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  1. We have a Darth Vader Helmet. Make it sound prooff and maybe we can ask him to put it on if we need privacy.
  2. How do you guys handle discussing strategy during the game? I'm one of the Rebel characters. I and my fellow rebels openly discuss our strategy in front of our Imperial friend. I've suggested that we should have him in a cone of silence or wear headphone or at least we should whisper. Comments?
  3. Does Jyn need to have line of sight on the activated character? I had a situation where a storm trooper moved around a corner to shoot. I wanted to intrupt, but was told I couldn't because the storm trooper was around the corner before he moved, thus I had no shot on him.
  4. His tutorials are great. Haven't painted anything since my D & D days as a kid, and I'm pleased with my results.
  5. I didn't know about selling equipment. I'll look into that. We are only about 5 missions in. The rebels haven't won the last two. It seems like the imperials are getting some very cool abilities while the rebels aren't. We've gotten a few crates, but not much loot that is high quality. We don't seem to have a lot of time to waste getting crates. The last mission, out of 7 items (mix of tier I and II) to choose from and end of mission, we could only afford 3, even if we had saved up from the start. They were in the 600-900 credit range.
  6. Ah. Was hoping for more. Seems like we can't afford any gear.
  7. Need a clarification for additional rewards. At the end of a mission, the additional rewards section say: Each player receives 1 XP. Heros received 100 credits per hero. If we have 4 heros in game, does this mean we each get 1 XP and 100 credits or 1 XP and 400 credits?
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