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  1. I only killed vader because of crack. If the dice had gone my way, I think I also would have been able to kill the inquisitor with it, but maybe it was just out. Wedge rarely gets to live long once shot at and if you're forced to run away to try to live you can miss out on key damage turns you need to swing the game. I found more reliable damage more useful. The bid also gives you the opportunity to use the i1 as a blocker against other i1 lists, which can be the difference between the engage you want or block city.
  2. Braylen is just so much better, I wouldn't want to change that. Not sure what I would want to change. Probably going to experiment with other random lists now.
  3. Leaving Wedge's boost open early so jake can let him focus/boost then do a blue then target lock is amazing. Later in the game, boost isn't as relevant unless you have to run away and dodge arcs, chase a squirrely ace, or got out of position. Having a spread out deployment limits your opponents options, but you have to make sure you can converge quickly. You definitely don't want the first round of shooting to happen without key pieces like Braylen/wedge unless it's just a single shot at the z or something. I think the finals opening was a good example of how the opponent didn't have anywhere great to go early game due to my positioning.
  4. Keeping Braylen relevant is very matchup dependent. Against aces, it can be quite tricky, and I failed spectacularly at this in the finals. My general strategy was to deploy somewhat spread out with jake/wedge together at a board edge opposite the opponent's main force and the Z near the middle, inside from the obstacle where the opponent deployed. Blount/Braylen would be somewhere between those, sometimes with Braylen facing down my board edge instead of towards the opponent if I really worried about a strong flanker. Wedge's goal is to stay safe but make sure guns are on target at the same time as everyone else. Jake gives focus mostly to wedge but stays between wedge and the main force, Blount/Bray come up with the middle as the main target for the enemy, and the Z is just trying to be annoying. For quite a few games, the Z would end up flanking because nobody wants to really do a super wide flank just to get behind a Z. As long as he slow rolls and survives, hopefully with some obstacle coverage, he can then jump in and be annoying. The trick is not jumping in too early so you can live at range 3 first. By staying between wedge and the main force, Jake can come over to help Braylen/Blount as necessary. Several games, I found Braylen got blocked but Jake was able to come over and give him a focus to let him also br, which is quite strong. With Braylen, the most important thing is to realize when you need to 2 hard and keep stress vs clear stress and then whether you need to stay unstressed or not. Something I needed to do better in the finals, as he stayed stress a little too much vs the squirrely aces and wasn't getting the shots he needed. I think the real power of this list is that it doesn't present the opponent with great choices. Shooting Braylen and Jake is annoying as they have the highest defense. Shooting either z doesn't feel fantastic either, and Wedge is the hardest to get good shots on when everyone else is present and there's always the threat of him running away. Jake giving focus/boost to Wedge was also quite key in several matchups to get the best engage.
  5. The generic Z did a lot of good work. Whether it was slow rolling, flanking, blocking, he did it all throughout the 2 days. Unfortunately in the finals he mostly just got in the way of my own ships, but that's on me. Everything else performed about how I expected: Wedge and Braylen are solid beatsticks. Jake is ridiculously good and adds tons of flexibility. Blount is the unassuming z that is suddenly throwing out more damage than the opponent expects.
  6. I'm not good at coming up with silly/catchy names. I suppose I've been calling it "Rebel Good Stuff".
  7. Of all the things people would find to complain about my play, this was not one I could have ever imagined. Thank you for the entertaining thread.
  8. I was trying this out with a slaver with jabba/contra, Seevor, Unkar quadtug with PA, and Sol Sixxa with Prox Mines/Skilled Bombardier/dorsal. It was pretty fun. Seems like there is some potential for a variety of different wingmates.
  9. Seems pretty clear to me. "..., you may choose a ship and spend a force. If you do..." So if you don't choose a ship or don't spend a force, then nothing happens.
  10. Seems different enough from Dalan - using "then" instead of "and" - that Dalan's ruling doesn't seem relevant.
  11. I highly recommend just using paper to record the point costs of your opponents ships and having your own available for the opponent (and yourself) as well. Way better than running out of battery on your phone.
  12. I think it is more interesting if Inform only gives out damage or surge tokens. For distracting, maybe just "Limit once per round." on the current ability would be sufficient.
  13. We'd probably want to nerf Vader in some way as well, but not much. We'll have to consider this change for season 3 if people are actually interested in doing it.
  14. Do we really need to keep Gideon so good that he continues to be a requirement in every single list? This doesn't solve the problem of just sitting back and stacking buffs which is so annoying in the game currently. Merc should still be able to bring him as a movement/buff option. Making focus much harder to get (command cards or abilities that require you to be attacking) should be overall better for the game.
  15. I'll just chime in to say that nothing is absolute. If we find that jets and weequays are dominating season 2, we'll certainly consider making changes to them like the suggested cost increase. At the moment though, that doesn't appear to be the case. I think limiting Gideon/3p0/Hera to Rebel is not the best approach as that nerfs mercs significantly but leaves Rebels with the same focus problem. Whenever I see this suggested, I always wonder why people think that focus is a huge problem if merc has it but not for rebels. If we really want to talk about meaningful nerfs to the current meta, I'm curious what people think about this: Gideon - Instead of focus, give a ? token. 3p0 - Instead of focus, give a damage or surge token. Remove Distracting static buff and instead: Start of round (or activation?) give an evade token to an adjacent. Jabba - Instead of focus, give a ? token. The other large meta concern would be if Vader is too good. But that's a completely different discussion.
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