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  1. mikemcmann

    Regionals at Raleigh, NC

    Thanks guys! Super short notice.....the wife may actually put her foot down for an $500 flight last minute
  2. mikemcmann

    Regionals at Raleigh, NC

    Details? Store? Time?
  3. mikemcmann

    Regionals at Raleigh, NC

    Is it this weekend???
  4. mikemcmann

    ACM vs APT on Demo?

    Apt always. No defense token minimizes its effect. Plus...with demo and apt and Vader, you auto kill 8 hull ships or less....
  5. It'd be cool to see an officer upgrade that has a secondary effect that takes up when the admiral dies. Kinda back up admiral
  6. Haha! I'll finally have you underbid! Woot!
  7. Three interdictions and demolisher. "Oh...your whole fleet is sitting perfectly still? . "
  8. How about multiple g7! Drop like three tokens and see a whole enemy fleet start at zero
  9. I will have my hair in a pony tail to help with any photos later
  10. I am planning on being there Hopefully get to hook up with some old buds while there too
  11. mikemcmann

    Regionals at the FFG Event Center

    Hehehe..... I've had worse in some places around the globe