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  1. I looked over what you made up and concluded that it doesn't fit so I posted my own work. Just compare what you created to other vessels and then compare to BFG. Your strike Cruiser is too slow while also being less armoured than the original stats. In addition you have a dorsal mount which strike cruisers just don't wave (they have 2 prow mounts according to BFG!) and you preoccupied one mount with a launch bay. This takes away the possibility to outfit a strike cruiser with both Torpedo Tubes (needed for carrying out Exterminatus) and the obligatory Bombardment Cannon.
  2. I did some calculations about half a year ago and came up with rules for Astartes Ships in RT. The thread with a pdf document containing my houserules can be found here https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/193702-astartes-ships-in-rogue-trader/?p=1895056
  3. Just compare the finished ships. I made my calculations before you came up with the table based on ships already included in the rulebooks. Just look at my Strike Cruiser post to see how I did my calculations.
  4. After some discussions about stats for a Strike Cruiser in this thread I decided to calculate some rules for creating Astartes vessels in RT. This is Version 2.0 of the document, featuring some new rules (i.e. Battleship Components for Battle Barges) and the five (or seven if you want) known Astartes ship types. I will come up with a new version including some sample vessels for easy use later, but for now this should be enough. If anyone of the artists or FFG wants this file taken down because of content or artwork issues I will of cause stop making it available asap. Here you can find the link to the document. Have fun!
  5. Sad thing that you weren't allowed to create your warrant for yourselves, the teleportarium is just too great to not get it. The Las-burners are from Battlefleet Koronus page 35 and are a scaled down version of a lance battery (yes, that means it can score multiple hits!) for Raiders and Frigates. Keep in mind that you can exchange PF for a bonus on a single acquisition test and remember to use your seneschal when bargaining! A hit & run crit is able to destroy void shields. Murder Servitors let you pick a result between 1 and 6 instead of rolling. On the PC ship crit table (RT 222) a 2 damages a single component and damaged components cannot be used and do not provide any bonusses until repaired. If you use the NPC ship crit table (BFK 115) a 6 damages the target's void shields, making them unusable until repaired.
  6. If you want hit&run I recommend getting torpedo tubes as soon as your PF is high enough and a teleportarium for teleporting murder servitors. In addition, you should consider the Stormtrooper Detachement Upgrade which doesn't need any power or space but is really hard to get. Last but not least get the Clan-kin quarters if you can because if you close with an enemy he will most likely also try to hit&run you. In my opinion, you should convince your GM to use Mathhammer rules for armour (it's not that hard!) and the warrant path from ItS instead of rolling. From the warrant path you should get an Archaeotech or Xenotech component, while the first could be the teleportarium for OP hit&run. If you use mathhammer consider prow topedo tubes and dorsal las-burners, as the latter grant an additional bonus to hit&run and are competitive with lances if used with mathhammer. Your tactic would be: 1. Fire virus and then boarding torpedoes 1.1 Score hit&run crit, choose to destroy void shields 2. Close with enemy 3. Fire Las-Burners against unprotected enemy 4. Teleport your murder servitors and/or storm troopers on the enemy ship to kill everyone 5. Board enemy ship and shoot the captain in the face 6. Take over ship 7. ??? 8. PROFIT FACTOR!
  7. I mainly compared the lines because Sororitas Power Armour is almost the same (except Unnatural Strength instead of Strength +10) in DH1 vs DH2 but Light PA is different from how it worked in all previous lines. Sadly, OW doesn't feature power armour, probably because you just can't get the ultra-super-rare power supply needed for a military campaign (although DH1IH featured the Lidhl Power Armour which is said to be used by officers of the scintillian IG but has no information on power supply), so the only thing available where the older lines. In case of the eldar power sword it should at least get its parry bonus back to be an alternative for more defensive players.
  8. If you don't play with Mathhammer for Armour and lances (which I highly recommend) strength is what you want. Here's an example: With the Pyros, you get a maximum of six hits. One of those hits will be cancelled by void shields, while 1 1/2 hits will be needed to bypass armour (1d10+4 = 9,5), leaving you with 3 1/2 hits (= 33,25 damage) on the target. While this is enough to oneshot a small raider, it won't even be enough for a frigate or, may the big E have mercy on you, a light Cruiser or cruiser! With the Sunsears, you pay 2 SP less (!), but need more Power and Space. For that, you get two additional hits for a maximum of eight. Of those eight hits, one is cancelled by void shields and two (1d10+2 = 7,5) are needed to bypass armour, leaving you with five hits instead of 3,5. Those five hits have a n approx. damage of 37,5, which is more than your pyros and with good rolling enough to oneshot a frigate! As important as damage, the sunsears have more than double the range of the pyros, which is what you want to utilise the superior speed or your raider. The trick is to be faster than anything that outguns you and to outgun everything faster than you, so you can just run and fire from a distance while the enemy is desperately trying to keep up while your macrocannons strike!
  9. Even tho I don't own the book yet (mainly because the pdf isn't out) I started thinking about how to gear an Interrogator/Inquisitor from Ordo Xenos and apart from Eldar power swords being useless compared to imperial ones I stumbled across one thing that left me clueless enough to open up a topic here, since the errata doesn't say anything about it either. In DH, Light Power Armour (the ultimate Armour since real power armour isn't presented in DH2 yet) is far worse than in any other gameline before. Sororitas Power Armour has Armour 7, grants Unnatural Strength (1), makes you count as always braced and does not increase your size, which is almost exactly the same effect it had in DH1 except for the missing auto-senses, which are included as an additional upgrade because the helmet is not that special anymore and Strength +10 instead of Unnatural Strength (1)! Light Power Armour has always (DH1, RT, BC) granted Armour 7, Strength +10 (equals Unnatural Strength (1) in DH2, see Sororitas Power Armour) with no increase in size, while real Power Armour granted more Armour and Strength, but increased your size. In DH2, Light Power Armour grants 7 Armour, Unnatural Strength (1) AND increases your size, which makes it just a bad version of real power armour instead of being an actual alternative version. Due to the new acquisition system instead of money in DH1, everyone will just get real Power Armour as soon as it's officially statted out (or just use the stats from one of the former game lines) and just ignore Light Power Armour due to its inferiority. My question is: Is Light Power Armour actually ment to suck like this, or is it just a simple mistake? If it's actually ment to be like this I wonder why, out of all institutions of the Imperium, the Inquisition (except Sororitas, who get superior gear anyway) gets gear which is not as good as that worn by Officers on a Rogue Trader vessel (read: Civilians)? My other Question is: Will there be any option to equip your suit of Power Armour with a different power pack to make it actually useable? In DH1's Daemon Hunter, there was the Malleus Power Armour which would run for a week without recharging, but could also be equipped with an Astartes (in DH2 read: Sororitas) power supply (!), while DH1's Ascension featured the Ignatus-pattern (which is said to be produced exclusively for agents of the Inquisition!) with a power supply lasting 5 days of combat operations (way longer out of combat!). These options made power armour usable for the first time, because having power supply for one hour and then leaving your armour for the rest of the mission because it ran out of power is not really a valid option. Maybe the Malleus Power Armour (and hopefully a light version, as I like light power armour more than the real one) will be featured in Enemy beyond, but it would be great to just have the option to get actually usable power supply options no matter which Ordo you belong to (especially for Ordo Xenos because Tyranids hit really hard and leather coats and hats of the witch hunters trump protection due to style).
  10. EDIT: I took the beta document down because I'm working on the final version now. It should be finished in a few days and will be uploaded to my dropbox and linked in a new thread on this forum.
  11. Also you get the Guncutter in RT Into the Storm and the Thunderhawk and Flying-Landraider Gunships in DW Rites of Battle.
  12. I'd love to see all lines at least get the Aptitude system and same cost tables as well as the same way of character creation. I can work with OW and DH2 but if I wanted to get a Throne Agent or Inquisitor into RT oder DW I'd be screwed because XP scale differs (not so much from DH2 to RT, but BW was completely different cost) and Character Creation is completely different which makes it hard to balance. I did not compare severel characters from both lines yet but I guess OW Characters are slightly more powerful, but that could easily be fixed by granting a few hundred additional XP to the DH2 guys. For RT you could simply use the Homeworld-Background-Role Table from DH2 since they are all individuals while DW should get the Regiment(read:Chapter)+Role System from OW as long as someone manages to combine them. Also it'd be great to have a comparison of XP like it was tried (unsuccessful) on the previous lines with RT Starters as powerful as a 3k DH2 Agent and an Astartes as strong as a ~8k Throne Agent. But the most important thing is to get requisition systems combinable because if I own all the books from all the lines I want to use all the gear, no matter what line I play.
  13. So is there any Information yet when Enemy without will be implemented in the Character sheet app? Since I use the App all the time I'd love to see it in there as soon as the pdf is out
  14. Since I'm propably gonna get the pdf as soon as it's out I wonder if there's any information on when the DH2 DCS App will get the data. I use the App for all my characters and I love it because it's so simple and you get high quality pdf Charsheets, but I want to use it for Ordo Xenos Characters (actually for an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor) asap.
  15. BuckX made exactly the same mistake as you, making SM ships way too powerful for their cost because of the 'SM Xtra coolness-factor'. Also this document predates BFK and the rules for Torpedoes and Landing Bays. I'll come up with my Astartes Ships pdf next week, still need to build some sample ships for quick and dirty use and do some proof reading before I release it.
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