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  1. Thanks for breaking that down, it’s pretty much where I was with the pilots. Nice to have some confirmation that what I was think is about right
  2. I don’t know about Vessery being the only one worth running. ive had success with Ryad, Vessery, Maarek and Brath all with Tie D title it all down to which ability you like the best. Vessery at ps6 can be an issue
  3. So how about Tie D defenders... would you use predator or expertise? im really on the fence with this one
  4. It’s a Revell easy kit, I seem to think it was 1/2700? i got it from my local model shop
  5. I didn't know about this company Can you drop me an email at. ryan@iksentrik.co.uk And lets try and work something out
  6. Now for a game! https://www.facebook.com/Iksentrik/posts/1979094242105771
  7. FINALLY AN UPDATE!! https://www.facebook.com/Iksentrik/posts/1964579903557205
  8. Major Stridan's Upisilon Shuttle Quick repaint and some banners for my Rusted Empire support shuttle More Pics here:
  9. Finally got some time in the workshop today! https://www.facebook.com/Iksentrik/posts/1903267756355087
  10. Double mods with rage Its also a focus for rage, and so far it averages 3 hits, 4 at range one boba has vi for dealing with nym, who's everywhere at the moment thank i you for taking the time to put some well thought out ideas out there for me I'd not considered predator before but I will now
  11. I've been beating most meta lists without Kylo, and have hardly ever used him in any my builds since he was released. Got top 4 store champs with oicunn QuickDraw. So I'll politely disagree that you have to have kylo to win.
  12. Been having a lot of fun with this and looking for a new set of eyes to look it over would you change anything and if so what? (100) Boba Fett (46) - Firespray-31 Veteran Instincts (1), Bomblet Generator (3), Navigator (3), Andrasta (0) Captain Oicunn (54) - VT-49 Decimator Rage (1), Inspiring Recruit (1), Inspiring Recruit (1), Rebel Captive (3), Dauntless (2), Engine Upgrade (4)
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