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  1. Thanks guys! We’re going to continue doing these! Let us know if you have specific requests for next episode!
  2. I agree
  3. DIRECT DOWNLOAD http://mynockpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-93-art-of-x-wing-fire-duty-cycle We've got some really great information for you guys this week! After a quick preview of the Kimogila Fighter (which we're still not entirely sure how to pronounce), Dee enters into his latest Art of X-Wing Topic. Fire Duty Cycle is a discussion that all X-Wing players should understand and the Dragon does his part in explaining why. [00:00:00] Intros [00:06:00] Kimogila Preview pt II [00:36:00] Art of X-Wing: Fire Duty Cycle (like two hours long BRACE YOURSELVES) Fly Better!!!!!!!!! JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP! Please ask questions below!
  4. [Reserved for further elaboration]
  5. X-Wing is fun! Pew Pew Pew!
  6. I thought Wade didn't want to sign it lol
  7. I KNOWWWW the Polish players are some of the best in the world! There's no doubt about that, just seeing the nationals results are baffling to me!
  8. http://mynockpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-87-bombs-and-breakfast You may fire when ready internet! Today we've got the Mynocks talking about UK and Polish Nationals. Is the meta the same? Sort of? We bring back another ship retrospective: the TIE Bomber, and it's surprisingly more relevant than you think. Then after the end bumper Dee and Ryan debate the merits of Pancakes vs Waffles! [00:07:34] Uk Nationals [00:35:00] Polish Nationals [00:50:00] Dallas Mini Segment! [01:07:00] Ship Retrospective: TIE BOMBER [01:43:00] Ask the Mynocks [01:55:00] Waffles versus Pancakes FLY BETTER!
  9. What is even happening
  10. [Direct Download] http://mynockpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-76-the-leebo-meta Good Afternoon X-Wing Pilots! Today we've brought in a few guests from a country far far away...the UK! European Champion George Dellapina joins us along with his son Simeon and co-pilot in crime Kevin Bellamy. There's a spirited discussion on list building where George's decision to bring Leebo, YES LEEBO, to Euros instead of Dash Rendar is debated at length. [00:00:00] Intros [00:20:00] European Championships/ List Building [01:40:00] Ask a Mynock Week 2 FLY BETTER! Please let us know what your thoughts on this episode are!
  11. Quick Update: I'm still not a store champ.
  12. [DIRECT DOWNLOAD] [In Browser Link] The mastermind behind Calen's Pride joins us today, the intelligent Calen Wong! Have you ever been frustrated playing against Kanan Biggs? Then you have this guy to thank! We've got another long episode this week, but it's worth it because Calen has a ton of great advice/wisdom for both new and experienced pilots! [00:00:00] Introductions [00:04:00] Interview with Calen [01:20:00] State of Talonbane [01:40:00] HWK Retrospective [01:50:00] Upgrade Card Spotlight [02:15:00] Calen’s Tip FLY BETTER! Patreon.com/MynockPodcast
  13. http://mynockpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-73-the-evil-emperor-scurrg Link [DIRECT LINK] X-Wing fans I've got two words for you: Unlimited. Power. Have you ever wanted to have more control over the board than you ever thought possible? Well the new Scurrg Bomber will be you cup of tea! We bring on Starslinger72 to discuss how the Scurrg will affect the game and what we should expect from its existence. [00:00:00] Introductions [00:08:00] Interview with Starslinger72 [00:42:00] Scurrg Preview [01:47:00] Ask a Mynock Questions: Week 1 FLY BETTER! Take a look at our Patreon if you enjoy the show! https://www.patreon.com/mynockpodcast Also look at Dee's X-Wing notebook! http://direman.com/direarms/comic.php?comicID=1
  14. This is the correct answer