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  1. DTDanix

    Hondo Cards up

    Lie in Ambush is my other designed card. Hope everyone likes it. Should certainly be interesting.
  2. Dude, what are you talking about? I just answered his question. Don't read into things that aren't there.
  3. Does the card explicitly say they're figures? No? Then they're not figures.
  4. This is pretty cool. My only suggestions would be an initiative indicator and if possible mark who is exhausted already. Other than that though, that's a really big improvement on the videos where you can't tell who has what or what damage.
  5. DTDanix

    RIP Rebel Faction

    I think you're exaggerating quite a bit. Focus is essentially what, roughly 2 damage? Your opponent is going to spend a valuable deployment point so you get 1 less focus a round. And they might not even get to use it every round if you focus and shoot in the same round. Saying that the rebel faction is dead because you don't get a bonus 2 damage in round 1/2 is ridiculous.
  6. DTDanix


    Thanks! They really picked some awesome art for it too, which is pretty cool.
  7. DTDanix


    While we're talking rules, does Ezra's "Turn it to any side instead" mean the die counts as being rerolled?
  8. DTDanix


    Dying Lunge is one of my two cards.
  9. DTDanix

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Oops, fixed.
  10. DTDanix

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    4 consoles, Strain starts on the red one. You should have 4 red/blue/green/yellow neutral tokens on the board representing the consoles and 4 to the side. On the side, the red one starts face up, the rest face down. The ones on the side are used to randomly pick where the strain moves. If a figure enters the space with the strain, they get 2 points, then flip up one of the 3 face down tokens randomly to see where the strain goes next. Move the strain there. Flip the red token off to the side down so it can be randomly selected next time. That's it. Essentially, there are 2 points on the board and it randomly moves around immediately when someone gets it.
  11. DTDanix

    Skirmish maps purchasing question

    This isn't actually as bad either. There really aren't that many tiles even with 3 maps worth and it's pretty easy to tell which ones go on a given map.
  12. DTDanix

    Skirmish maps purchasing question

    If you want to save money and just play at home, put all the pieces for a map into a single bag. Then it only takes a couple minutes to put it together since you have all the pieces right there. Once you've played that one a few times, build a new one and put that in the bag.
  13. DTDanix

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    No, you can't play two cards at the same time. Each is resolved first.
  14. DTDanix

    Anybody play on TTS?

    Sorry. You asked about TTS so I shared about my experience with TTS. Then you brought up some problems with Vassal and I responded and we talked about that. I apologize for messing up your thread.
  15. DTDanix

    Anybody play on TTS?

    I never stated otherwise. If people like TTS, they can play on that. I just wouldn't recommend it for the reasons I stated, and I would like to avoid splitting the small community.