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  1. Good info! This will inform my painting of them- thanks Lumberjack Nick!
  2. Thanks, CaptainRocket! I absolutely 100% agree about the weathering- I am terrified of it though and don't know where to start!
  3. Oh I forgot I also put this beast up on Thingiverse in case anyone else is feeling psycho and wants to make one of their own... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3447733
  4. Finally started adding detail work to the Giant Killer- what do you guys think? Smooth surface finish or showing panel lines and lockdown pins? I know it's still rough- just checking that I'm going in the right direction... also do the colors take it too far out of Star Wars? Should I grey it back a bit?
  5. Finally got some good days to primer and I have laid down the starting paint job... maybe you can tell who my Hockey team is?
  6. Thanks Proton Torpedo! I just can't wait to get some PINT on it! I am kicking around ideas using the Boston Bruins colors (Yellow, black, and White) and maybe some kind of logo up on the fins (which are not attached yet in any of these pics) My GI Joe stuff always did double duty in with my Star Wars stuff when I was a kid so thanks for saying it fit in with Star Wars- I have a hard time seeing the line sometimes. Come on warm weather let me prime this ship!!
  7. Thanks Hemblecreations. Makwiesel has actually already gotten it modded. He had the Jurbaslag brothers mount a pair of twin long- range precision mass drivers under each wing. These don't have the power of the DGAPS, but can be used for sniping smaller ships from extreme distances. Now to wait for a warm day to paint this bad boy!
  8. BTW I am well aware that is NOT Baas Rattan in the background- These were just WIP shots of the new ship ( a combo of a Y- Wing, a Water Mocassin, an F-14, and some other bits and shapes). It will be landing in a custom landing bay in Baas Rattan soon enough! (the weather is killing my primering ability!)
  9. Recently Bargos has acquired the services of a Mirialan going by the name "Makwiesel, Giant Killer" Makwiesel showed up in Baas Rattan after his ship had sustained heavy damage in an ambush by some Trandoshan bounty hunters that mistook him for their quarry. His escape pod brought him to Baas Rattan and he quickly obtained the cash needed to commission a new ship. His new ship, the Star Wolf, is outfitted with four massive DGAPS (Droid- Guided Anti-Capital Ship) missiles, it can take down ships as large as frigates with a single well- placed hit. Makwiesel plans to use this ship to great effect in punishing pirates that would encroach on Bargos's illicit trade of ship and droid parts.
  10. Wicked! I love this! Can't wait to see it complete and copy the idea
  11. I am in agreement with JBar. I love the Rebel characters as much as the next Star Wars fan- we all do, right? We can't have the Big **** Hero show up for every toilet- paper run mission that ever happens though. For those smaller ops, we NEED to have some Generic Rebel Commanders/ Officers/ General guys in charge. I know that the problem is this- any of us could make our own generic leader by simply picking a Rebel Trooper and calling him the leader- it's not like the generic leaders always have some extreme uniform differences. SO for SkullForge to make Generic leaders they have to figure out how to make them stand out without looking like a character... My Suggestions: 1. Map Case & Binoculars- most leaders carry these 2. Weapon slung, hands on Binos, Map, Radio. Scanner, pointing / signalling & commanding 3. 2 comms units on helmet 4. Vulpex or Lothcat pet at their feet 5. Dynamic pose like the Iron Mike "Follow Me" statue 6. Riding something- a Tauntaun, Dewback, Swoop, Jetpack, anything to make them mobile 7. Attached COMMS guy- If you want to find the CO, look for the guy standing NEXT to the guy with a big antenna... 9. Standing on an Imperial helmet of some kind with one foot in a "I killed this SOB" pose Making them aliens appeals to me because I like aliens- but really it's subtle differences at the scale we're talking about here... if you look at most Army units you can't tell who the Captain is from 100meters just by glancing at them.
  12. Those look great! Great models from Skullforge and great paint-ups/ Pics by you to show them off! I gotta get some for my crew now!
  13. It may be just because Bargos is kind of a weak Hutt and more of a crime manager than a crime boss, but he has brought a large number of Jawas into Baas Rattan to do his dirty work... the result he did not intend is that his little town has turned into a scavenger's paradise with a focus on droids and starship parts. Just don't mess with the little guys at night- they're always packing!
  14. Thanks Thevshi! I am taking Baas Rattan on the road to my FLGS Thursday for some gaming so I will get more shots there- hopefully with other people's better- painted armies. I'm sure that will inspire me to pick up and paint more on my terrain too.
  15. Yes. Exactly. With my all stormtrooper force supported by a heavy weapons team in the desert, it makes absolutely no sense that the team be Snowtroopers. I think Fantasy Flight missed a cue here- they could have sold us a Strormtrooper E-Web or even a generic E-Web then sold us different crews with different skills and capabilities as upgrades. Thank goodness we have SkullForge to do this for us!
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