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  1. That's totally what sprung to mind when I read it. My FLGS, where we were playing with the coreset since it just came in, did not agree with this assessment though. I suppose I'll debate rules lawyering about it, for the greater good of harmony, but still yet bask in the glow of being right.
  2. For reference, here's the text of MoW: "You may resolve your [intrigue] claim against any number of opponents." Does this mean that you can choose not to resolve your claim against the opponent who defending against your challenge ?The conditional "may" also suggests that the number could be zero, like on other cards. Read as intended, I'd guess no, that this is an ability that's meant to fire in addition to your normal claim, -- but as written, the ability doesn't say "any number of additional opponents," or "may also resolve" which would suggest that it's definitely a seperate additional claim, which leaves the possibility open.
  3. The extant description pages for the AGoT2 LCG chapter packs presently state that #2 Fantasy Flight card sleeves are the appropriate ones to use. I'm almost certain that this is incorrect, as the Core Set calls for #5s; based on the the item descriptions of both types of sleeves, #5s are indeed correct. Tt would be exceptionally odd for additional future cards of the same game to change sizes. I doubt anyone would be consulting those pages for what cards to use for the game, but nevertheless, an error is an error. I would also suggest to your coders that putting the FFG card sleeve # in the item descriptions of the card sleeves could be useful; comparing the color of the infobox on the game product to the packaging of the card sleeves alone is unintuitive, even with the prompting header.
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