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  1. Clearly fake news. The left nacelle should be 3x longer than the right.
  2. JasonCole

    Upsilon on sale

    Thanks for the heads up! Also of note, quadjumpers and tie bombers are $7, but are "add on items".
  3. Forget the whootubes, go forth and fly the Jukes of Hazaard. Soontir Fel, Whisper, and Rexler Brath all w/ Juke. 200 points of pure mayhem.
  4. You are made of lies. The new packaging is very aesthetically pleasing. Old solid clamshell blisters are garbage. All hail our new consumerist overlords!
  5. Vontoothskie is a known hatertot, and an enemy to good times everywhere. He's best left alone, there's no point in trying to reason with the unreasonable. He's pretty much the Donald Trump of the xwing community.
  6. Given that FFG seems to be orienting to force a spacefight, it should go along with their "anit-fortressing" stance. The caveat that you only get it if you go to time means you don't get it if your opponent wipes you out, even if their last ship is in flames.
  7. I'd be fine with that too, or with unused squad points being assigned to the last remaining ship on the table with the highest relative health compared to threshold (i.e. if you bring 2 ships and a 20 point bid, one ship is gone and the other is 1/2 points, then you give up 10 of the 20 bid points - or if you keep one ship above 1/2 health, you keep all 20 points).
  8. Big bids like that are no different than the absurd bids in the early phantom days of 1.0, when people would slap down Whisper and Echo and a 14 point bid (16?). The problem wasn't that there was a 14 point bid, its that the ships point costs and mechanics allowed for the giant bid. Given the potential to change and remove ship costs and upgrades, giant bids can easily be removed if they prove too feasible by increasing the base points cost of the ships that are keeping the bids protected late game. So in the realm of mirrors (or near mirrors) which list is likely to win? Soontir Whisper (no vader) and Redline with a 14 point bid, or the exact same list, but this time Whisper has Vader crew. My money is on the list without vader, but with the bid.
  9. *SNIP* OP's suggestion aside, points reserved in an attempt to secure an initiative bid is NOT points "not used". You're literally using them to gain advantage, in the same manner as if you'd spent them on upgrades. The points are used for a purpose. The only way they could ever be considered "not used" is if initiative was determined by random roll, regardless of list point value.
  10. Slightly unsure how this works. I reveal a red talon roll. Ello lets me treat it as white, so it doesn't stress me, but would that recharge the charge on elusive, or does treating it as white prevent the recharge? All that being said, it may just be better to run lone wolf.
  11. Here's the listing that got my eyebrows up. https://www.cascadegames.com/#show/ffgatl-19/Star_Wars_X-Wing
  12. That makes sense, thanks. I was looking at the Atlanta Open, and got a little confused about the sunday event, which left me wondering if the main was hyperspace. Above settled it though. Rock on.
  13. I just want to make sure I'm tracking this correctly, future System Open events are going to be using the "Hyperspace" format for the main event rather than the Extended format, correct?
  14. in b4 667 edit - also, Wedge is Supergood/Superbad. Discuss. (for content!)
  15. Why run when you can nap? That's what I always say.
  16. No point in running from me, you'll only die tired.
  17. Good way to knock out some solid treadmill time.
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