJAIwdf4MeugeLRdM4rXjbfuAd3EjWiuzi1Dpi4CTA0I57K7jyvzfM JAN 26 Fly Better II: Hyperspace Turbo Edition Side Event Registration Link: https://www.lasvegasopen.net/shop/star-wars-x-wing-5ktgt-ckmr2-85emc-dyxrb?fbclid=IwAR06A5XWqplG9nnw-T4XVJpsVHFmH2PBzlZ3k1FvbQ7Gtuijjmz-zlQiC9E Exclusive Mat Purchase (Art Coming Soon) https://www.lasvegasopen.net/shop/lvo-exclusive-fly-better-podcast-x-wing-3x3-flg-game-mat?fbclid=IwAR2_fQ5SJPdO6na8bvQbtGdVfcFRBnxXme07WiuwzVUDzZLfUcEuWsaN8oY
  10. Amazing work. A true value to the community
  11. Are you kidding me? These are about as straight forward as they get. Read the rules. Stop the whining. Wait for points. I didn't hear these complaints with the grappling struts novel.
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