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  1. Speaking of the end game bosses, what the heck does the Deceptive talent do? I see yhat Ferrue has it but I can't find it anywhere in any of the books.
  2. As some have pointed out above, what passes for sniping on the tabletop is more along the lines of sharpshooting. The rules for Accurate are pretty crazy, but gaving only one shot per round keeps it somewhat in check. As a gm, if my players were setting up an actual sniper scenario wherein they were trying to assassinate a target from long distance, i wouldn't treat it as a combat scenario. It would come down to stealth and maybe a target threshold of DoS. If the shooter hits the threshold, he gets his shot and the target is dead. Hit or miss, from that point it becomes a mission of evade and escape.
  3. I had this question come up in my game today because one of my players uses a power sword and shield combo. Under the description of the Balanced trait, it states that the bonus to parry does not stack with other Balanced weapons that the character might be wielding. It does not state anything about whether it stacks or not with another item with the Defensive bonus. My ruling at the time was that they do not stack because logically, you're only parrying with one item. The player felt like the fighting style would contribute to both traits stacking. This approach does make sense to me but at the same time, there's a big difference in the effects of blocking an attack with the power sword versus blocking with the shield (it is not a power shield obviously) as one item has the chance to destroy the opponents' weapon and the other does not. I was curious as to other peoples' thoughts on this. Should the two stack together? Reflecting fighting style synergy or should it be one or the other, representing that only one item is actually being used to block the attack?
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