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  1. They should probably just errata it to hostile figures. I don't think being neutral really adds any value to the mission and just makes the rules more confusing/broken.
  2. DTDanix

    Bonus attack cluster missiles

    Separate but related question: Does the 2nd attack need to still be in the shooting ship's front arc? Someone was telling me that as long as it was 0-1 of the defender they could do the bonus attack against it even if it was out of arc, but that didn't sound right.
  3. DTDanix

    Hyperspace Tracking Data

    Guess they should have said to choose an initiative between -1 and 7...
  4. DTDanix

    Set for Stun

    It sounds like they're saying the card actually says this: Perform an attack: Ignore the damage step. The target is stunned.
  5. DTDanix

    Set for Stun

    I agree, but "If condition, do this and that." is pretty close in English to "If condition, do this. Then do that." The main difference is "that" happens either at the same time as "this", or sequentially after "this".
  6. DTDanix

    Set for Stun

    It seems pretty clear to me that it is intended that you only do the effects on the card if the target would have suffered damage. If the target would suffer 1 or more damage: Reduce that damage to 0. Then they become stunned. They just wrote "then" to follow it on from the previous sentence. There are so many other ways you would write it if it was supposed to always stun the opponent.
  7. DTDanix

    Tough Luck + Cheat to Win

    A die with results removed can still have effects - see Tress's ability regarding what you "rolled". I agree, things would be much simpler if Tough Luck removed a die completely.
  8. DTDanix

    Tough Luck + Cheat to Win

    Right, but we're talking about the opposite here, where you're cheating on defense.
  9. DTDanix

    Tough Luck + Cheat to Win

    You could argue that the die added the results Block/Evade. Removing those results is minus Block/Evade. Changing the results could be minus Block/Evade and add Dodge. I don't think there is actually enough in the rules to come to a decision on this without making assumptions. On a separate but related note, does the attacker in this scenario have to play Tough Luck before the defender plays Cheat to Win? I assume yes since they appear to be the same trigger and you follow the attacker/defender order.
  10. DTDanix

    Hondo Cards up

    Lie in Ambush is my other designed card. Hope everyone likes it. Should certainly be interesting.
  11. Dude, what are you talking about? I just answered his question. Don't read into things that aren't there.
  12. Does the card explicitly say they're figures? No? Then they're not figures.
  13. This is pretty cool. My only suggestions would be an initiative indicator and if possible mark who is exhausted already. Other than that though, that's a really big improvement on the videos where you can't tell who has what or what damage.
  14. DTDanix

    RIP Rebel Faction

    I think you're exaggerating quite a bit. Focus is essentially what, roughly 2 damage? Your opponent is going to spend a valuable deployment point so you get 1 less focus a round. And they might not even get to use it every round if you focus and shoot in the same round. Saying that the rebel faction is dead because you don't get a bonus 2 damage in round 1/2 is ridiculous.
  15. DTDanix


    Thanks! They really picked some awesome art for it too, which is pretty cool.