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  1. I'm with Snuffy on this one. I think paper terrain is a GREAT way to start getting your game on and fill out your table with a small investment. It doesn't age well or stand up to abuse, but you can swap in more sturdy pieces bit by bit and let the paper terrain last while it lasts. I still use some and I have a table full of 3d printed and scratchbuilt terrain.
  2. I can't have easily bruised feelings and also expect to make any kind of headway with these ship designs! Plus, I was in the Army long before stress cards were a thing and I received my fair share of wall to wall counseling!
  3. The crew that up- armed this particular ship (a stock salamander) did not take that into account. The cannons do NOT hit the hammerhead, they fire right over the top of it. It actually helps the gunners line up the shots. I hope somebody prints one and paints up scorched wings- I think it would look pretty cool. I will also look at the mount ans see if the guns could be raised without tweaking the rotator too badly. Thanks for your input! I'll send you a shot of an alternate mount when I have one spun up so you can see it first!
  4. You make good points here. I decided to place the cannons on the airlock tube because those tubes already jut out to the side so it is a good place to get clearance from the body. I did not consider the points you made mainly because in Star Wars they mount guns in all kinds of odd places where there's no way you could power, feed, or control a real modern weapon. There is already a top- mounted turret in development that I will share soon. It replaces the top hatch. I figured that is for defense and the forward- mounted guns are for striking targets to the fore only. As for the power and space constraints- I get it completely. I was actually kicking around the concept this morning at the airport and I'm going to build a weapon mounting structure like a canard wing/ hull bump- out just fore of the airlock to allow for that- it may take the place of the passenger door, but if the MCB corp is branching into fighting ships, I see that as one possible design evolution! Thanks for your feedback! I will message you first when I have these so you can see before anyone else!
  5. Thanks guys! I'm wrapping up a step-by-step build guide right now (as suggested by Ilostmycactus) SFC Snuffy, there will always be design quibbles as nothing will satisfy everyone- but I'd like to hear what yours are- they may shape the next ship I build and I am not opposed to feedback- I'm still learning to do this and want to improve!
  6. I have been working a lot on my ship models based on feedback and am ready to present the Hammerhead Assault Ship!
  7. Yes it's already Legion Scale. I think on my Prusa 13 Mk 2.5 it took me about a week to print all told and I have printed it twice- once for the one you see on the website and another for my nephew. If you wand I can kick you the files to get started and then share the updated rear section when I have it modified- or wait for the whole thing. OR you can print it as- is. I have printed a whole set of all my ships and they work fine putting in after- print hinges. What's your poison?
  8. Yeah I am looking for someone to test print and paint one up. I'm a meh painter at best with little time to devote to improving painting while I am trying to build awesome ships. I am reworking the rear hinge right now so no metal parts are needed then I will send the files to you if you can make one and paint it up nice!
  9. The lil blue dude is a Droid I bashed up from a K2 I got from Skullforge Studios and a drone droid I found on Thingiverse- and they're not little, they'd scale out to be about 7 feet tall minus the antenna in SW Legion. i use them as security droids on Bespin where the PCs in my Sunday Edge of the Empire game are currently on an adventure.
  10. I am in 1000% agreement- the system and those narrative dice make it for me. I suppose if we had to we could use that system and just gen up our own stuff for it forever- I'm more worried about future players not getting in because of no exposure or worse- a different system taking over and all new players flocking to it and calling us crotchety for wanting to stick to our "old school" system...
  11. I saw this and at first I almost panicked- the system is so good and allows for a style of play that I don't find in other RPGs that I am involved with. A company makes its decisions based on what is best for it and I don't fault Fantasy Flight for their decision. I actually have a hard time getting others into the game for various reasons and I imagine that is echoed across the marketspace leading to a lower market share than they would want. I stood up my own business venture to start making ships for folks to use in game and have met the same thing- while there is HUGE star wars fandom, I can't seem to get enough interest to generate sales. I look at my SWRPG shelf of 20-ish books and know that it's daunting for any GM to come into now because you can't keep up with all the books across 3 systems for all the PC options available in every book. And I don't even have a full collection! I'd love to see them come out with a re-working of the material into a GM guide and Player's guide that encompasses all the races and classes into just a few books to make it easy for a player to get in, but as others have said- even with what's out there folks can play on forever....... but new players won't be attracted to the game when new material dries up and you don't see it in stores anymore... This is sad news.
  12. I'm doing ships for terrain use at Midnightskygames.com
  13. I'll just leave this here.... Thanks to Skullforge and Velrock for the base models.. .
  14. This is great guidance. I am looking to publish small adventures and character sets with each of the play- inside ships I'm building for Legion and SWRPG that are star-wars-like but not exactly star wars. Hadn't thought about Genesys which uses the same dice system we love. I'm going to look into that for sure! Midnightskygames.com and AdventurersSTEW.com is where I share my campaign's adventures.
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