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  1. Ah yes I do really agree with this. When I assign XP for things it's never really predicated on success but on getting past the encounter at all. If they didn't engage with it at all that is one thing, but if they resolved it in a manner that may be viewed as failure (such as getting captured, or thrown off a cliff) then they're still getting xp. In fact I want to encourage failure because this is a narrative system and failure is usually when the most interesting narratives occur and often leads into further interesting scenarios where there's chance for even more xp gain!
  2. I usually write my own modules and I assign xp values to particular things. Often is a discretional xp range. At the end of the session, or the episode usually - maybe multiple sessions - I tot up the XP and award it to the players as a group, detailing where it all came from. I enjoy it, and my players seem to like it. I think it makes their actions feel like they had meaning. Helps that I am writing the modules myself so I can set xp as per my understanding of the group and pace modules accordingly. I do it for table play and pbp. Hopefully it's fun for my players!
  3. Hey all, Thank you very much for the positive feedback. Since there has been so much good constructive stuff and at least one person seems interested in using it - I went ahead and made a few more changes based on the above. I Re-resized the Talents (to suit my own personal prefereces I am afraid) I also added in a lot more Talent entries on the 2nd page so there should hopefully be plenty even if you do want to write fuller descriptions. I have private version where I put an XP tracker in that space for my players but I suspect that's less relevant for others. I also added in a Large Ship sheet which is 2 sides. My players haven't gotten there yet but I can certainly see that it'd round out the set. I've put it what I think will be useful based on my limited capital ship experience but I am fully open to suggestions from others regarding better use of that space. The 2nd page in particular is a bit plain since I anticipate further changes may be coming. @AceSolo5 I am flattered to hear you'll be using my sheet! I am very familiar with the scrawlings issue and this is partly what prompted me to begin designing my own sheet in the first place. @MrTInce I tried out a number of Vector software solutions: Inkscape, Illustrator and Gravit. In the end, I settled with Gravit as I found it to be the best fit for me, but I could have achieved the same on any one of those solutions. As a warning, I found tranferring files between them to be impractical as they don't convert terribly well into each other. In the future I'll stick to Illustrator as my wife has a copy for work, even though it's a bit more temperamental. Gravit's pro version is free for 2 weeks but without it I won't be able to export to the fidelity I am after. @Mark Caliber Thanks! I am sorry about the lack of hexagons! I found with the amount I wanted to cram into an itty bitty space - a lot og embalishments were just too busy. Let me know how you get on with resizing though - if necessary, I can share the .svg files with you.
  4. Holy moly! I'll be really impressed if any of my campaigns - at the table or pbp last long enough to end up with a character like that. Unlikely as we mix up what we play pretty regularly.
  5. Thanks all. @Varlie @Tramp Graphics I've updated with a version of the sheet that has expanded rows for Talents. It halves the number but gives room from a brief description. Don't think I prefer it myself - there might be a way of rejigging for extra space... I also changed the presentation of Morality. I previously had morality on the front sheet as that's where my players keep seraching for it. And without a value on the back sheet, I just rolled Strengths/Weaknesses into general character background. Now it has a dedicated section which I appreciate is probably what most people would expect to see. @MrTInce cheers. I think the price and rarity is useful to have but I suppose you could get rid and have more descriptive space. I'll probably keep it though. @Bishop69 thanks! I'm actually in the UK so Specialisation is with an "s" not a "z" for me. Also why armour is spelled with a "u" and probably some other small differences. If it IS something that people want to actually use, I could probably do an american english version but I'd need a pair of NA eyes to check it over. Probably I could make this form fillable! I'll probably wait an make sure I'm happy with the exact layout before I do though
  6. Thanks guys, I've implemented changes and update the sheet on the drive. Recurved the uncurved Rarity label Renamed Armour Condition. I also added provisions to the ship sheet. I'm still experimenting with the Ship silhouette but I'm not quite sure what direction I want to go with.
  7. Ah yes, this is where my other creation comes in - I created playing cards with the Talents on (and gear) since these guys have quite a CCG background I thought it'd be a nice way to present that information to them.
  8. Hey guys, I know the character sheets are a dime a dozen nowadays but I was having a bit of trouble finding a character sheet that satisfied my own group's personal requirements. I wanted something comprehensive that would fit onto 2 sides of A4 as most of my group are bang into writing back stories and creating interesting characters but not so fond of managing multiple sheets of paper. Anyway, I've been producing a sheet for my own needs and thought I would put it out here on the off chance that anyone else liked it! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yShh2iATU486YbWY5qKUcJJy6deYa8Ss If anyone spots anything glaringly obviously missing, please do let me know. I also apologise right now to any actual designers whose eyes will surely bleed. Thanks
  9. Hey guys! Thanks for the input on this topic,. Also thanks for the amusing side-nonsense. A true treat! Just thought I'd check in and let you know that I eventually went with colours established by the crystal. It's not canon anymore but I find it a lot more concrete and personally satisfying. Everyone who got their crystal from the same source got the same colour blades. One crystal came from elsewhere and got a blue blade. Anyway, cheers again for the input. You may resume squabbling 👌
  10. Hey all, Apologies for raising this topic - which I know has come up once or twice in the past. I'm hpong that things may have changed or solidified since the last post I could find. I'm about to have my players create their lightsabers in an F&D game and I have a couple of (silly?) questions for you fine folks. 1. Is there a consensus amongst the GMs here as to whether they prefer to have Lightsaber colours be dictated by the crystal (Legends) or by attuning to the character (Canon)? 2. If you prefer attuning for colour - is there a good guide for what colours mean what or an actually official canon stance on that? (I've seen a couple of interpretations but they seem so hackneyed I think they must be unofficial)
  11. I think the thing that gets me here about this is that in the inexplicable context of the situation in that film - where everything about that battle is already white hot nonsense - we really are only able to go on what the exposition tells us. And that is that the resistance is in an untenable situation, with a handful of people and an even smaller number of ships on the verge of utter destruction. The priority at that point for resistance leadership is to preserve what little forces they have left presumably for a guerilla war to buy as much time as possible. For those purposes the bomber squadron would have been invaluable. It's a decision that wasn't Poe's to make. The larger objective at that point was not destroy as many FO for as few Resistance as possible, which is a short sighted goal that ultimately achieves nothing. Rather, it seems the hope (not plan) was to survive long enough to continue small strikes as long as possible and create a groundswell of resistance. In that respect I'd say Poe was no hero. As it happened, the script contrived to created that groundswell through some poorly explained mythology mechanism that meant Poe's error was largely irrelevant. But it showed a lack of trust, an all too eager willingness to subvert the command structure and a lack of long term thinking. If anything I think he got off way too lightly but then, they couldn't really afford to lose their best pilot. However, those things are fine as far as a character goes. He's no hero but an interesting charcter. There are other things about Poe that I find annoying but all that's for a different thread.
  12. Thanks Darzil, simple and perfect reassurance!
  13. Hello all! Silly question but I think I have misinterpreted this in my current game and am second guessing myself so would like to tap the hive mind: Does silhouette difficulty modifier apply to melee/Brawl combat? Or is it only on ranged? Thanks for any help!
  14. Ah, welcome back @Ruakar! Great news, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
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