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  1. Welcome back to Mynock Flight Academy! The goal of this lesson is to teach you about Turn Zero, otherwise known as the setup. We bring on three time World Champion Paul Heaver to discuss how to read your opponent's squad, what kinds of obstacles to pick, and ideal setup scenarios. This will help you set your operational parameters for this most crucial early point in the game. [00:00:00] Obstacle Choice [00:18:00] Obstacle Placement [00:55:00] Ship Placement Listen Here: http://mynockpodcast.libsyn.com/flight-academy-04-turn-zero
  2. http://mynockpodcast.libsyn.com/mynock-flight-academy-02-the-dice Welcome back to Mynock Flight Academy! Today our lesson centers around the dice, which have a powerful effect on many facets of the game. We bring on Andrew Lauritzen, Master of Numbers and creator of the X-Wing Dice Calculator, to discuss how to best make sense of those fickle green and red Octahedrons. [00:02:00] Motivation [00:10:00] Dice Basics [00:15:00] Expected Results [01:15:00] Additional Dice Mechanics [01:35:00] Dice and Post-Game Analysis This doubles as Mynock Podcast Episode 156. Show Notes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gAreNwIlRHZr7tuB3wHIG40AZQVHEJKSPOqNRI3J5_Y/edit?usp=sharing X-Wing Calculator http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/multi/ Fly Better!
  3. I accept the * next to my Champion title. #PeoplesChampion
  4. If Poe has Targeting Sync it's more potent than you think.
  5. Hey Ryan here, So a couple things. First off, we always really appreciate feedback. Podcasting weekly is always a learning experience and we really don’t get a good gauge on if people like/dislike what we’re doing as it’s happening. It never feels good when you think you’re being made fun of (I think I know as well as any...) If extended is your favorite format, you like it more, and I offended you then I am very sorry. However, I want to make it clear, that Dee and I have poked fun at the hot topics going on since we started the podcast. I’m known for saying once that Miranda Nym players are “Dead to me”. Dee has called out Ghost Fenn and TLT players. It’s just something we do, (we even had a whole beef segment people seemed to like for a while until they didn’t.) I don’t want to say “you didn’t get the joke”, because clearly I’m not good at setting up a punchline, but what who I was trying to make fun of were players who are giving “faux outrage” about Hyperspace. What I mean by this, are people moaning and complaining that they can’t fly Turr Phenir, but never would’ve ever flown him anyway because they instead choose the most broken available combo. Ive said ON THE PODCAST that I have nothing against people like Starslinger72, who want open variety in their choices, and will exercise those options. I just don’t like disengenuine people, and there are a whole lot of them. I have a couple locals who I’ve heard complain about Hyperspace, only to bring Redline, Soontir, Whisper to an event. So if I offended you (not the OP) for not likeing Hyperspace simply because you want an excuse to complain about something, then I’m not sorry and you can stay mad. I don’t care. Also, one last note on “Kraytisms”. Dropping the Kaefabe(sp?) for a minute. I’ll publically day that aside from Dión, Mu0n, a couple others, NO ONE is doing more for the X-Wing community than @Brunas and he deserves more recognition. They don’t do a Patreon and are constantly giving to charity. They like to poke fun too, but as a whole the Krayts are more wholesome than most of what I see in miniature Gaming (rekt). If I use their mannerisms it’s because they are great at making memes and spreading them around the community. The kraytventing is real. And nothing is malicious or targeted, unless you’re a terrible person and deserve it (which thankfully doesn’t exist much in our community). In summation, I love our podcast. I’ve been working my butt off in order to improve the content, clarify our voices, and ensure it’s VALUABLE to people. Yet, I totally understand that we aren’t for everyone. Arguments can for sure be made that Radio TCX, Gold Squadron Podcast, The Birminham Barons, and several others are better than us. But I’m going to keep doing it because I enjoy it and the community makes it worth it to me
  6. Hey thanks man! That means a lot :)
  7. I'm not using that as a reference point, it's math I jacked from another person. Some people I've talked to though do visualize from the back center point of their base. I just wanted to make sure I had all "Bases" covered when giving people tools to visualize.
  8. Click Here for Podcast Episode Welcome to Mynock Flight Academy! What is Flight Academy? Flight Academy is a monthly “back to basics” episode to help both fresh new recruits and grizzled veterans alike. For our newer players, Flight Academy acts as a foundational building block to learn the important fundamentals of X-Wing. For our more seasoned pros, think of this as a refresher course of various elements you may have forgotten, or skipped over in your own self-education of the game. To make it easier to listen to past episodes, we’ll be giving these episodes their own number. It’s our intent that a year from now, new players will be able to listen to just these 12 episodes and feel that they have a good primer into how to elevate their game. The advice you’ll gain in these sessions should transcend metas and be useful regardless of what the current “powerhouse” is. Today, we overview the templates and maneuvers, which are the most fundamental element of X-Wing. 00:00:00 Intro 00:10:00 Maneuvers Overview 00:33:00 Straights and other Basics 01:24:00 Banks 01:48:00 Turns 02:13:00 Advanced Maneuvers Show Notes with additional helpful links
  9. Quick tips should be watched by every player. Dión is my favorite
  10. Great work on all of that, I wonder how much Redline/proton torps in general skew those jousting stats.
  11. But...you can keep your models...and it is a cheaper conversion than buying all new ships as long as you own like more than 12. I demonstrated that in an above post. In regards to Hyperspace, what are you even arguing about? You're spinning the discussion into something else entirely. According to your numerous posts on the website, YOU DON'T EVEN PARTICIPATE in organized play! Are you complaining "for the people". Because "the people" have both Hyperspace and Extended to play. Before you were chastising me for not caring about casuals, well now I'm going to return the favor by saying you're not considering new players at all. Hyperspace is for THEM, so that they don't get continually @&!( pounded by all the whales from first edition. The limited format is good for the game in a lot of ways, but that's been discussed at length on many places on both this forum and on several podcasts. So I'll table it. And the app for sure has its issues, but the card browser is NOT one of them. They are very high resolution files that are easy to print out, so feel free to stop reading because you've clearly missed the point. What would your ideal conversion kit and cost be? With all of your complaining how would you have done it better if you were running FFG?
  12. First off, I only own 1 of every ship, with a few specific exceptions, so no my collection isn't fully CK inclusive. Secondly, I didn't say you should be giddy about the conversion kits, but I also don't think you should be posting stuff saying FFG is trying to screw us. Second edition needed to be made because the rules needed a major cleanup, and it allowed for more than 3 factions, among many other reasons. You first say that you want to have all the up to date components so you don't want to proxy various thing, THEN you say you can just adjust the game however you want with DIY components? The conversion kits were specifically the help soften the blow for people who had a lot of first edition content so they didn't have to re-buy everything. It covers most of my collection, and it covers 99% of the squads I'm ever going to make. Only 2 B wing dials? You mean like almost every single other ship? If the conversion kit contained all the stuff you wanted then it would've been double the price, and then expense still would've been complained about. There was no winning for FFG in this situation, and I'm sick of hearing people complain about the CKs, something they didn't even need to bother doing. Why isn't 1 Ck enough for you? Are you trying to run 4 B-Wings vs 4 X-Wings? You must have a really strangely disproportionate collection if the CK is BOTH a terrible value, AND you don't get everything you need. Here are some numbers for you. Rebel Conversion kit is 50 dollars (40 actually right now on amazon, but I would support your FLGS) New ships cost 20 dollars a pop if their small. Let's say you own 15 rebel ships 4 B-Wings 4 X-Wings 1 Falcon 2 A-Wings 2 y-Wings 1 Hwk 1 E-Wing 1 U-Wing A likely collection for many X-Wing players. If you paid 1st Edition MSRP cash that wouldve cost you around 265 dollarish For $80-$100 you can make that FULLY 2e legal, which is an additional 6.6 dollars per ship, but if you can live without flying 4 B-Wings or 4 X-Wings it becomes an additional value of 3 bucks per ship, meaning you actually only paid around 18ish per ship. If you had to re-buy ALL of that in 2E prices it would be around 340 dollars-ish. So the total cost for your 1e collection is either 315 or 355 versus 340ish if you had to rebuy it from scratch. So in reality, the more you owned, the bigger discount you got, and if not it's for the most part providing you EXACTLY what was promised, a conversion of elements so you don't have to re-buy everything. So I'm not going to accept the "Terrible value" argument, because it's not. And if you really care that much, no new ships have been released yet, you could 100% stick to first edition until Republic and CIS come out, then just use those for 2e and split the point costs in half. Because, as you said, you can do your own little DIY adjustments and balance doesn't matter if you're a casual.
  13. Never once have I said "Professional X-Wing is the only X-Wing" However, if you want to phrase it that way, "Professional X-Wing" (or rather any sort of organized play of any kind which is far from what I'd call professional) is the only place where you are REQUIRED to have up to date components. You are not REQUIRED to do anything to have fun casually. If you want to have the most up to date components, then that's awesome. I do too, which is why I buy the stuff. I'm on record saying that probably over 80% of X-Wing sales never leave the kitchen table, and honestly its more likely closer to 95%. If you spent a ton of money on 1st edition ships, the conversion kits are an incredible value. Less than 2 dollars per ship if you own enough versions of each ship for everything in the kit. It's clear they had to make tough choices, but they aren't out there to hold a gun to your wallet. Casual players keep the game alive, but again, casual players are not the ones the balance is geared to, or many of these kits. BECAUSE THEY CAN DO ANYTHING THEY WANT They put up every card for free on their builder. And for the most part, many of the dials are the same or have minor changes from their first edition counter-parts (not all, but many). It's not ideal sure, but if you don't want (or can't afford) to spend the money on the conversion kits then it is a totally VALID option to print off cards/proxy using first edition components. Also, how many squads are you trying to actively play that require more than one conversion kit? I'll answer for you, it's not that many. If you want to fly massive epic games, sure, but then you're already approaching a format where people just print off lists anyway. I am hearing your points, but again, you are a very very very small minority of someone who spent a TON on X-Wing, don't play competitively, and also care to the point of having every single thing perfectly converted.
  14. I'm not sure what the issue is, if you only play causal ALL the cards are available on the FFG builder to print out. If you're only playing casual, just use old dials for those ships. If you're only playing casual, then...do what you want? Your beef might hold a lot more with me if you required the components to play competitively. But as a casual player you can literally do anything.
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