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  1. So as someone who did make a role choice: First off there was a ton of chatter in discord besides the poll that was placed. Secondly, at worlds itself there was fairly involved discussion between the people playing X clan, the hatamotos, etc, once it became clear who per clan was going to be making the choice. Everyone was also pretty much able to walk away from Worlds happy with their clan choice from a competitive stand point I feel seeing how the results went.
  2. It was nice to see Heaver playing a crab list which was very different than mine. 2 very dissimilar lists broke into the top cut, was interesting to see both getting good results Also @kraken78, I don’t think Matrim is out of line with the comment. As one of the guys who made it feel more “like a local tournament than a Kotei,” I feel a bit offended by it. Tim Wells I consider to be one of if not the best Lion player out there, Kyle Wislocky was top Crane here and top 16 at worlds and is one of the best Crane players out there. This is my 2nd large event in a row showing as the top finishing Crab. Everyone I played in the top 16 gave me fantastic games. And there were quite a few strong players who didn’t make the cut. You’re entitled to your opinion that the overall field may have been weaker than worlds and that’s fair, this was a regional/national level event compared to World Championships. You should probably say that in a way that doesn’t insult everyone who was there though.
  3. He was referring to the damage you can move with Home Front as well. He mentioned it in his post before the 6.
  4. Lion would beg to differ. Scorpion arguably has the best *Conflict* deck in the game.
  5. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a new core set down the road similar to what Netrunner did. It keeps things fresh and allows rebalancing. Also evergreen cards are just really, really bad ideas from a balance POV.
  6. It actually encourages more deckbuilding variety than it inhibits. Forces clans to change how they build decks and provinces used at times. Otherwise you would just find the best role and always run it.
  7. While I do love Arkham, using its core of as an example of balance or power creep is a poor choice. It's not a competitive game and it will never have a rotation period.
  8. Worlds is not a launch event however. There's no reason it will not follow normal deckbuilding rules listed in the L2P book that comes with the game. Which is 40-45 (40 in reality) cards per deck and no more than 3x each copy of a card per deck as well as any other restrictions listed, including using whatever Keeper/Seeker role was chosen for your Clan at GenCon. The single core events were due to early releases or a release event.
  9. Play More Games 6/25/17 Gaithersburg, MD 25 players, 4 rounds top 4 cut Best of 3 Winner: ePalpatine Runner-up: eVader(A)/Raider Top 4: eLuke/Rey, eJabba/eUnkar
  10. Fair enough. Misheard the results then. My fault. Fixed the original post.
  11. Critical Hit Games Store Championship 6/17/17 in Abington, MD 25 players, 4 rounds Swiss, Top 4, Best of 1 Winner: eJabba/eUnkar Runner-up: eVader(A)/Raider Top 4: eVader(A)/Raider, ePoe/eMaz
  12. Huzzah Hobbies Store Championship 6/10/17 Ashburn, VA 40 players. 6 rounds, cut Top 8 best of One. Winner: Ernest Patton, ePoe/eRey Runner-up: Stephen Didion, eVader(A)/Raider Top 4: Gordon Chase, ePalp Rick Dunkly, eLuke/Rey
  13. Dream Wizards Rockville, MD Winner: eVader(A)/Raider Runner-up: ePalp Top 4: eVader(A)/Raider, eVader(A)/Raider
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